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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  sorry spidey

| | See all stubrack's reviews (74)

well not worth the disc it is on!!! completed it so quickly and didn't enjoy it really. i got bored and annoyed after about 4 hours but carried on as i was near the end. ended up finishing it in just under 6 hours and i am really dissapointed.

the graphics weren't what i was expecting, way below par for me, the boss fights were awful as you only face the main bosses 4 times very annoying!! at least make it a tiny bit of an epic for us!! not as good as number 2.

please dont buy and dont even rent not worth the fiver. if you insist that you must play it then rent it first then you will only waste a fiver.


| | See all marven121's reviews (7)

completed in under 5 hours and got bored. you get one fight with the new goblin, one with venom and two with the sandman! other characters are all the same. it is much worse than spiderman 2.
and the narrator is extremely annoying. DO NOT BUY, RENT IT YOU WILL COMPLETE TO QUICKLY!

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  Spiderman=£££=Cash in on the fans

| | See all Kodama82's reviews (6)

Time again to bear the spandex of ol'spidey...this is ironically accurate. What could have been another fantastic sequel turns out to be a regurgitated button masher from the PS1 era..except without the cheap retro thrills. Being a huge fan of SM games this latest instalment is an insult especially when compared to Spiderman's last PS2 outing. Recommend you keep your hard earned money.

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  This game is poor.

| | See all Hillali2's reviews (2)

I completed this game in 9 hours. The graphics have degenerated since spiderman 2 because this game is being pushed for the ps3 and 360. The gameplay becomes incredibly tedious after 5 minutes and the fighting moves are very repetitive.

Dont buy spiderman 3.

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  wait until you upgrade your game station to buy this

| | See all Marvelmark's reviews (5)

Ok so im a big spiderman and marvel fans so i was nuts about the film and the game comming out so i went to see the film and got the game on ps2 as i don't plan to upgrade untill later times . I can say i was very disapointed with this games the graphics are a liitle bit better then then 2 and the it still has the same faults in it e.g. same sentences being said all the time by spidy and new yorkers having asian accents. Also if you been reading about the villians and the extras on the net i sorry to say that most of them are on the next gen versions which kinda makes me feel cheated to be honest i get the feeling they rushed the ps2 version to get the next gen out which means i will be buying it when i upgrade to next gen and reconmend people doing the say hope this helped.

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  good standard game

| | See all pieownertom's reviews (3)

itz fun at times,some missions are fun but it fails to improve on spidey 2 witch has a much better map of new york and is more lifelike but spidey 3 is still a brilliant game for fans of the series

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  No different from the previous bore that was Spiderman 2

| | See all NigeyBoy's reviews (1)

I was really excited about buying this game, but now I wish I hadn't. After a weekend of playing it I feel like I've been ripped off. You can get Spiderman 2 for £5 in some places, and to be honest, nothing much has changed. You still get the same villains and New York residents repeating every sentence, you still get the same cut scenes every time you repeat the same kind of mission, and its tedious when it tells you which button to press to knock the green goblin off his hover board.

Yes, the swinging around is great....for half an hour, but after that, its simply not good enough for you to pick up the game again. A great game for 8 year olds, but no one older.

I hope this has helped in your decision making as I was expecting something much better than the second game, and all I got was a spitting image, with a new black costume. Very dissapointing.

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  good game

| | See all mrgeoab's reviews (7)

The actual gameplay isnt bad and the combat system has been improved but the camera is often very fustraiting and the boss battles can also be teidious, but swinging arount the city is still the beat part of the game