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Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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| | See all linz20's reviews (4)

I really wasn't impressed with this at all. Compared to the first two this is just a let down. The only interesting characters in the game are the two main protagonists Lady and Killer. The stellar charts are extremely annoying and the game doesn't prepare you for the final boss as it should. Most of the fights are easy until you get to Lady at the end and it's damn near impossible! There wasn't enough game play to prepare you for it. Wouldn't recommend.

  Meh! Okay game but doesn't live up to the previous two.

| | See all andy1989's reviews (56)

Okay I'll be honest here.I got 30 hours into the game and just gave up.I watched the last few scenes and ending on Youtube.This game just failed to grab me as much as the two previous.The graphics are decent for a late ps2 game and are bright and colorful.The downside of this is the dark atmosphere is all but gone and instead is replaced by endless cheeriness that can get quite irritating.Besides Johnny and Shania the other protaganists are boring.The villains aren't very intimidating and your drive to continue playing the game will diminish unless you really take to the gameplay and story.Having already had previous experience with the Judgement ring I found the tweaks they made a little redundant.The stellar chart is annoying and the fact that you have to build up the stock gauge to execute combo's extremely irritating.Music is mostly forgettable and voiceacting is okay.I will give it points for nice FMV's and a plethora of sidequests.But all this doesn't help if your not invested in the characters and I have to say the story is by far the most disappointing of the three games.Even Covenant slightly sucked in disc two due to too much story but I still had the incentive to complete it.By far the biggest mistake xseed made was not having Yuri in it and making the characters too quirky to the point of ridicule.All in all an anticlimactic end to the shadow hearts series.My advice is if you havn't played the previous ones try this one out but if your a diehard SH fan remember Yuri's journey for the great thing it was and forget this entry.I undertand I could be criticised for writing a review of a game I never finished but having completed the first two multiple times and trying to play this three times I think I'm eligible for a review lol.


| | See all MissNox's reviews (25)

If you liked the format of the old games and don't mind something new and refreshing, then definitely buy this! If you're a hardcore fan of Yuri and Alice and liked the way things were, then this isn't for you.

It just goes without saying really.
I loved this game. All the right elements were there- including the judgement ring and the lovely music. You can also trade snapshots you've taken in battle for items. Pedometers can still be worn- and there are ring fragments and doable puzzles to venture through.

And what I most like about Shadow Hearts are the real locations and bizarre characters.

Also, the humor is just as witty and mature and the dark element is still there. Perhaps not as evil and dreary as the first two, but in it's own right this is a very fun game.

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  What happened to Rogers voice?

| | See all Carbuncle's reviews (33)

After completing Shadow Hearts: Covenant (SHC) the natural progression was to move on to this game instantly, and that might be part of the reason that I didn't like this game as much.
The game plays identically to SHC - the judgement ring is still there in all its glory, but there are a few things that seemed to change for no reason i.e. the buttons for controlling the menu, nothing major there but its hard to see why they didn't keep this consistent.
This game leaves Europe behind and moves to the Americas. There are a few characters who make a re-appearance (Lenny, Roger) but for whatever reason the voice actors from SHC are gone.
Some of the things that arise in the game seem straight out of SHC. The Solomon Challenges are still there just hidden under a new guise and yet again another character has a camera to take pictures of monsters (although to atleast make it different you can then trade pictures with people around the game world). For those of you who want your fusion monsters, don't fret - there are still some (emphasis on some, there is only around 1/4 of the number this time).
The characters are unique and quite interesting, but just not as interesting as those in SHC and the story seems a little bit lacking but it still works.
The main thing that irked me about the game was the use of magic. In order to use magic you need to first equip your character with a stellar chart (which has nodes where you can place collected crests, these nodes are all elemental and have a set level) and then equip crests. This, I asume, is to try and give the player a greater control over their characters magic use but I personally found it irritating as you were limited by the charts look. The charts could be upgraded at a cost but due to my dislike of them I only ever tried once. Having to equip a chart to then equip crests felt like an over complication in my books.
All in all if you like the Shadow Hearts series then you'll probably be able to find something in here that you like. If you're a newcomer to the series you'll probably be better off starting with SHC.

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  shadow hearts from the old world

| | See all Xenojobeia's reviews (8)

if u played the seconf one then this will be all too familurar not that its a bad thing its a solid game with the same gameplay as befor much like an add on really with new characters. *warning* the game has a freezing bug with the character NATAN dont use him and ull be fine :D enjoy

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  awesome game

| | See all dean785's reviews (2)

if you enjoy rpgs and are familar with the shadow hearts series then you will love this game. its storyline will keep you engrossed and it has about 30 hours of gameplay with replay value. this is a unique game with its cast of characters and is must buy-play game

  This One Took Me By Surprise!

| | See all Superz's reviews (3)

I had my reserves buying this game but man did they disappear quick. Its incredible, the gameplay, the graphics, I love the videos and the characters have there own individual personalities. Like Frank, its just funny when he comes across a new weapon. But the level of action and intensity is always there. Id recommend this to anyone and everyone, its something that youve just got to play to get addicted too!


| | See all Chrissy0jay's reviews (40)

I can't really think of a more addictive and quirky RPG than this, especially amidst the sea of RPG's these days that claim to do "something different".

The sheer difference between this and other RPG's comes in the fact that ghostlight and azurecorp (with reference to the previous 2 incarnations) manage to strike a perfect balance between a dark, enthralling storyline, with a lighthearted, brilliantly funny character humour. Characters include an affeminate vendor and his "chum" that follow you around the world selling things, mao the drunken talking martial artist cat, frank the hyperactive ninja, the return of skeletor himself, none other than roger bacon, and more!

The game plays beautifully, with dungeons perfectly sized to suit short bursts of RPG'ing, and upgrades and new sidequests continually thrown at you if you wish to accept them for more powerful weapons, magic, techniques, etc.

The real world settings are fantastic, get to meet famous people like al capone too, makes it even more fun to play and observe the way that they are animated and interact with your characters.

The battle system is also fresh and extremely strategic, with characters being able to link combos with eachother, but only if you use techniques appropriate to the previous move such that the techniques link together properly, and the judgement ring keeps you on your toes and rewards careful playing with more powerful attacks.

It's hard to fault this game really, ghostlight have pulled off a spectacularly fun and addictive RPG which is fresh and new but without straying too far from the previous incarnations or the tried, trusted, and loved RPG formula...the changes are however, interesting enough to draw in people who dont usually get RPGS or need a zap of something different in their adventure fix. A must buy, definately for 18 quid.

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  Another Great Game

| | See all Lv3saiyan's reviews (6)

At first play the game feels weird, if you are playing final fantasy xii, but after a hour or so the game really starts to kick off and the funny moments really start to kick in.

Another great game to the shadow hearts series. If you like some funny jokes and a story line that doesnt take forever to start then this the game.

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