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Guitar Hero: Rocks The 80s

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Good fun

| | See all Lovetoskateboard's reviews (25)

Not bad as an add on game does have some good tracks like holy diver and play with me, but it is very short on content compaired the Guitar hero 2.
All in all if you are a fan of guitar hero and the 80s this a great game and is good to learn on as i did and now i play expert :P

  Ermm yeah ok

| | See all wickedsister's reviews (51)

So I like it because I like guitar hero, but the songs aren't that good and its a bit boring to be honest. The songs are stupidly long in some cases (damn the 80's) and the layout is exactly the same at guitar 1 or 2 (can't remember which) so it brings nothing new. Only buy it if you're proper into guitar hero, if not then leave it alone.

  Give it a chance... It's actually quite fun!

| | See all GuitarHeroOlie's reviews (2)

Originally, I decided not to get Rocks the 80s because I knew maybe 2 songs on the entire game.
But after reaching dead ends on GH2 & 3, I was left with a choice:
GH: Aerosmith, of which I knew equally less songs as '80's' or give this extra pack a try...
I went for the cheaper option.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that on GH1 through to 3, there are always songs you will not always know before hand, but I've come out of the games with a handful of new favourite songs.

The thing I love about Rocks the 80's is the mood of all the songs - the majority are all very upbeat and are really fun to play!

I am glad I didn't pay the full price upon immediate release. The game is pretty much GH2 but with slightly different venues (they just change the colour for them really - same with the menu screens), there are much fewer characters, and no bonus songs to unlock either.


If you find you have a need for new songs on a GH game, and prefer the old school graphics of GH2 instead of the flashy GH3, then this is definately for you.

And although the 80s may not have been the biggest decade for rock music - I can gurantee you will end this game with a few more 'new favourite songs'

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  Major let-down

| | See all MitchD's reviews (1)

My brother bought this game, and I presumed the title meant every song would be an '80's classic'. Wrong answer. Between me, my brother and a couple friends, we'd heard of about three of the songs. As a GH game goes, quite good, but extremely misleading. More suitable for older gamers.

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  No Bon Jovi... Great!

| | See all BigWaal's reviews (1)

This game failed to reach the level of accomplishment that the other two did, the songs aren't all bad but this game just lacks the excitement of the other two. One or two songs have you tapping your foot in rhythm with it but overall it just isn't very entertaining.

5/5 for lack of Bon Jovi.

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  overall good

| | See all gamemaster07's reviews (10)

yet again another great game by red octane my personal opinion of this game is a bit of a disappointment, i mean it is a great game and has some really great tracks but it seemed like it was alot easier which dissapointed me, i found myself going onto expert after completing medium but the strangest thing is that easy as got harder :S. another disappointment was the special characters i mean the grimm reaper in 3D shades is great but i was expecting some cool 70's rock masters.

overall this a great game and if u enjoyed the others you should get it, although this game doesnt quite cut it ill give it a nice 4 out of 5

  sounds like the 80's didnt sound so bad after all

| | See all XscubasteveX182's reviews (34)

theres no question about it this is a stop gap release. before i bought this game i knew about 4 or 6 of the 30 tracks featured but there really are no bad tracks on this album but the only track track i do have a problem with is the warriors but thats only cuss of the fade out ending which just would not work in any live show.
also there are no custom made guitar hero exclusives which is somewhat of a let down and the voice on police truck is abit naff but u can get over that.otherwise this is a good stop gap release and is worth your much earned pennies.

  Ok lets put it this way

| | See all DanteDelacoix's reviews (4)

people need to treat this more of an expansion pack, rather than a game. otherwise itll just get ripped to pieces. Yes its alot of guitar hero 2, but its still a good refresher from people getting bored of the songs and waiting for guitar hero 3. If you are like me and love stuff from the 80s then this is a well while purchase, possible wait for it to drop to 20 then youll have a pretty decent item on your hands

  Am I missing Something?

| | See all Suesnowdrop's reviews (1)

True GH Fan, but have to say, bit disapointed with the number of tracks re only 30??? or am I missing something?