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Need For Speed: ProStreet

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Great game!

| | See all mightyleedsfan's reviews (11)

NFS Pro Street is a brilliant racer's game, but not good for people who like police chases, pursuits and free roam. The tuning and upgrading is fantastic, and so are the graphics.

However, it is really hard when you progress far into the game and start trying to beat the kings. This includes drift and drag races, so at least there is a selection of different types of races.

All in all, a pure racing game and no messing about with free roam and police chases, although I do like those. For people who aren't bothered about free roam and like pure racing, this is yours.

  Great Game!

| | See all dabomb3546uk's reviews (2)

This is such a cool game, waited for it for ages and really pleased i played it now got it on order so far best game ever keep it up need for speed!

  :( bad i want it to be good but it just not

| | See all DAZZERQPST's reviews (43)

I wanted this to be so good. It was the only game i have ever preordered and what a let down i got. It was awful the cars tuning options sometimes seemingly do nothing as on the Focus side skirts and there are more occasions which makes it feel shabby. The damage is a let down just scratchs that are always the same nothing else just scrapes. The handling is poor, gameplay poor. Come on EA we will forget about this one but please get things back on track soon plz 1/5

  It's Pro Street...... not Most Wanted part 2......

| | See all thompsy's reviews (5)

If you want to focus on the driving aspect of driving in a simulated environment, this is a good game. I have Most Wanted and that game is epic! really is fun. This game is much different even down to the controls and lack of options on this front. When you play it and appreciate what they have tried to do, it's not that bad of a game. It's more challenging than Most Wanted in my opinion as one mistake costs you the car not only the race.

Now it's £8.99 it's worth a try, esp if you like Gran Turismo styled games.

Have a go

  Pro street

| | See all shaftern's reviews (2)

This is a really bummer....
A friend told me it was bad but never imagine it was this bad...

I really want my money back...

  Need For Speed: ProStreet

| | See all GhostInALand's reviews (5)

Good graphics and gameplay........miss the burning rubber on the streets and hey Pro Street????? Maybe they should have called it NFS Simulator Racing instead. When trying to win on drag strips you have to get the timing bang on to beat the scores....

  A real let down!!!

| | See all detinusdeel's reviews (5)

No way as good as the other nfs games. By the time you get good cars the game is way too easy. The the Kings are too slow. I managed to lap the Grip King on 2 of the races! Changing the type of races the cars can race in is a big flaw. It takes ages to do up your car again. Please go back to the traffic avoiding mad racing we all love!!!!

  More Gran Turismo than NFS

| | See all PudSeller's reviews (1)

This is, in my opinion the worst Need for Speed game in the series. Gone is the ability to free roam the world, gone are the days of racing on the streets.

The incessant droning that is the commentator continually litters the game with barely disguised anti-street racing comments. Way to change your tune EA.

I personally think that EA must have been told that they are no longer allowed to depict an illegal activity, and rather than leave the series they made this terrible game.

Physics are more realistic than previous games, but since when have you wanted to play NFS for the realism. To me NFS is a game where you can pretty much keep your pedal to the floor and you might get a few dings and the occasional smash but you'll do ok. In NFS:PS you have to drive "correctly", braking at corners, shifting gears at the correct time etc etc. While this may appeal to some players, those who have played and liked other NFS games will probably be disappointed.

The range of cars is pretty good, with a mix of muscle cars (old and new), supercars, hatches etc, however they tend to feel slow and heavy until you get the extremely expensive upgrades.

Soundtrack is boring, nothing caught my attention. Menus are confusing, and the storyline is dire.

Overall stay well away from this. Truly the worst NFS to date.

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