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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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| | See all SimpleSellGames's reviews (20)

An amazing Star Wars game. Great for if you want to relieve a lot of stress. The killing is so cool. 95%. Only bad thing is its not longer or free roam. If so this would be the best PS2 Star Wars game ever.

  Boring; wasn't impressed.

| | See all kuxxis's reviews (14)

I was actually quite dissapointed with this game. My friend recommended it to me but after 2 hours of play I was totally bored of it. The levels are too repetitive. The graphics are good but overall this game is better on a certain two other consoles (let's not mention names).

  Arise, my young apprentice.

| | See all radjy1's reviews (78)

This is a brilliant game. The cut-scene's are amazing, setting the story that would occur between episode's 3 and 4. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a must have game for any Star Wars fan.

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  Short and Sweet

| | See all Jonnono's reviews (23)

This is a great for a star wars fans. Unfortunately on the PS2 at least,it is very short, so only 3 stars.


| | See all bennyboy885's reviews (9)

I do not agree with the other reviews, this has to be the best game for star wars ever.
Star wars battle front & star wars battle front 2 are the worst star wars games ever!!

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  Average Game

| | See all Dexman's reviews (1)

Completely agree with the fact that it appears to have been rushed, probably a token gesture for those who have yet to purchase a PS3. Enjoyable for a while but the enjoyment doesn't last, I completed the game in just over 10 hours!! Have tried playing again with all the upgrades but somehow it just doesn't hold the attention anymore. Fun whilst it lasted.

  Something To Do In The Commercial Breaks

| | See all voiceofanangel's reviews (2)

I completly agree with the review of "StusMagicBox " - I am a huge Star Wars fan and have been since the original release in the 70's however having bought "Revenge of the sith" and now this the latter is a far more superior game - Force Unleasshed is a very average game that seems to have been put together for speed and profit. Sadly upon buying this i game played for approx 8 hours and completed it with all upgrades and colectables - As for the description where as you choose your destiny i couldn't you have to go with the next mission automatically, you can not pick and choose, unlike that of the R.O.T.S. - For a star wars fan this game will be a happy addition to their games but i, being a huge fan was in two minds as to ask for a refund or not - i was expecting a game that lasted more than 8 hours and sadly this isn't it

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  Playable but doesn't quite live up to the hype.

| | See all StusMagicBox's reviews (30)

I got the distinct impression that a lot less effort went into the PS2 version than its big brother counterparts, the graphics all looking as though they had been rushed through and falling far short of what the PS2 is capable of (I suspect that this version was only really intended for PSP). The in-game rendering for cut scene's was also a disappointment. The game play is very repetitive, plenty of fighting but not much else. The concept for the story has bags of potential but again doesn't really reach it. It'll pass the time and if you don't expect too much you'll probably enjoy it.

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  The best Star Wars game for the PS2,but it's over to fast!!!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I am a massive Star Wars fan and for me the Force Unleased is just as enjoyable to play as God Of War 2 and Shadow Of Colossus. The graphics are most impressive with it's God Of War style boss battles and it's flash up button commands. It is great fun being Darth Vaders secret apprentice as you are a real bada#*! You have lots of different powers such as lightning, force push, choke, saber throw and many more. As you progress through the game you can up-grade your moves, unlock new costumes and customise the colour of your lightsaber. I found the story of the Force Unleashed to be very interesting and thought it could make a good film. The only reason why I have only gave Star Wars: The Force Unleased 4 stars and not 5 stars is because I have completed it within two days.

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  star wars fans only !!

| | See all baileyboy's reviews (10)

This is a great game but if your not a star wars fan do not buy as you will not understand tthe storyline but if you are a fan it is worth a whirl.