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MotoGP 07

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Almost perfect.

| | See all Zanzebarr's reviews (5)

very great feel, ive played it solid for atleast 15 hours and im frazzled by the fast paced action and the feel and just everything. in comparrison to its its main competitor, Tourist Trophy, MotoGP07 delivers everything that TT doesnt, like a full grid, bikes that wheelie hard, hard sliding and being able to fall off from too much lean.
the learning curve is a shocker if you have never played a bike racing game or indeed have been able to push the real thing to knee/ toe down limits, i can say its far closer to real life than TT.
Neat features? well i love the traction control kicking in and scraping off the revs if you over cook it. being able to powerslide and a nice big grid!
Downsides? TT is superior in terms of graphics and better on a few sounds. obv been a motogp game, you wont be able to ride normal road bikes like in TT, but then again, unless you drastically alter youre suspension settings and riding style, you dont get as true a feel in reality. overall, yeh, good game, i loks forward to getting it sorted.

18,000rpm powersides baby ;)


| | See all MXDudeEvolution's reviews (17)

At first I played it and was disapointed at what I got then I played it again and saw that it was fab.Anway it was never suposed to come on PS2.Like MotoGP2 and 1 it had the stars from Rossi,Colin,Stoner and all the the rest of them.When I compeared it to MotoGP 2 the MotoGP 2 was not the one to get.When racing the grasiks are fab the stering not brill but you get used to it.If you like MotoGP this is the game for you.

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  superb game

| | See all gazzasp's reviews (1)

having had all previous motogp games plus tourist trophy, tt superbikes, etc, this game is very, very good in my opinion, graphics a little grainy but how much more can they improve this for ps2, it at least makes you appreciate the undulations with the tracks, plus its pretty much up to date with riders, bikes and tracks (at least up until the start of this season). its spot on with bikes too, i've done a season in hard mode on guintoli's bike and came 11th with a best result of 8th, i'm now in the 5th round of my 2nd championship on stoner's bike and have won every round, they've done a very good job in making it realistic, the only problem is that it's addictive!


| | See all Kathleen2's reviews (2)

Well I was so excited about getting this game and now I see how, the graphics 10/10, gameplay 10/10 everything was just perfect!

  Moto gp 07-Quite good

| | See all Calser's reviews (3)

Moto gp 07 isn't as good as the last game on the ps2 but the game is still exciting and is more challenging which is better! It takes a while to get used to it but once mastered its class!

  A major step back...

| | See all scaffoo's reviews (2)

This game is so disappointing after MotoGP 04 with the 125 and 250 classes included. Now Capcom have the franchise from Namco the gameplay is worse, the bikes skit about all over the track with no stability and the graphics are awful, very grainy with no long distance clarity. Namco had this game pretty much perfect with 04 and Capcom have ruined a simple but engaging racer. They have tried to focus on the rider and bike movement to make it more realistic but it's overkill, with the slightest over reaction bringing on an instant crash. Forget simulation mode. Namco's graphics engine and detail was excellent, even down to the movement of the tyre decals. Very disapointing for the latest release in this otherwise excellent catalogue. Bring back Namco!

  Moto GP 07

| | See all ElToro's reviews (17)

Its quite obvious now that game makers are ignoring the Playstation 2 and making all the new sequals the same as the last. I thought at least this would be some sort of a good motorbike game but unfortunately its not. Its just the same as the last MotoGP title "MotoGP 04", so waiting three years for the next title did'nt do anything. The only new things are the riders and the tracks...and there out of date already, A.Pitt , J.McWilliams, O.Jacue and K.Roberts jr are still riding in the game.

Moto GP 07 is nothing to shout about, maybe on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but not PS2. It can be a fun game, the whole challenge of riding the 800CC bikes on the hardest mode and trying to win the title, but end of the day that gets boring. So all means buy this game if your a devoted motorcycle fan, but if your just looking to buy a racing game dont get this one.

  Not Bad..

| | See all DrewOO's reviews (3)

Great Game Just Missing Things Like Podium, Champange The Feeling Of Winning A Race In This Game Really Needs This TBH. It Says Pit crew and brolley girls none on the game false advertisment really. but overall game play is great just need a few extras to make it complete maybe next year capcom.

  Great Game, Too Hard

| | See all rossispeed's reviews (2)

This has to be the best Moto GP game ever!!
The graphics are so good along with the sound.
But it's too hard even for some experienced gamers where turning in on arcade and championship modes are appalling and the Practice and Qualifying times faster than the bike can actually do.
My advice, practice alot, and don't qualify!!

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  Moto GP 07 LET DOWN

| | See all csh650's reviews (1)

This product should have been left alone they have changed the whole riding style of the bike. It is just to hard to ride the bike on easy its to easy on hard its to hard.
The bikeS,riders, and set up has changed. Thay have done this well.
And I would like to say well done for changing the lap time set up and qualfying.
But they should have left the bike riding styles alone.

WHAT A SHAME a great game has been let down like this.

Maybe they should have spent more time on it and released it on the PS3.

I will still try and get better at it but they should have left it how it was its not surposed to be a bike simulator its a racing game.