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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Platinum)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  GTA Liberty City Stories

| | See all Samoos's reviews (6)

I've completed every mission on the game and their all great, if i could i would give this game 6 stars, i even think it's better than san andreas


| | See all Rock4Life's reviews (12)

Obviously much the same as GTA III, but with a different story-line which imo is far too short as it only took 3 days to complete the whole game and im not really into gaming that much. But if you like GTA like me you'll enjoy every minute of playing it.

  Back to GTA 3

| | See all jameweights's reviews (34)

Its not as good as GTA 3 in terms of the story.

There are motorcycles in liberty city and a wide range of other vehicles.

The graphics are quite good.

The music and sound efects are great - but the music is not as good as previous games.

There are loads of missions - but the characters aren't as good in this game.

There are loads of guns and some very entertining missions.

Not the best but worth buying 8/10.

  Good game

| | See all Squircle's reviews (28)

This game is good compared to most on the PS2, a healthy mix of drugs, sex, violence & of coerce cars. It does seem to of de-evolved from san andreas disallowing the ability to swim. Also maybe Rockstar games did too well on san andreas. I don't think they could ever live up to that game. It was excellent. I was looking forward to buying LCS but when I began to play it I did find it a let down. The story line is quite average and the replay factor isn't great either.
However having said that as a game on its own disregarding the other GTA game it is pretty awesome. If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket then you should consider purchasing this game.

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  Another Classic

| | See all Trefusis's reviews (243)

We're back in the three-island environment from GTA III, and this game also boasts the sharp storytelling and character development that sets the franchise apart from its rivals.

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  A grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat game!!!

| | See all brownieowl's reviews (49)

This game is worth buying. It is thrilling. Although it's teaching people to be violent, it is a good laugh!!!

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| | See all CryWolf07's reviews (17)

I can't disagree more with people who say this is basically the same game as GTA III; the game is, i think better, through its' detail and leone-centric story line. I enjoyed the conflict between rival Mafia families (which i think should have been more involved in GTA3) and watching the stories unfold to see the contrast between Cipriani centered LCS and the setting; events and characters of GTA3 for Claude as Toni dramatically changes LC through the game, showing where it came from, from 1997 to 2001.

I think it would be interesting to play LCS then GTA3 chronilogically to fully appreciate this very underrated prequal to the game that started the worlds fixation with GTA.

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  I love gta but this one........

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Gta is my best game and they should keep making them, and i got this one with my one of my family mates, and i went back to his house and played it and it was great. Although it wasn't the best one i had been on. The graphics wasn't as good as san andeas. So i say this one is better for the psp.

  A step backwards, but it is a psp game originally

| | See all gameaholic's reviews (47)

Ok, this game is not going to set the world alight with its graphics, but lets be honest, apart from the mighty San Andreas (best game on the PS2) the graphics on the GTA games has always been behind other games of the time. But Rockstar seam to concentrate on gameplay more than graphics which to me is more important. This game os shorter with less things to do than the previous games, but what do you expect. Its a psp game converted for those who don't have a psp and I applaud them for doing that. The gameplay is the what you'd expect from a GTA game. Missions, side missions, and lots of extra stuff you can chose to do if you want the 100% completion. Any fan of the series should rap up 50 hours here as GTA can keep you going after the missions through fighting with gangs, or just nailing people that get in the way which all leads to the law getting involved.
So if your a fan of gameplay over graphics this is a game to have. And lets face it, they're charging half the price of a normal GTA game so there's nothing to lose really.

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| | See all LethalPayne's reviews (26)

Its so great.. its long... better graphics.. it doesnt have pointless things like dressing tattoing etc like san adreas has.. if your a gta games this is a must buy!