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Rogue Galaxy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Awesome Game!!

| | See all Nineteen88Ent's reviews (2)

I Was In Blockbuster And Came Across This Game For 1pound!!
I Thought Id Buy It And Give It A Go.

Its An Awesome Game, Similar To Final Fantasy
I'm Lucky I Got It For 1pound Absolute Bargin!

  Must buy ps2 rpg fans!

| | See all PaulFigma's reviews (1)

Simply awesome and beautiful game. little long dungeons but thats just good for leveling up. must buy for rpg fans

  Good but not great.

| | See all princk's reviews (2)

This is undoubtedly one of the better rpg's on the ps2 and certainly worth a look. The game itself is very polished and clearly lots of work has been put in by the developers. The voice acting is universally solid, the main stroy is quite lenghty, the cel shading on the characters is nice.
However it does suffer some major problems. Firstly the world itself is a place you really don't care to explore. Dungeons are too long and consist of endless identical corridors where you will get into countless battles. Getting through dungeons almost feels like work. The towns themselves are not much better and are fairly bland and uninspiring (and you encounter enemies in some).
The combat itself is okay, but you'll quickly learn to just use characters special abilities to wipe out enemies in one hit as its by far the quickest way to proceed.
The plot itself isn't particularly great, though at least it is more involved than FFXII. The game can be quite humorous at times but is also pretty cliched.
Thus if you love combat heavy rpg's such as Dark Chronicle (who also made this game) then yeah get this. But if you enjoy exploring a great game world then steer clear.

  what ff12 tried to do

| | See all RiccadoC's reviews (3)

this game is amazing, the grapic's, story everything, but to me the real time fight's that ive always been bit hm why? at in a rpg actually work, but not just that work excellant. it a kept the classic rpg elements and mix a lil something knew and vola. toady be proud of the result haha. but really after ff10 n ff12 that in my mind are not real ff games for they pathetic compared to 7, 8 and 9 rpgs are hard to find. bof3, ff up 2 9, dragon quest n shadow hearts are excellant. now i add this to my top rpg games list. a must buy if rpg fan.

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  In the running for the best RPG of all time

| | See all AdamPS3's reviews (12)

I have to be honest, i was hoping this would be good, but not expecting it. I mean, after the amazing games that were Dragon Quest and Dark Chronicle, Level-5 couldn't do it again.......could they? Oh yes.

Graphics are cel-shaded, but beautiful and vibrant
Music and voice acting are great - music especially
Gameplay is even better that Dark Chronicle - outstanding
Lifespan: At least 50 hours - maybe 100hours if you want 100%

Is this game as good as Final Fantasy X? No. But then again, no game is. Is it close? YES! This game is EASILY in the top 5 best RPGs EVER! BUY IT NOW! :D

  best rpg in a long while!

| | See all devildust's reviews (29)

ive played a few rpgs in the past although, it seems square enix are losing there touch with final fantasy, they seem to have lost the magic it had with ff7 to ff9,its good to see that level 5 the developers of this and dragon quest 8 are bringing it all back,was a bit wary at first but after the first hour it shines through to be one of the best rpgs ever made,the voice acting is superb,each character has different personalities and bring something special to the game. So much thought has been put it into this game, it branches off at different points in the game with different stories each are either genuinely funny or quite sad...reminded me why i like rpgs after all the rubbish ones i been playing in recent years!

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  cross between kingdom hearts and Final fantasy

| | See all mathsgenius's reviews (7)

love this game. Easy to pick up and play,lots of action. Fantastic battle abilities, tasks to complete etc. Easy battle system akin to KH along with weapon synthesis and a revelation flow similar to FF's licence board. It's a MUST HAVE.

  FF copy?Naah

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

A truly nice rpg in cell-shaded by the same company of dark chronicles.The best non-ff rpg i played since ages.Not innovating by any means but it reminds good old psx rpg days.Countless extras over 130h to complete 100%.Must Buy for all rpg lovers.

  finally a new rpg game i enjoy

| | See all ianrulz1's reviews (5)

Having just bought FFXII i was extremely sceptical of buying a new rpg for the ps2, lets face it FFXII was appauling compared to most if not all of the other final fantasy games. When i was browsing through play though and saw this game, i decided to watch the video of it and it looked really good so i thought i'd pre order it. In 2 words, ACE GAME! not been able to put it down since buying it (apart from writing this obviously). I'm about 25+ hours way through this game andi've really enjoyed most of it (until you get to eden anyway and the story gets a bit bland but thats ages through the game, you'll see what i mean if you get there). I usually prefer the turn based rpg's but this one has blown me away just like kingdom hearts an kh2. I definately recommend, plus seed rocks!