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Final Fantasy X

Rating: 11+ (ELSPA)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Just Unbeatable

| | See all Monman9000's reviews (3)

This game just beats everything out there - even by modern standards. I would warn anyone who is looking for a quick and easy game to look elsewhere as this is not a light-hearted effort.

The first 20 hours or so is mostly establishing depth in the world and characters - after which though this game really does build and build an inspired plotline with so many twists and turns that it keeps you awake an night. On top of this FFX has so many Mini-games that at least one will take your fancy (Blitzball, chocobo racing, etc) and i spent over 40 hours on blitzball alone

Overall have clocked up over 190 hours of game play to date, and enjoyed every second - still looking for those Legendary Weapons :)

  best game ever?

| | See all deandaps's reviews (3)

it is the best final fantasy to date the last one i thoroughly enjoyed and i played them all its so good i leant it to my mates who don't even like FF and they never gave them back coz they enjoyed them too much this is my 5th time to buy the game and if i leand it out again and they don't give it back i will buy it again one of the best ones great game excellent story and the gameplay is phenonimal enjoyed it from start to end :D

  I love Final fantasy X

| | See all finalfantasyworld's reviews (17)

i did complete final final fantasy X and Brilliant story history and this billliant different story and billiant RPG and i am very sad this ending story and i love Final fantasy and come on .... buy it now!!!!

  One of the best and most worthwhile RPG's of it's era!

| | See all ConnorCInHull's reviews (3)

I've been a big big fan of the Final Fantasy series since Final Fantasy V and this game in total honesty is by far one of the most impressive!

For its generation it has fantastic graphics, not to mention the then-newly introducted voice acting, as well as an in-depth and expansive, customisable leveling system.

This game easily provide 100+ hours of gameplay and for any fan of the RPG Genre this game will not dissapoint.

Filled with a gripping story-line, action packed open gameplay, and one of the best soundtracks to ever feature in a game, I'd say Final Fantasy X is a must-have for all PS2 owners!

  Best FF

| | See all 03hkiller's reviews (2)

This Final Fantasy is the best one i have every played! i also thought 7 and 8 were amazing but this topped it for me with this epic storyline!
It has the best stoyline for game i have every played and the cinematics they are insane for a ps2 game! once you play this you will be hooked i have played completed and maxed this game and i am now awaiting my FFXIII! :D

  Blew Me Away

| | See all michbelle's reviews (1)

This game really is the icing on the cake of games. FFX just has to be the best game ever made. The storyline is grippingly epic, the sphere grid (the games own version of the levelling system) is unbeatable as a way to progress and Blitzball is just amazing. Imagine the world's best book or fantasy film combined with the best concievable levelling system and a sports game all combined in one game. This was the first FF game I played and will always be my favourite. It will leave the biggest impression on you as a person as any game, book or film ever could. Don't miss out.

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  Final Fantasy X - A+ Game

| | See all SatanicJesus's reviews (3)

Final Fantasy X was the first RPG I ever played. From the sphere grid to the characters to the story...I love it all. If you wish to start playing RPGs or are an RPG fan, and if you have a PS2, this game is a mustbuy and a mustplay.


| | See all Harris015's reviews (1)

I had never played a FF game before but when i played this i was tottally sucked in i loved it the story line was great the graphics was excellent for its time, i completed it 7 times i spent over 170 hours on one of my saves its an amazing game!!!

  one of the best final fantasy games in history.

| | See all andy1989's reviews (56)

FF10 tells the story of Tidus.an ordinary guy who gets transported 1000 years into the future by a mysterious demon called sin.When he arrives in Spira he realizes all he knew as civilization has gone and people now follow a religion known as Yevon.However Sin still exists and is wreaking havoc and a summoner called Yuna has the enormous task of killing Sin.i wont spoil anymore for whoever has not played the game but a terrible secret lies in her path of vanquishing Sin.where to begin with this game.the graphics are outstanding and add to the magical world of Spira.voice acting is great and music is catchy and different for every place you visit on Yuna's quest.the battle system is much the same as all other ff titles but the leveling up has changed dramatically.a sphere grid is now used.its a fun way to level up as you really feel your characters are growing stronger.the story to final fantasy 10 is among the best i have seen next to ff7.for any rpg fan who owns a ps2 this really is solid role playing at its best.even beats ff12 in my opinion.