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G-Force (includes 3D Glasses) (G Force)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Really fun

| | See all xGemxLouisex's reviews (1)

I have really enjoyed playing this game, i wanted to try kids games because honestly i can never complete a game lol but i was quite suprised about this one i really like it, although im not sure about the 3D effect as it gets a bit funny with your eyes but other than that i think its a good buy.

  Good idea, but not a great game.

| | See all Wallywee's reviews (25)

The 3d idea for this is really good and works fine, although the game.. Disney werent created to make games and that clearly shows. They are amazing at what they do, but games isnt there thing. (its like Microsoft and games consoles) They have done well to crreate this 3d game, but obviously a "G-force game" isnt gonna be good. The graphics arnent to shabby but its just tthe normal disney game linear levls and bad voice overs and the rest of the almost un-finished parts. But no a bad attempt at all and its not actually too bad, so if you have a spare £25 or so then you could maybe, just maybe splash out on G-force the game

  Not as good

| | See all daimmm's reviews (4)

Not as good as i expected, i bought it for the 3d gameplay but with 3d on its too blurry and a good 3d effect rarely appears. i didnt like the gameplay either. but on the other hand disney made it and that explains all. Think they should have done a better job at this game.

  Not your usual movie tie in rubbish. Great Fun.

| | See all DuncanStyles's reviews (27)

I bought this game because of its 3D visuals ability (glasses are the standard cardboard type but you get 2 pairs). I wasnt expecting much from the game itself. I was surprised just how good it is.

The story of the game doesnt stick to the movie exactly, the developers have taken one section of the movie and expanded on it to remove the non action parts of the movies plot. This is fine and it keeps the game moving.

You spend 95% of the game exploring on foot as Agent Darwin. Darwin has a jet pack at all times which he can use to jump, hover for a limited time or get a short height boost. He can also use the jet pack to increase his running speed. He can grab onto the edge of objects and pull himself up or drop down, useful for climbing ladders or up shelves. Darwin starts the game with one weapon but as you progress through the game you are given the opportunity to purchase more, some of which are essential to complete the game. You can also purchase health, ammo and maps and you pay for these items by collecting Saber Chips which are dropped by defeated enemies or found by smashing the boxes or containers found througout the levels.

Darwin is always accompanied by Mooch, the trained Fly. Press up on the D pad to switch to Mooch and you can fly around the map to reach areas Darwin cannot. This is a great addition to the game and allows for some neat little puzzles. Mooch can fly through vents to reach rooms whose doors are locked. Mooch has a short range interference beam that can open some locked doors and can stun enemies for a short time, this comes in handy when Darwin's path is blocked by an enemy generating a force field, Mooch disables the force field and then Darwin can destroy that enemy to clear his path. Mooch can also carry objects, he uses this ability to activate several machines by transporting power cores from place to place. Mooch has limited flying time and range though and once one of these runs out, control switches back to Darwin. Mooch can also be stunned by Fly zappers on walls so he must keep his distance from them. Control of Mooch can be a little tricky but thats adds a little to the urgency of his timed missions.

There are a couple of driving sections to get through, each one uses the G-Force RDV which looks like three clear plastic balls fitted with engines. You steer the RDV along tunnels littered with obstacles and enemies, you can shoot and jump to clear your path. Oil and glue spills can slow you down or cause you to spin out of control.

Your G-Force companions give lots of help over the radio and from time to time will make an appearance to help you out but you never get to control them.

You can switch the visuals between standard and 3D mode. I found that while the 3D did produce some depth to the picture it messed up the colours and I ended up switching 3D off. Some cut scenes also use 3D but not all.

The graphics are clean and crisp with no glitches, care has been taken to ensure that you are never stuck, you can tell which doors are open, those that can be unlocked and those that will never unlock.

The audio is good, music plays throughout. The tempo of the music depends on the action. Sometimes the music can drown out any radio communications from your team mates a little but you can adjust the volume of music and FX to compensate.

There are plenty of trophies to earn, some of which require you to replay the game. Complete it once and you unlock an advanced mode to try

Overall, this is a great game that anyone will enjoy playing. Great for youngsters with enough to keep older games happy. Not your usual movie tie in rubbish that seems to be the norm these days.

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  good and sometimes challenging game

| | See all jasperpie's reviews (2)

This game is a simple game to pick up and play, with a slight feel of ratchet and clank about it (although in my opinion not AS good).

your first playthough is enjoyable and fun, and if your half decent at gaming can be done sub 6hrs. If you however as inclined to get games for trophies - dont be fooled. this is a little trickier than it seems and you might find yourself playing through 4-6times.

If you do play the game multiple times it can become tedious and frustrating. Overall though I would say this game is well polished, pleasing on the eye, very good fun and at some times challenging.

I didnt rate the 3D aspect very much either, maybe the flimsy old school coloured glasses, or maybe as i wear glasses anyway and they just didnt sit right.

non the less - overall great

  G force

| | See all mrclulow's reviews (2)

I thought it was just a kids game but it is well worth a play.plenty of problems to solve. the 3d glasses are the old fashioned cardboard ones

  G-Force great game

| | See all felex123's reviews (1)

i am 55 years old going on 15 i am re5 and kill zone fan but this game is so good and a joy to play my cat gives it 10 out of 10

  Brillant game!

| | See all Chicogiz's reviews (1)

This game is good! im 17 and just got it for a laugh. It is not a bad game, good trophys and ive played it 3 times now, about to do it the 4th time for a trophy. If you like getting trophies and like challenges, buy this game. I cant see a thing wrong with game, no errors or anything.