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Far Cry 2 (Platinum)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Is everyone taking crazy pills?!?!

| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

This game is nice to look at, but that's about it. The story is dull, the controls are slow and unresponsive, the driving is laughable and also tediously slow. The map is large but uninteresting.

The only goo thing about this game is the fire mechanics allowing you to set fire to a field and the fire will spread. Although this gets old after 5 minutes and you're left with a terribly boring game.

  GTA in Africa not Facry!

| | See all Scooper's reviews (12)

I was never a fan of the GTA type of games except for Red Dead, but
this game I had bought because I really liked the original Far Cry and even the XBOX games. But this is not Far cry. There is no fantastical
element e.g. mutant creatures, new tech in hands of a mad scientist
etc. I got rid of my copy fairly quickly.


| | See all JavierH's reviews (1)

Does someone know if this play has Spanish audio, or subtitles, even if they are in english? i want to buy it, but i don't know if I'll understand it if it doesn't have...

Thank you!

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  One of the best games on ps3!!

| | See all JackDaniels84's reviews (9)

Everything from the story mode to playing it online is great. I def prefer this type of game to COD but everyones different. I think its more challenging and the graphics and storyline is fantasic. The only negative i have is that it does take a while to load when your playing it online it can get really frustrating at times but its worth it.


| | See all bigdon23's reviews (9)

This game is awesome for one simple fact MAP MAKER. the online portion and map maker in this game is amazing, the map maker is easy to get to grips with and once you have made a few maps your imagination is the only limit.

apart from that, personally i dont like the single player mode, but each to there own

a must own game

  Not really for me.

| | See all FayeSimone's reviews (5)

I brought this game around christmas time and have played it three times to date, the last two times have been recently.
I agree with one of the earlier reviews that you do have to be in the mood to play it i just can't get into it no matter how hard i try.
The only reason i have begun to play it is because my friend has brought it so it's makes it a tad more entertaining but even the multiplayer is abit dull. Also the load time is shocking as it takes a while to load anything.
Overall i would say try it for yourself, for this price it is worth it, it might suprise you :)

  Excellent Game

| | See all nawdoublea's reviews (49)

Before getting this game i read over a bunch of mixed reviews, the bad reviews saying about the amount of travel and lack of save points, i now own the game and can see that those reviews are utter rubbish, the travel makes it all the more real, a car is never too far away plus there are bus stop points to quicker travel, also i was not expecting many safe house's to save a game but as far i have come across plenty.

I am very happy to have got this game as its just an excellent open world FPS, its no Call Of Duty but it does not try to be, the only connection is that it is a FPS, an excellent alternative to anything else there is.


| | See all zinatiamo's reviews (60)

my fave game on ps3 loved it the grahics are excellent and so are the weapons especially the sniper rifle i played both the levels and on line but i prefer on line it brillaint and as you can build you own maps and people join in to play them its great im not a shooting game person im more fighting and football but this game is wicked a great price so even if you do buy it and dont like it you wont have wasted much money its cheap enough deffo buy

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  You need to be in the mood to play it

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

But once you do, it will have you stuck for quite some time. The start of the game is one of the best and most involving i have seen, and some of the scenery is actually very nice. But the faults out do it here, with most open world games set in a specific location, like africa it can get very tedious quite fast exploring. Although this does give you total freedom in the face of vehicles of all kinds you would eventually end up walking across the same sandy path again and again. There are bugs and glitches in this, so be wary. Also it boasts about being destructable, you can burn a tree and smash a crate, that is literally it, there is nothing that hasn't been done here before. The AI can be good at some times, and the story ties in greatly. You will either love this game or hate... or be like me whilst it's there sat in your collection you really can't be bothered to play it, but the second you load up the menu you will be stuck to it for hours. A little bit about the online, dead and confusing, but the map editor is a great little tool.

  Pretty rubbish...

| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

Got this game cheap second hand. Glad I did. Gameplay itself is shoddy in all honesty, graphics are quite decent but the gameplay is bad, theres no fun in going about killing people in all honesty. it's a very one line game, you do the same things over and over again. Sure might be a huge game, but it's just repetative and boring. Give it a star for the graphics.

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