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Warhammer 40000: Space Marine

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  good game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

a good game well worth playing a good mix of weapons solid enough story and graphics about 12 hours of game play but most inportant of all its fun to play what else do you want

  Pure fun!

| | See all Sully8764's reviews (4)

Quite literally the funnest game I played in 2011, and has subsequently gotten me really interested in the W40K universe. With the free Terminatus DLC (Arena Survival), excellent customisation and an interesting story, you can't go wrong for the price.

  repetitive button masher

| | See all jamiegemmell's reviews (2)

Had been looking forward to this game but have been really disappointed with it. Repetitive button mashing gameplay. No variety other than a few guns which are slightly more effective than the basic weapon. No exploration just follow a singular path through an anywhere location which isn't particularly 40k. No real variation in enemies. Just a dull by the numbers shooter to my dismay. Much better out there.

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| | See all willywilsh's reviews (1)

ive just got this game and started playing it and i had to stop after about 20mins because i was shaking so much with adrenaline, i hurt my hand.

for the short time ive been playing ive already had a gun upgrade and a blade upgrade. very action packed and doesnt leave you hanging.

this game is fully loaded and bloody, cant wait to carry on!

  Good game but....

| | See all Spamage88's reviews (8)

First of all let me say this game is good. The graphics and fun factor are awesome. However I must disagree with some people giving this 5 stars. This rating is also based solely on the offline campaign I am yet to play online but have heard good things so perhaps my rating is a bit premature.

Firstly the general controls are a bit sluggish and movement is slow but you soon get used to them and the look sensitivity can be changed.

Secondly the combat i feel is poor. All it is, like I suppose most hack and slash games, is just constant mashing of square with a couple of triangles thrown in. The combos are all very simple and it is easy to play. However I feel if they would have spent a little bit more time developing the combat system more this game could of been a suprise entry for game of the year. For instance there is no blocking so any enemy attack that comes your way will damage you and I feel this could of truly been added to by including a way to counter attack your foes. Also there is no way of taking cover behind things ie a simple change of stance. These things could be added with a simple press of a couple of the buttons on your ps3 pad. To me the combat system seems a bit lazy and is the only reason im marking this down. But then I suppose the simplicty of it is a plus in a way.

But as said earlier if you can get past those things then the game is great. Great graphics, great story line and more enemies than you can swing your chain sword at.

Overall I would recommmend this but only at the price it is on here.

  Awsome !

| | See all tinny1988's reviews (2)

This game is great, i had no idea about warhammer at all when buying this game and i must say that does NOT matter at all.
Since buying this game i have not been able to turn it off, great gaphics, great storyline and gameplay is epic. Its a bloodbath with really rewarding combo's in close combat and brilliant satisfying gun fights !

A MUST BUY for anyone !


| | See all Cris711's reviews (3)

Finally a game which brings out the beauty and darkness of the wh40k universe .........truly jawdropping, I have played a couple of hours and still want more, ripping your orks and demons apart is way too fun. Multiplayer is cool too, I love the character custimazation.

  truly great

| | See all mcshane78's reviews (3)

As some one who played Warhammer as a kid, this was my PS3 wet dream, so it was a given that i was going to buy it.

But I have to say that this game is truly amazing and you do not have to be an old Games Workshop geek to enjoy it.

The graphics are fantastic, the story brilliant and it addictive as hell.

I summed this up as follows to a friend..

It is God of War meets COD, with a smattering of Uncharted and more gore than Dead Space could dream of!

10 out of 10 from me

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  Space marine

| | See all BonkersReunited's reviews (1)

Graphics are ok the campain is far to short as i have completed it, the way the landscape is set out and the way you have to follow it is a lilttle deprssing as i excepted for there to be more free will. the controls for the movment are slow and sluggish, over all a good game but has a lot of room for improvement like how bout us being able to choose are chapter no matter what it is ie , chaos blood angels tyrinids and necromuncers or even the ork,,s

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| | See all Preston10K's reviews (2)

1 Level in and I'm taking a break to understand how amazing this game is! Fire Warrior rocked on the PS2 Space Marine take the 40K universe some where else! Awesome Game!

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