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Killzone 2 (PS3)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (508 reviews)"

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  Disappointing single-player, stellar multiplayer.

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Killzone has a universe going for it that - in my humble opinion - could actually best everything else that's out there (yes, even that OTHER sci-fi FPS for that OTHER console) if Guerrilla Games simply handled it properly where their single-player is concerned. Sadly, Killzone 2's campaign is a complete let-down almost from the moment you begin playing, thanks to a poor script, woeful voice-acting (almost) across the board, and more than a couple of missed set-piece opportunities. To make things even more disheartening, the opening CGI cinematic that plays on booting up the game is actually incredibly well done, and gives you a teasing glimpse at what Killzone 2's story could have been before you begin playing the depressing reality. It's not all bad, however. The graphics in Killzone 2 are quite possibly the best any console game has produced to date. There will be more than one occasion where you will be forced to stop playing and just stare open-mouthed at the distracting beauty of it all. Sound effects are highly impressive also, especially if you are playing on a good surround-sound system. Gameplay in Killzone 2 is a strange beast. It's definitely unique, and probably realistic to boot (after all, assault rifles and RPGs are hardly light instruments to bear to battle) but more often than not the downright sluggish movements of your Sergeant Sevchenko will simply irritate, rather than immerse. However stick with it, and it will eventually become tolerable, even if never completely ideal. As for the multiplayer offering in Killzone 2, well, as the title should suggest, it's excellent. Due to its nature, story is pretty much completely irrelevant in multiplayer, so that major issue is not a problem here, and as a result the game shines. It's a class-based system whereby your loadout is based on what kind of character you go for, eg. the Medic will have a healing gun which he can use to revive other players. It's actually one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played, and totally different to other mainstays. So, would I recommend this game? Overall, yes I would, even if it is almost entirely because of the multiplayer.


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I love FPS games, I loved the first game and to be honest when I started this I thought it was so dark and gloomy and did'nt know where the enemy was at times. I persevered and now love it and hold it in as high esteem as the first. The first Killzone had more diverse locations I find but number 2 really submerges you in the locations. The darkness and downright sneakiness of the AI is good as well. The blood smattering on the screen when you get shot does mess up being able to see but it adds to the panic of being killed so I think it's a great touch. The only negative for me is the lack of variety in enemies but it's a small gripe. I love the weaponry, the difficulty is set just the right side of frustration and I loved using the controller to plant bombs which was a nice if small touch. Turn the sound up though (without granny in the room as theres a bit of swearing) as you more often hear the enemy before you see him. This title is right up there for me with new and classic fps titles i love like goldeneye N64, MOH Frontline & Rising Sun, COD Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Black PS2 and Timesplitters, Resistance 2 & Killzone.

  Quite satisfied

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The game itself is great. The graphics are brilliant, the enemys creative, campaign scenarios are good and the multiplayer is of a higher level too. The controls spoil it for me though as i just can't find a control scheme of any even simarlarity to COD. however that is just me and i still would recommend it.

  Good gameplay and graphics!!

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Brilliant game after the disappointment of the first one, really nice graphics as you would expect from this game.
Multiplayer is where its at, would keep you occupied long enough!!!

  Great FPS

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The graphics in this game are amazing and the gameplay is fun. The online is quite good, however it doesn't feel as solid as the Call Of Duty online, and the graphics are only in 720p, rather than 1080p.

  5 STARS??? Why not 10? or 20?

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Amazing, this is the kind of game that make you want a PS3, what a beautifal way to shoot, a really good FPS. Recomended for sure. This is is a Must Have for any PS3 Player.

  Best FPS in a long time can't wait for Killzone 3

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This game has everything you could want great graphics, great sound and a fun multiplayer, the story could have been longer but the final level in Visrais palace is awesome, even if the last boss is laughably easy, you wont be disappointed. I even enjoyed it much more than Halo 3 and ODST which I didnt think possible.

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  Great but...

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Awesome game...graphics are about as good as I've seen on PS3, sound and storyline are both superb....my only reservation is the controls just feel very clumsy, no way near as smooth or as intuitive as COD and the cover system is shocking...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and normally by the time you've found out what works you've had you're head blown off! Plus once you've been hit the blood splatters and distortion make it impossible to see what's going on! Apart from that the game is a real ride!