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Killzone 2 (PS3)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (508 reviews)"

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| | See all rozzer8's reviews (13)

am not gonna harp on about how good this game is, graphically as good as cod 4, but not as smooth your soldier "sev" moves around too slow even on the fastest setting.....but thats all i can slate it for , brian cox voices visari..sean pertwee voices radec two unmistakeable tones excellent game , awsome

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  Graphically unbeatable, not so much on gameplay...

| | See all robblink182's reviews (4)

As said in the title, this game is by far the best graphics the PS3 has to offer so far. Sometimes it really is like watching a CGI movie.

However the campaign is very very short. It can be easily completed within 8-10 hours. Even the highest difficulty doesn't pose much of a challenge if you are used to shooters.

Thankfully, the online is a lot of fun. It will keep you entertained for hours and hours and the maps are excellent. The only downside is that it can be very hit and miss on who gets the kills in a 1 on 1 duel. Sometimes you blast someone 2 or 3 times with the shotgun, only for them to turn round and kill you with 1 shot. It does get very frustrating at times, but doesn't take away from the fun too much.


| | See all britishsteel1992's reviews (1)

Killzone 2 is without a doubt the best FPS on Playstation 3 (along with Call of Duty 4 of course). The graphics are absolutely mindblowing and the action is intense. This is a challenging and enjoyable experience for those who want something a little more difficult than Call of Duty. Fantastic game! DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY!

  You'll never get 'Kill-zoned' out!

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

Great game in all respects for both campaign and online gameplay. The campaign on the easiest setting is a reasonably quick one to power through, but some bosses even on this setting will leave you struggling to beat down. On harder difficulties it becomes the hardest FPS to beat since Halo 2 on legendary.
Online play is immense with up to 32 players on one map, the gun fights quickly become chaotic, leaving a feeling of desperation as both teams struggle to sieze objectives. Combined with this addicting gameplay and several classes to get ribbons/medals for this game will keep you playing for hours beyond you completeing it.

  Great game with amazing graphics

| | See all carter91's reviews (17)

First of all let me say the graphics on this game are the best i have ever seen, they are truly spectacular! The single player campaign holds many hours of play and replay value with intel to be found and plenty of trophies to be earned. The multiplayer is good and holds its own amongst the other good online games (COD 4 etc) the graphics are also great online. All in all, a fantastic solo experience with plenty of online mischief and fun to be had. Definatley one of the best the PS3 has to offer

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  Brilliant and challenging

| | See all Simpson1994's reviews (3)

Awesome game really tough on hard levels and amazin graphics best game of the year so far

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  almost the best PS3 game

| | See all hen1014's reviews (37)

this game was very over hyped which was nt fare on the game to hve to live up to those expectations but i think it was very close. the gameplay is brilliant the graphics rr the best ive eva seen, nd the online like expected is brilliant nd adictive but doesnt beat cod4 in mi oppinion. the problems r the story isnt the best, using R3 as aim is anoying nd its to dark. i thought the difficuly waas gd as hard at places nd the lenght was reasonable. So this game was so close of being the best game but once again people over hyped a gme

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  One of the PS3's best!

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

After the first Killzone I tried to avoid the hype of this right up till it's release. The first was abysmal, I really looked forward to it, so much so that it was a day 1 purchase for me and what a waste of money. Thankfully this is nothing like the first!.

This game is so good that I still play it, well occasionally. The single-player isn't bad, it's too short as usual and the story isn't something you'll remember forever. There really isn't much of one and I feel that the Gears of War games on 360 have a better story. But the story doesn't matter too much anyway as this game is all about the action and there's plenty of it!. It's got some pretty awesome boss battles particularly the last one. But to be honest I think Gears has better boss battles too. Another think this game has in common with Gears is that it has fantastic graphics but it is far too grey and black as there's very little colour here.

So what does this game do better than Gears? well it has some very addictive multi-player with all the usual modes (Team Deathmatch etc.) and they have released 2 new map packs and there's a third on the way meaning that's there's plenty of maps but they do all tend to get boring after a while and a few weeks after buying this you'll probably put it down and forget about it only to return a few weeks later!.

So in short this game is good fun online and off but it wont last very long and I feel that Gears of War has a much better single-player.

  best graphis ever full stop.

| | See all AdamMasterchief's reviews (1)

This game is awesome and the multiplayer makes it worth all the money you spend, the only game to better call of duty 4: Modern warfare as a war game out there!!!

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