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Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Flawed but still enjoyable

| | See all sonikku's reviews (6)

I'm a huge Sonic fan, and I'd love to say this is the great game ever, but nobody can deny the flaws that bring this game down. The camera can be shoddy which makes something simple much harder than it should be, the ingame graphics could be better though the movies are stunning. The worst thing for me is that there is no Japanese language, being stuck with terrible american voice overs is very frustrating. That aside however, I really enjoyed the game for the most part. The main levels are fun, they flow well, they're very fast and have some great sonicy locations. I enjoyed the story for the most part, the other character levels are enjoyable and the music is fantastic. I think His world has to be one of the best sonic tracks out there, and the in game music goes well with the levels, and is a treat for the ears. This game has a bad rep, but it is not as bad as what some people say. Give it a go.

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  I liked it despite the flaws......

| | See all GreenhillZone's reviews (8)

I think everyone is now aware of the bad ratings this game has got but I do think some of the people who've rated it have only played it for 20 minutes or so before judging it. Yes it has some obvious faults but having played it from beginning to end, I found it very addictive stuff and I've played it consistently for weeks.

The game is split into 3 types of gameplay; town sections where you wonder around Soleanna, action stages which is the main part of the game and speed stages where Sonic runs at full pelt through a level avoiding obstacles. I think the main criticism of this game is that the town and speed sections are poorly executed, the town sections in particular suffering quite atrocious slowdown with poor loading times. However get to any of the action stages (which is the real meat of the game) and things improve considerably. While not flawless, these levels are extremely good fun and as each one is unlocked, it can be returned to again so secret routes and stuff can be discovered. This for me is where the game really proved addictive and as such, I've rated it 3 stars despite the obvious flaws that it has. After all, surely the point of a game is to entertain and be fun?

So to summarise, you may well hate this game (a lot of the reviews here prove people do) but to anyone who enjoyed Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, you might well find plenty to enjoy here so play it for yourself and form your own opinion.

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| | See all JF1233's reviews (5)

Got it along with the console and i think i played it for maybe 20 minutes across three or four levels but damn i dont think the moths in the case will be released again, i hated it since i put it in the ps3 but i gave it the 20 minutes as it is sonic and thought it would maybe heat up as i got into it but it was just bland and pretty pointless. Either make a good sonic or dont even try. 2 stars since its sonic but 3 lost stars for sheer poor gameplay and storyline

  Sonic the Hedgehog????

| | See all deano20011's reviews (6)

The only 2 good things about this game are the Title itself and the graphics, the story is awful, the environments are just not sonic and the soundtrack is trash!! Whatever happened to sonic adventure? This game is a complete letdown! avoid!

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  A insult to his name!

| | See all jiriaya's reviews (21)

Nevermind crazy the guy below me must be completly off his nut to like this, stop being fanboy. Sorry i know everyone is entitled to there own opinion but sonic has seen much better days.

The game has poor camra angles, bad story, terrible loading times and one of the worst characters to exist in the sonic world silver. Also the gameplay has slowed down while playing as sonic, the short sections where he does speed up are to hard to control that while your running you crash into all the traps and enemys, ok you can jump but you can't move left or right in the air.

A true fan would see past the fact that its a sonic game and realise what it lacks, Sonic has been spinning down hill since sonic heros and sega only have themselves to blame, so teach them a lesson and stay clear of this game as it's not worth your time or money.

Sonic unleashed looks promising so their could be hope for the blue hedgehog yet.

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| | See all crazylads's reviews (3)

This game is superb.The graphics,environment and the power of Sonic,Shadow,silver and the enemies.they have really got everything good about the characters and it should be appreciated a lot more....One of the best Sonic games ever.You will like it.

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  This game does not live up to my expectations of Sonic!

| | See all barfthemawg's reviews (6)

In this implementation of Sonic, his aesthetics is ruined, the poor fellow is stretched, and looks like he has been on central nerve stimulants since the 90s, what is left of him is a stick figure, movement is poor in this game too, this is just an overall bad implementation of Sonic, with low playability, go for well implemented games instead, such as Echochrome or the Lego trilogogy series, or basically anything but this, this game is my hughest disappointment on the PS3 this far...


| | See all bigmentalheid's reviews (2)

Sonic used to be great when I was a kid, hours of fun, back when he was Dr Robotnik and not Dr Eggman.

I got this game as part of my bundle, oh god I couldn't have got it more wrong, dreadful gameplay, dreadful storyline, dreadful controls, dreadful camera angles....worst game on the PS3 (so far)!

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  The worst game of the last decade!!

| | See all GeoffW85's reviews (1)

This game is so bad I am embarassed to have it sitting in my home. The storyline is cheesey and it plays so badly and often you are left to perform tasks without any real direction or knowledge of what to do. Sega have taken a time-honoured classic franchise and absolutely trashed its image forever.

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  i the new sonic

| | See all naynayjames's reviews (2)

the new sonic games are way better the old ones the old ones are boring as hell the only down side to this is the loading other then that it is a pretty good game to play hope you enjoy it

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