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Alone In The Dark: Inferno

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  great game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

make no mistake this is a thinking mans game where your always working its no walk through to the finish which is great there are too many easy games these days if you want a good challenge and you like horror games get it a few people have conplained about the controls but for me it was fine if you want trophys this is the game for you

  makin bombs and burnin demons

| | See all TwoTouch's reviews (5)

this game looks to be getting bad press but I liked it. the combat system is a little linear and sometimes difficult but the weapon creation options make it more like maguyver. being able to mix plastic bottle with flammable liquid and doubled sided tape to make a sticky bomb that explodes when shot never gets old. It has some excellent puzzles along the way and I think that maybe this for me was the best part. It was unlike the resident evil series where you simply fight your way to one place to pick up half of a golden monkey insignia nonsense. There are also driving levels and climbing/exploration levels that are a welcome break. All in all at this price you can't go wrong and I look forward to the next instalment

  Game of your dreams... By that I mean your nightmares

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

The previews of this game made it look pretty good and so before it was released I was really looking forward to it and I just can't explain how dissiapointed I was. The other reviews say dreadful and that's a massive understatement. This games doesn't do anything right and you'll love the option to fast forward it like a DVD!.
The biggest problem with this game is the abysmal controls. Edwards movements are sluggish and when you wanna set something your holding on fire you really gotta shake the analogue stick around till you get it right. The second biggest problem is the absolutely awful driving section which is unplayable at times. The reason it's so bad is the awful car controls and it's just so buggy which makes avoiding falling obstacles near impossible.

Other bad points to the game are that quite often it can be just too dark and you wont be scared you'll be angry as you'll be getting attacked from something you can't see or looking for something you can't see!. You also can't hold enough items and sometimes you'll need to leave something just to backtrack to get it.
Honestly the only thing I liked was the graphics which aren't bad.

So in short this is a game from hell.

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| | See all PinkWhite's reviews (16)

I originally played the demo and wasnt overy impressed, not very scary, clunky controls.
And deserved the ratings that IGN and gamespot ratings.
But i borrowed the game from a friend, and was amazed at the change from the demo, to the full game, none, well no major difference.
If i were you, id buy Dead Space for the same price, which is way better.

  this game sucks

| | See all dovehunt's reviews (1)

a no good game. graphics are PS2 level.character moves are wooden and with the controller you can't put the character where you want him. ALONE IN THE DARK on the PS2 was much better. wouldn't recommend this game .

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  Quite Surprised

| | See all Robb104's reviews (2)

After reading reviews and other people's ratings, I thought this would be a good game. I was wrong. One of the worst I've played in my opinion, just so many glitches and bugs it felt like I was playing a beta version. The story is ok... but at times it was a bit stupid. Another thing that I found really annoying was the physics, especially when driving. For example, there are a few high speed chases in the game, and at one point it was going well until I drove passed a bush which I should have plowed through, instead I clipped it and my car flipped so I had to restart the sequence. Silly things like this are common in the game and it gets stressful at times. Only good point is the graphics, and the trophies are easy. I'm off town tomorrow to trade it in, will never play it again.

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  Not Bad

| | See all graeme0707's reviews (4)

This game isn't all that bad. It is a bit annoying sometimes when trying to find things but it didn't put me off while playing.

Sometimes the character can be a bit unresponsive when you press the buttons & when you ask him to do something but no game is ever goni be perfect and with every game there is gonna be glitches.

For this price I think it's worth a buy, worth a play, get your trophies then sell it on

  (Based on the demo) Wait till its under £10

| | See all technerd's reviews (29)

I am a big fan of horror games and just found this was really lacking something. The gameplay wasn't that enticing, graphics are poor, and it doesn't seem that challenging.
If you're still tempted or finding yourself curious...wait till it's really cheap first... or as other reviewers have said, rent it.

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  Leave this game alone in the dark......

| | See all Rich87's reviews (22)

As a fan of the series and of horror games, I was looking forward to this game, but had avoided it on the 360 as there had been reports of lots of bugs and problems, and so I decided to rent the game for the PS3, which is the apparently improved version, frankly this game is terrible, glitchers, bugs, poor graphics, bad story the list goes on and on, there is only one feature that I quite enjoy is the ability to skip parts of the game like a dvd chapter, which I found myself doing frequently in the look for some excitment. If you really must play this game rent it, and I'm quite sure that like me you will be disapointed with this game like I was, unless you can look past all of this games flaws.

  Very underated game

| | See all daveuk2's reviews (20)

I was sceptical of this as reviews are not always kind to it. However, you have to put things into context, its not £39.99 and it's also the best most playable version updated for PS3 release. Not just a port. You now have full 3d camera movement on the right stick! lovely shiny visuals and great sound effects.
This game is a little fiddly in the way resi 4 was, so you need to not let the game panic you, I love the way you can improvise to solve puzzles and kill mosters by combining items, graphics are top class also look great when you enter 1st person view (but you also have 3rd person view too). for this price I feel it would be foolish and rude not to try it, I have spent a few hours on it and would gladly play through again after I finish it. It really is like being in a movie, there are loads of features and options to explore. At this price I would give it 10/10 !!! Just buy it, turn the lights down, relax and enjoy it like a fine wine.