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Formula One Championship Edition (PS3)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (115 reviews)"

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  Good game

| | See all MUSH500's reviews (3)

It's a great game one of my favourite things about it is the motion sensor steering so u don't have to use the control pad or the left stick. My advice if you wan't to buy a F1 game and you don't have a psp or a wii buy this one until F1 2010 is released in September.


| | See all freestie1's reviews (2)

I have been an avid F1 fan the whole of my life and would always be interested in this game. The graphics and surrounding scenery are all stunning which makes the game very realistic. The handling is also commendable and does seem to reflect how an F1 car might handle under different set up changes.

However, the CPU cars really let this game down, such a driving two abreast at about 50mph whilst on a Qualifying lap. Once into a race, no matter the levels of downforce they are constantly reovertaking each other and so it is difficult to get any flow in a racing situation. It is therefore more enjoyable in time trial mode trying to drive as fast as possible, but that kind of defeats the objective of a racing game.

If these problems were sorted out it would be a truly awesome game for F1 purists.

  Artistic effort spoils game

| | See all deckard44's reviews (14)

Its a real shame that the game creators thought it would be a good idea to hold all time trial and free practice sessions at twilight with the sun streaming in your eyes and a really poorly lit track. It might look good the first time you see it but it really spoils the enjoyment of the game when you can't see the track you are driving on. The responsivness of the cars isn't too good either. You would think that if you pulled the stearing wheel of an F1 car to the extreme left or right and stamped on the throttle the car would doughnut instead of lurching around at 5 miles an hour.

  Could be better

| | See all andrewgriffiths78's reviews (13)

Its a good game, but needs tweaks here and there. Some races are just too easy to win, Career mode is only 5 seasons, wet driving is useless as you can't change your set up, so if it rains during a rain, you can't change your wings to cope. Whats good about it though is that the handling is responsive. Okay, its quite arcady, but how many people have PS3 wheels?. Its nice visually and although its on the 2006 season, its the best F1 game since F1 97. Worth the gamble I'd say and remember that the new F1 game for the PS3 aint coming out til next year so til then, get this.

  Very good game

| | See all Gaztheking's reviews (5)

Sorry knowing i think this is a very good game its not worth it price people are selling it for seeing its 3 years old from 2006, with old drivers and teams. Think its about time they make a new game because i want to be Lewis Hamilton on it.

  Good, but needs a tweek or two.

| | See all RyzGlidz's reviews (20)

At first, I enjoyed this game. The driving and graphics brought the game to life, but all of a sudden I put the game down, and I havn't played it since. Don't get me wrong, this is a good game, but it could add a couple more features and update it, but overall this is a good game for all F1 fans.

  Amazing, but can't beat the classic

| | See all seriousgamer3's reviews (1)

This game, is one of the first games I bourght on the PS3. I was anticipating it to be a great game after playing the demo, and i wasn't let down.
The graphics were mind blowing, and the sound, and the gameplay really puts you under pressure. Its a game a constantly play over and over again. Also, its the first F1 game to be multiplayer, and I have to say its brilliant, the setting is so clear my grandad would understand. And whilst playing there are no frezzes just smooth.
My only reason for the 4stars and not 5. Is psone F1 2000. So far hasn't been topped, because, the scenairo option was created by a genius. For those you who don't know what I'm talking about i will use an example, (you were BAR in Melbourne, and it was raining, you weren't allowed to drop 10 places, if you fail you can't move to the next race which was Brazil in those times) I hope they will put that on the next F1 game, cause with todays technology it will be a must buy game.
Also, the game doesn't have 2player setting, which is really upsetting cause no other racing games rarely do this, and i've been wanting to race my brother for so long.

  A Good Game

| | See all Ellliott's reviews (12)

This game is decent. It's not the best but it's graphics and game effects really enhance it.
I am waiting for the follow on to this game, as it can only get better.
A good effort.

  Topp game.top graphic..but

| | See all PS3G4M3SSS's reviews (13)

A would say the 2 player split screen was a let down.soo much rev in the engines..& the new crash is worth it like..have to admint.a close call to a finished article.i haven't got this game now myself as i sold it on to get grid..& i am happy i did as i think grid topsss al racing games upto now.but having formula 1 was a pleasure.a would re buy if was bored though cause its a good price & didn't really go online on it.still recommend it.not far off.4 stars****