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Gran Turismo 5

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (246 reviews)"

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  what a let down...............

| | See all shaabi's reviews (2)

This game is rubbish.its slow .graphics are poor compared to game such as Racedriver Grid.Loadinng times are slow.i would not recommend this poor game to anyone.this is without doubt the worst Gran Turismo to date.Avoid .............at all cost

  Sheer Class from Polyphony Digital

| | See all Langan81's reviews (2)

The benchmark title in its genre and the game by which other driving games are judged.

A new patch on Oct 11th 2011 will make all car models drivable from the cockpit

Unlike EA (Electronic Arts), Polyphony Digital the creators of Gran Turismo actually care about feedback from there customers and have patched most of issues since its release in November last year.

Now nearly a year old GT is for me, quite simply the best racing sim out there.

  Truly amazing!

| | See all Pagey27's reviews (6)

Ive had this game for nearly a year now and its sublime. However i will start off with the negative stuff. Firstly it does take an age to load sometimes, which isnt helped by the fact the online servers arent the best, expect some lag, and disconnections, but thats like any other online game. Secondly the graphics do leave a bit to be desired in places, the scenery is absolutely incredible. But as people have mentioned some of the cars are very second rate.
But if you look past that and concentrate on the physics of the game i was blown away. I found the controls on GT3 and GT4 to be a bit sluggish, but on here they have mastered it, its very responsive, and makes you feel that is actually how they will handle in real life.
The range of cars is amazing, from Suzuki Midgets to 800bhp le man cars. If you have a favourite car chances are its on this game. Although i was very dissapointed that there are no Porsches on the game just RUFs.
As for the online community well its huge. Check out the website GTPlanet, there are loads of online racing leagues, drifting leagues, drag racing championships and so on. If you are looking for serious racing then this is the game for you, a vast amount to do with the set up, with Diff setting, suspension, transmission etc etc
But even if you are looking for some fun the career mode is perfect, unlike previous games you arent stuck with a rubbish car for ages. it doesnt take long to level up.
There are still so many plus points to this game but i would be sat here typing for weeks. Just please take my word for it and buy this game, every person i have spoken to loves it.


| | See all bbycuz's reviews (1)

if you have played GT from the start you will understand how downhill GT5 has gone. from one to the other its improved from GT to GT 2 they added full bodykits on any car from GT2 to GT3 the added lots more tracks and just progressed then B-spec came in and it was very promicing.

but GT5 is off the scale.
they brought back race mods ok amazing, then you find out its only good for 12 cars or somthing stupid out of 1000.
then you see they have a added a driver veiw which is only availible for about 200 cars. the delerships are rubbish there are less cars in there than GT1. to find a car like FTO touring car you have to wait a year for it to pop up in used cars then hope you have enough money. also my biggest let down was the AI. if your on racing softs (best tyre) then obv they should be to match you. but no they will be on racing hard. also they dont have that fighter feeling they have in all the other GTs, i played GT 3 and in the amuter race i had a harder time than i did in the extreme in GT 5. also when you overtake them they drop back, like they break to make you feel good. so to race agasint like Audi R8 race car you have ot be in like the mazda RX-7 LM racecar to have an enjoyble race.

if you a true GT fan stick to 1-4.
5 they tryin to aim at kids as well as adults and its backfired horribley.

  If you are really into car games, this is for you

| | See all harrysmithh's reviews (1)

Having grown up with the Gran Turismo series, I couldn't wait for this game to come out, having preordered it way back when it's first release date was announced!
When I first got it, I have to admit, I didn't enjoy playing it, it was too difficult, there was too much to think about in the game with all the different options, and I just didn't get into the game.
But recently, I have really got into the game, and it does take a bit of patience to do.
You have to get used to the game, and that takes some time, but once you do, wow, what a game!
The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is amazingly realistic, the amount of cars available to buy is quite frankly mindblowing, the number of tracks, and the variety is brilliant, and all the other things you can do in game is incredible.
If you're into car games like burnout, this isn't the game for you, but if you are a true racing or car fan, and want a racing simulator, this game is a must have, I don't think there will be a more realistic racing game with the variety it has for many, many years!

I would suggest getting a steering wheel with pedals for this game too, and mounting them on some wood and fashion it into a driving column, it makes it so much more fun!

  Great racing game!!

| | See all minky987's reviews (24)

Many people complain about the menus and how they take forever to start. Once you install the game a prompt comes up which lets you install all the tracks and menus and once done, everything is much faster. Mine only takes up to 30 seconds max! Moving onto the actual game, this is a must buy for any car racing fan. they are over 1000 cars, some are taken from previous versions and are not as detaiiled as they latest ones, the tracks are great and so is the ability to create your own track. Graphics are simply amazing, including all the rain, cars, tracks, etc.. Many ways of tuning your cars and one may spend hours just doing this. There are races, liscenses, special events and 16 player online lobbies. One new feature is the kart racing which is really fun! Another interesting feature is the photo mode, where one can capture extremely beautiful photos of their cars in races at beautiful angles! There is also damage within the game (light and heavy) but you have to work your way up to unlock this. There are tons of unlockable content and hours of fun!


| | See all jimtimmy's reviews (2)

buy it.....buy a logitech wheel ....get hooked....u get alot of game for your money....that red bull race car...wow...very fast can anyone tame it....

  Great Game But With It's Flaws

| | See all Supaaabadd's reviews (2)

Having waited five years for this game to be released I guess everyone expected it to be flawless, but that isn't the case.

I'll start off with the good points. The graphics can't be matched by any other game on any other platform. The 'Premium Cars' are expertly designed outside and inside. The tracks and their surroundings are almost life-like even when travelling at high speeds. Furthermore, the way the cars handle and accelerate are perfectly matched to each car. For example, a Honda Civic has a lot of understeer but cars like the Audi 4WD car's stick perfectly to the road. Even the tyres that the car is using make a huge difference. The soft racing tyres have amazing grip levels and the soft comfort tyres have little grip. Every detail is perfect.

Now to the bad points. The game data is optional between one gigabyte to eight gigabytes but it is advisable to do the eight as even with this the loading times are painfully slow, from menu to menu it takes at least thirty seconds to load. If you don't install the full eight gigabytes I can't even imagine the loading times! The damage, well there isn't much. And I understand that its's a driving simulator and not a crash simulator but realistic damage would of been nice.

Overall, the game is extremely good in all areas. Just a few little points let the game down.

  Almost perfect

| | See all SoSmithy's reviews (2)

This game is an absolute cracker. The car selection, tracks, events, licences, the fascinating graphics and scenery are (at times) unbeatable.

I'm not normally a big fan of racing games and have not played any other titles since the original GT all those years ago, but gave this one a try purely because i fancied a change. I am so glad I did. Both A-spec and B-spec provide different aspects which break up the play and deliver separate challenges.

The only downfall to this game is the poor AI as other reviewers have mentioned. There is nothing more annoying than being spun out at the last bend just because the AI cannot stray from the racing line.

Apart from this, I am more than happy I risked my last few pounds for the month on this game, especially as the regular updates continue to provide extra challenges.