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Gran Turismo 5

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (246 reviews)"

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| | See all LongLiverLegs's reviews (1)

When i played this game i was in a tower block in the Gorbals. I was eating ma rat stew when i played this game. It was great, the cars are so fast, the graphics are great, the liver and sausage pastie was great. GAME = BRILLIANT + MINCE PIES = FANSTATIC


| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I put off buying this game as racing games aren't really my thing, but I decided to pick up a copy just to see for myself if the game lived up to the hype. Firstly, the game downloads a 600mb update, then a 300mb update, then a further 3 updates - around a gigs worth of updates - and that's before you get the option of installing the game to the hard drive (a further 8 gigs of space taking around 30 minutes) or play it from the disk with slower access times. So it took me around 40 minutes just to get into the game itself - to say I was underwhelmed would be an overstatement. Graphically it's really no better (in fact I'd say it was actually worse than most racing games) Sound is sparse but functional - gameplay is the same as every other Gran Turismo game. In short, this game fails to deliver big style. Avoid..

  Pure brilliance

| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

Never before have I waited so long in anticipation for a game to be released than GT5. Believe me when I say that this game was worth waiting every second for. The one critisism I have with this game is that it does take a while to install and update but once you get passed this you will not play another game for months on end. Everything about this game is superb and the car modelling is spot on. There is plenty to get you entertained and there are constant updates to keep the game fresh.
There is a vast amount of racing types, rally, formula 1, time trials to name a few and a lot of cars to purchase and customise. Not all cars can be upgraded but you can fine turn the spec to inhance speed, handling and so on.
I have played through all of the A-spec races and as you will love this game, you will want to complete the endurance races too.
As already mentioned, there are constant updates to this game and there are rumours that 24 new tracks are coming its way. I think Polyphonic Dig realise that waiting for a new game to be released can take an age and the updates will keep this game going for a long time to come.
Furthermore, throw in a 3D TV and this is one of the best games you will experiance to date in this view. A must buy even if it is just to race around the top gear track to beat Stigs times in a F40.

  Irritating, tedious, boring and dissapointing

| | See all Typhoon's reviews (1)

Huge let down. Neat graphics and online play don't excuse the fact this is just GT4 + polish. You soon work out all you need to do is B Spec and grind until you have enough cash to tune cars so racing is simply a formality - all the stuff taught in the licences such as racing lines, braking zones and so on just go clean out of the window.

Car handling is dodgy to say the least - considering its time in development the attention to detail is poor (considering thats what the game is all about). The 1000's of cars in there are mostly multiple versions of the car no one really cares about at the expense of cars that would have been more interesting. Challenges are deeply frustrating bordering on impossible on the standard controller, and either require 100's of repatition in order to hit the chance to get it right, or mind blowingly easy.

Sound is just not even worth talking about as per all the GT games, all the cars sound like hair driers.
Music is as annoying as sunburn.

Very little enjoyment - the only thing that makes 2 star for me is multiplayer....and thats it....

  Brillaint game

| | See all mickowaring's reviews (3)

The game is well worth the wait. The bad reveiws are just being seriously picky, if you think you can do better then try. Otherwise dont winge! Graphics, gameplay, all of it is just what you would expect from the king of the racing games. GT3 and GT4 all in one game and a few extras thrown in and there, it is perfection. And also people are complaining about the games AI, they do sit on the racing line but do you see racing drivers do any different? No, they sit on it because its the best line to take but like real racing drivers you dont have to sit behind them use a little bit of aggresion and make them do mistakes to irritate them! simple.

  the best driving game out there fact !!!

| | See all rayps2's reviews (3)

hi there wanna put a stop to these people complaining about the game,ill be truthfull about it, the game has amazing graphics and sounds, people say music is poor well stop been lazy and knock the music u dont like off and keep the music u like on thats that sorted and now for the people who say its to hard to get up the levels i would say u are very bad drivers im at level 36 nearly 37 and i had no problems getting there the actuall driving of the cars is so real i think the people who are complaining are really bad drivers and cant even play real sim games theres no way need for speed or forza or any other car game out there is better than gt5 so if u cant handle real racing then go buy kids arcade games and stop slating a perfectly all rounded game.topgun80 over and out.

  was a good game

| | See all playstationthree's reviews (5)

yes 3 stars would of given it 5 until the last update came out in there words THE REAL DRIVING SIM... in real races 99 percent of races all start with a grid start how ever since the last update all of the races on this game are now single file rolling starts and when it starts you last with 2 laps to get to first not going to happen so if you want a NOT A REAL DRIVING SIM then this is the game for you.

  A commendable racer with plenty of appeal, except.....

| | See all DriverJon's reviews (5)

There is a lot I like about this game but it has taken some time of playing for that to develop and I have waited a considerable time before writing this review. There is plenty of variety in the features, cars and tracks to keep you going. The detail and graphics are very good and the cars handling, inertia and momentum have been pretty reasonably attempted. I can see why a lot of people will not like this game over other racing games mentioned in some of the reviews on here. It takes a long time to earn decent cars. Starting out is pretty mundane and incredibly slow so I can see why reviewers can easily give up on this for other games where the premium cars are instantly available and you basically start out close to the top. Once you have earned the X2010 it is extremely fun to drive but totally unrealistic all the same.

I nearly gave up on this game too but decided to stick with it. I am now at level 34 on A spec and own pretty much every car that is worth having. You have to spend a long time playing this game before it comes good. I am struggling to see the sense of the endurance races at 24 hours particularly when the booklet contains a health warning not to stay on this game for more than an hour without taking 15 minutes break. A contradiction in black and white if ever I saw one and I have a life beyond sitting at a screen for 24 hours without the 6 hours recommended break time added.

I would like to say this game is the best out there but there is a problem with steering. The steering is limited at the turning circle up to the limit of grip. You will notice this if you change tyres. A corner that you could go round at 100mph on slicks suddenly drops to 50mph on comfort tyres. What you have is onboard steering assistance where you can throw the car into any corner and the on board driver will hold the turning radius at the limit of grip. Tyre grip and speed will essentially determine the turning radius of the steering. Do not confuse this with traction control or any other of the assists. Go into the cab of a car where you can see the drivers hands and try it out on different tyres.

Any real car will have the same turning radius regardless of grip level. Turn in too hard and you will lose grip and the back end comes out and you spin. This steering limiter has been introduced to assist D pad users. What it has introduced for me is the complete removal of the art of cornering in this game. If I turn in too early or too fast there is no real consequence for it. I either cut over the grass or bounce off a wall and continue on. There is no real penalty at all for turning in too hard and too fast. The steering limiter takes care of all that for me.

So for me it cannot be a real simulator when the steering is limited in this way. I have lived with it for all this time now but to me the skill level required for cornering is removed. The game is worthy of four stars and great in many ways but not worthy of the simulator badge it proudly advertises. I can forgive the steering limiter partially but I certainly wish it were not there.

The only game that I have played so far which does not incorporate this steering limiter is Grid Race Driver. If you own both these games give the steering a try on the LMP1 racing cars. I bet the difference on Grid will have you spinning. Grid still remains the best out there for me. Code Masters got it spot on for Grid for advanced drivers but I wish I could say the same about the steering on F1 or GT5. F1 and GT5 are both overly simplified limited racers with the broader appeal in mind. Roll on GRID 2 is all I can say.


| | See all gabriel1992's reviews (1)

This is without doubt the most dissapointing game in the history of gaming! We waited seven years for dreadfull loading times, rubbish graphics and frame rates and unexiting and out of date cars and gameplay, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! try need for speed 2 instead its what GT5 should have been.

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  good but dissapointing

| | See all Bluemonkey13's reviews (13)

given all the hype i thought it would be brilliant.
it's still the leading racing game. need for speed doesnt compete. but the inclusion of B-spec racing is a bad idea, especially soo much of it. you spend more time watching cars race round rather than driving them! also why are there still no crashes/ damage involved in the game? it took so long to be released and the only thing thats improved on the ps2 versions is the graphics and sounds. handlings quite similar, it would have to be, because it doesnt need changing. but i can't help but feel let down by game length, its too short compared to the original games.