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Gran Turismo 5

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (246 reviews)"

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  The reason i bought a PS3

| | See all Massey88's reviews (6)

I bought a ps3 soley for this game, i can remember playing the old one back on PS2 and doing the speedway circuit over and over to unlock F1 cars!

sadly i dont think the magic is reproduced, the sound and FX are amazing but the racing really doesn't seem to have moved on from the older gran turismo's.

Get this game if you want (like me) the new GT, but is it the best racing game out there ... No.

  This is Not Need for Speed or Burnout - its REAL RACING

| | See all Spitpod's reviews (15)

The game may not be what people expected, but i have been blown away by how the game has kept me fully addicited since November 2010, i am still playing this in April thats 5months constant playing and playing, i wouldnt beleive this but im not far from getting a platinum but the last few trophies are getting gold standards, i looked at this before and expected myself never to even get to 50% of the trophies. and i only have 2 platinums in my whole gaming on ps3,

The game forces you into races you wouldnt like to progress, even though i was let down by this but after getting the old car for and old or slow race, while racing i begin to actually enjoy it. the game brings out love towards old cars. it beings to grow on you.

This is not your Need for speed or burnout at all. So you wont have the customisation need for speed or the damage crashes as burnout.

i do like customisation and it is minimal in gt5 and i would like them to put a full editor in. When i race i play serious i dont go for crashes because ? i wouldnt do that in real life. most of my races would be a couple bumps between other cars or going off the road. the game is hard but only people who have real cars in real life will realise the feeling that gt5 gives compared to arcade racers.
Forza had me addicted for quite a while. After having forza 3 for well over a year i can tell you that gt5 is miles better.

My gripe is that it stops me from finishing my other games, like yakuza, killzone 3 and castlevaina.

oh and the time to make the game and the wait was abit annoying.

too many people mess about online on forza where as gt5 online has some serious gamers who are looking to race instead of crashing into each other or causeing problems to others.

  Disgrace, WASTE OF MONEY

| | See all sedrick's reviews (4)

Its a disgrace how long they took to release this game, and they have nothing to show for it, but poor graphics, poor music, annoying music in the game menu's that isn't easily switched off, poor handing of cars, unrealistic crashes, after all this time your car still doesn't take any real damage.
The list goes on and on.
If you want a good racing game thats better than Gran Turismo 5, Purchase Real racing 2 for the Iphone.

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  Not good

| | See all jonnyb1111's reviews (6)

If, like me, you have both the playstation3 and xbox360 consoles be prepared for dissapointment with this.....I've owned and played the xbox simulator forza3. When i purchased gt5 i expected great things. I was wrong. GT5 is a very frustrating game. Once you start to climb higher through the game you come really unstuck. Its near impossible to progress past level 21 on Bspec and 17 on Aspec. i got so fed up trying to complete the same races over and over and over!!! For me its about realistic racing and the graphics and sound can come second ,but you feel the GT5 guys put all the effort into sound and graphics (which are stunning) and forgot about the most important thing. The reason why people buy these games. The racing!! An old standard rs6 faster than a fully modded new rs6????? do me a favour!!! In a nutshell i sold it a while back......Its not been missed.

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  It's just Gran Turismo 4 with 200 "premium" cars tacked on

| | See all Keithhh's reviews (4)

I had high hopes for this game. I was blown away by Forza 3 and was expecting GT5 to blow it out the water, especially given the fact it spent 5 years in development. There are 200 "premium" cars in the game which are phenominal, but a vast majority of the game's cars genuinely seem like they're from GT4. Race in the Dodge Ram and just look at the jaggedy graphics. I was also expecting alot from the damage engine but that was one major disappointment. Top Gear Rally for the N64 honestly features better damage modelling.
Although wholly let down by the game I do partially forgive it simply for the fact it is a great simulation. I'd definetely say that it's the smallest leap the series has seen. Why not just make all the car the so called "premium". Bring on GT6...

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  Slow, buggy, and no replayability

| | See all Infidel's reviews (3)

This has to be the one of the worst purchases made for my PS3.
First of all, the game is extremely buggy as even after 1GB of patches it still crashes, the loading times are dire and will test anyone's patience, the content is extremely small and provides little re-playability, the online lobby system is the worst I have come across in years and again, crashes or is very slow to load. On top of all this the game mechanics are made so that unless you are using a steering wheel it is very hard to drive the faster cars, the graphics are terrible - do not believe the screen shots as they are taken using the in game photo mode and the car AI is embarrassingly bad. I actually can not think of any reasons why someone would recommend this game, unless they wanted that person to waste money on purpose.

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| | See all sevenator777's reviews (3)

Don't expect nfs driving or blur driving expect real too life and real races driving, a SIMULATOR, races can be intense and it does have exciting moments, is a personal favourite of mine, HOWEVER on a big note I stand by the fact that it BROKE my fat ps3 console, sony tried saying it was probably just a faulty part, but I found a whole thread on sonys forums saying about many broken consoles due too it, I would advise people with fat consoles too steer clear! it consistantly froze then proceeded too shut my console down, I now own a slim console has no problems what so ever with it touch wood, GREAT GAME but this needed too be wrote somewhere for people too know.

  Great but could be better

| | See all musicmmmonster's reviews (17)

Great game, addictive!

There are minor errors which could have been be easily fixed but haven't and that annoys me especially as how long GT5 fans have been waiting around for this game and the hype sony have given it. If your going to launch a game and call it the 'real driving simulator' then sort things out like when your going thru a tunnel the car sounds louder as it would in 'real' life. Go thru a tunnel on GT5 and nothing. I hate the presentation that GT5 does when you win a new car...tooooo long. When have you ever seen hexagon engines on a plane as part of the scenery?? being picky i know.

The game is good though and I haven't gone online yet.

Have Sony shot themselves in the foot by taking so long to launch the game and therefore buyers have become o so critical looking for any gliches???

Had this game been lanuch within a year or two of GT4 it would have got five stars

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  ??????? Dissapointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all craigieboi10's reviews (10)

This game is overhyped and fails to deliver on all levels. I wish i never bought this, if your looking for fun then dont buy this game, buy BLUR instead it sits very high above this game laughing at it!! Very very poor show!!

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| | See all Nickyboy85's reviews (3)

Finally, Gran Turismo 5 is available to buy for the ps3. was it worth the wait? NO. is it a good game? YES!! they have some flaws but the main physics of the game is great, graphics can be very inconstant. they have two types of cars, standard and premium, which I don't understand as the 800 or so standard cars are pretty much ps2 graphics and the 200 or so premium cars are amazing, with full interior view and working wipers and high beams. i would have preferred 300-400 premium cars with no standard cars. otherwise main game play is what you'd expect from a top game like gt5. they have had many updates, so nice to see they are still working on it to improve. a still must buy for any ps3/car fan.