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Gran Turismo 5

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (246 reviews)"

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  GT5 Stepped it up.

| | See all ScottDamien's reviews (2)

Intresting to compare NFS:Shift after they claimed it to be the most realistic racer. GT5 has alot more of everything. Bring on NFS Shift 2. GT as always is a brilliant game and more in depth than any other game. Plus being a PS Exclusive, its wins all round.

  THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all plumman's reviews (12)

Great in every situation so everyone will enjoy the game and the new X1.

  Brilliant game

| | See all backspin's reviews (12)

When first purchasing this game, I couldn't wait to have a go, especially for what had taken so long to release. After waiting ages to install and then update, started a quick arcade game and thought, "hmmm ... is that it..?"

A few weeks later, I'd forgotten about the hype and decided to sit down and start going through the levels. After few hours and 5/6 levels in, this is when the game starts to shine and you really start to appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this game. The physics and handling of each and every car is simply superb. Upgrading the cars engine, handling and transmission is noticeable with every single adjustment. If you finish 2nd and don't have enough power to take 1st, then upgrade the engine, change tyres or exhaust until you can take 1st. With a GT force steering wheel, it is quite simply the best gaming experience you will ever have at home. This is as close to the real thing you will find, the repsonse on the feedback is amazing, especially when you spin out or loose control.

The graphics are excellent, sharp and clear, people saying they are like ps2 are not being realistic. Music & menu system plus loading times are fine, don't seem to have a problem with it. Yes, there are a couple of awkward menu functions, like going back a few levels to tune up the car, but its nothing as bad as 'server not responding' and your game is disconnected, like some games (COD).

The negative reviews could be from people who are either young or have never driven a car, because if they had, they would appreciate how realistic the physics of the game are. If you want to enjoy spinning out a Ferrari onto a grass verge then powering out of the skid, throwing a Toyota MR2 round the bends or racing a hot hatch over gravel and tarmac.. then this game is for you.

All in all, if you have the time to sit down with a force feedback wheel and forget all the hype, then you'll love this game, it's highly addictive and thoroughly enjoyable.

EDIT: It depends what view you use when playing this game. With the speedo and rev counter view the game is faster and realistic. When playing with car view, it's dull and boring...and pretty much rubbish.

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  RE: Old Fart

| | See all Had199's reviews (1)

I must admit, i completely agree with kruitze. Also since when did Gran Turismo turn into a driving manager game? B-Spec was a bad move, most people that play driving games, actually want to drive, let run a simulated A.I driver.

I believe if they got rid of B-spec completely, rid of top gear track, add more special events and make the license have some purpose in this polished, but dull game.

Shame. It could of been another breakthrough, but we've all see it before and it's unfortunatly nothing special.


| | See all dowlingUK's reviews (4)

This game is good..but after 6 year in the making it was not as good as we all expected. overall its a good game. but need a few updates to require there expectations.

  Old fart

| | See all kruitze's reviews (1)

The previous versions of GT were extroidinary games. They easily beat any other racing game on any platform. But I am dissapointed, and must admit this iteration does not equal its predecessors. The inclusion of the Top Gear track is at best annoying. While it may be something we can all see on TV on a Sunday night, it is neiether interesting nor visually impressive as a track. The cars are modelled ok, but nothing that makes your eyes pop out or your mouth water. Music is average and menu navigation is somewhat slow/tedious. I so wanted this game to be the "mutts nuts". However after playing it for 6 weeks, I can honestly conclude its nothing special. Shame, but maybe its time somebody else led the way in truelly great racing games. Old fart signing off.

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  Great game! Still not received pre-order codes though...

| | See all Tim451's reviews (1)

Yes it was pretty over-hyped but that doesn't detract from the fact that GT5 is a fantastic racing game. B-Spec is dull but A-Spec thoroughly lived up to my expectations. The only disappointment is that I ordered the pre-order version that was supposed include codes to unlock bonus cars. A couple of months down the line & several emails later & I have still not received said codes. Disappointing considering I could have got it cheaper elsewhere.

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  Not worthy

| | See all Pompey71's reviews (28)

For a game in development this long, this is highly disappointing. The large install does not help speed up the menus or transitions between it and the races, the graphics are good but nothing special and the music is terrible. Although a lot of fans will argue that it's still really good, I think if they are honest about it, they expected more. I think this is a huge disappointment and unworthy of the hype. Get it when it's cheaper and be prepared to get menu-rage!

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  Simply superb and totally addicitve

| | See all cfchelpsy's reviews (1)

Only bought a PS3 a few months ago for "the family" so not a serious gamer. Or at least I wasnt until I got this from my son at Xmas. This is an incredibly addictive game and with so many different game types within in it (e.. A spec, B Spec, licenses etc) you can swich between them and just never get bored. There is so much depth to the game that it will surely take 100s of hours to get through it. Graphics are incredible in my view and there are very few faults in this (bigget bug for me is trying to switch back through to main menu and getting the car tuned up for a race). The moans about load times are trivial - just be patient and do something else while you wait? An absolute cracker of a game!