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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  Really Enjoyable

| | See all Minimad123's reviews (12)

I found this game realy enjoyable. I will not lie to you, at times I found this game really challenging and had to go on youtube for some help.

That dosen't mean this is a bad thing though. I found the story line really gripping and kept wanting to know what happened next. The L'cie part was good as well - I kinda want a brand for myself.

I'm sure you will have heard this game is linear, and yes it is, but that didn't bother me really to be honest - however I would have liked more people to talk to in the game - but you get that in XIII-2 so who cares?

All in all I think this is a really good installment in the series to date and look forward to what comes next in Fabula Novalla Crystallis

  Awesome Game!

| | See all Shizad's reviews (2)

I will start by saying i love games with great graphics and HAVE played Final Fantasy games in the past.

Right, to start with, if you're new to Final Fantasy you'll either love it or hate it, but don't be too quick to judge, i'd say you need to put in at-least 10-20 hours of game play before you really start to get into it. Initially, i wasn't sure about this game myself as you weren't able to explore the world as in previous Final Fantasy games & even magics, summons etc weren't available for a good while in. When i saw the game was split into chapters i thought it was going to be different (as in worse) and no where near as long or as big of a game as previous installments, but i was oh so wrong!

I thought Final Fantasy VII was an awesome game, but the graphics let it down somewhat. Final Fantasy VIII onwards had better graphics, but the game play were not so good. Final Fantasy XIII basically has it all, and in full blown HD!

The game is MASSIVE, the chapters get LONGER, they get HARDER and when you get to 1 of the later chapters you do get to explore far more! I am currently at the stage of having completed the game, and now going back to chapter 11 to complete after game missions which even after i have put in over 50 hours of game play are still very very hard! My characters are still not fully developed and i still don't have all magics and abilities. There are 1 or 2 creatures i have seen that i am still avoiding as i know i currently won't stand a chance!

I am not going to go into specific details about any part of the game, but i do encourage anyone, whether a Final Fantasy supporter or not, to give this game a chance, as it is, as i said, AWESOME!

  Amazing !

| | See all dondeg's reviews (1)

Awesome its games like this that reminds you why you brought a ps3.This is my first final fantasy game and im very impressed! The graphics are amazing like nothing ive seen in any other game worth every penny you pay a MUST BUY !!

  not final fantasy

| | See all richarddhunt's reviews (13)

this is a big disappointment as i was the biggest fan of them from XII
the great thing about the games was it felt like another world you felt you made the choice where togo next you you had control over the characters and even the nice touch was being able to name the main characters
but you had towns upon towns to explore and it has so much detail it felt like adventure
and you did quests and missons
but with XIII you ve got a set path and its just fighting all the way then cutscene then fighting again through basic surroundings that dont have much detail like the older ones did they had beautifull surroundings and you got to run around them not just have a cutscene showing you them then you just seem to run down tunnels and back alleys and boaring streets the only think it has is a story its more like watching a movie like most games do these days and there just no involement from you in it
the fights have improved big time but thats only because thats all it has 90% of the game
buy the game for cheap its worth that for good story that is confuseing for while but just play it as what it is a story but not a final fantasy game where ur in control

  Great game!

| | See all Martin214365's reviews (1)

While perhaps not as memorable as some of the best entries in the series, this game has a lot going for it. Amazing visuals and soundtrack, fun gameplay and an engaging story. You should definetly try it before the sequel is released next year.

  Just as good as final fantasy X

| | See all Nixonsback's reviews (7)

i got this and soon as i got into it i cant stop playing it is so good it brings me back to playing final fantasy X.the storyline is amazing,and unsuspecting.the characters are really good who i could get into.

if you are a fan or just thinking of starting to play final fantasy you have to get this


| | See all Steveymysta's reviews (7)

I thought this game was brilliant, being a final fantasy fan of course helps! Firstly the graphics are phenomenally beautiful, the gameplay is nice and smooth, and the battles are a lot more realistic and require more tactics if you are to do well. Also most importantly the story-line is great, its very original and you slowly learn about each characters backgrounds and drives etc. Before i bought this I had heard it was good but in my opinion it is brilliant, if your a final fantasy fan there is no question about whether you should buy it or not considering the price as well, brilliant game, 5 star!

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

longer than the game and played, and the best. The story is very good and very interesting, the fights have to think about what you do and act fast

  Have square not learned?

| | See all Neil1985's reviews (6)

I usually don't write reviews and after reading others I thought I'd give FFXIII the benefit of the doubt.

Starting the game all looks good, excellent graphics good intro. The first battle you come to is not what I usually expect from a FF game (reminded me a lot like FFX in ways) however I carried on playing. I then realised that the path seemed to run in a straight line throughout most of the game, is this what an RPG is meant to be like? Not to mention all shops are crammed in with save points, character interaction is the bare minimal with no towns to explore.

Another point I like about RPG's is the sense of character improvement and uniqueness, which FFXIII lacks at severely in technical terms, mostly all characters are the same with no real difference in battles. Not to mention the boringness cliche character models.

Overall very disappointed and thought square could have put more of what fans enjoy into this game rather than make a glorified movie out of a legendary series.

2 stars for graphical effort however nothing more comes out of this game especially for avid fans of RPGs.

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  FFXIII not a new benchmark

| | See all Elrajden's reviews (1)

As a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series, have all the games, I'm not a fan of this new take on the series.

- Great Graphics, as always Square does a tremendous job in the art and character design segment. Cutscenes are nice, and all very nicely polished.
- Story is well written and compelling.

- Repetitive, things are boring after a while, nothing changes much with the battle system, and after a lot of hours you're wanting something else.
- Characters are too alike, I liked the earlier games take on battles and each characters strength and/or weakness. Here they are all pretty much the same.
- Linearity, some of the best things about earlier FF's was the big worlds you could roam and immerse yourself in. Now you're more or less lead by the nose, and told a story. If I want to be told a story or read one, I'd read a book.
- Equipment, just hated the fact that you did not get new weapons that were upgrades from earlier ones. The whole upgrade system irked me.

This is just me though, but with this game I'm not gonna blindly buy another Sqaure rpg, as the last ones have been mediocre at best.

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