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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  another great fantasy

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

really good game with everything you expect fron ff good story, graphics ,gameplay and length about 60 hours plus they did good here as every ff is differnt with differnt leveling up fighting systerm differnt team play and it works alright for me the best systerm was on ff10 but each to there own

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  Cover Image not as shown

| | See all jpviegas's reviews (1)

The game is great and everything that the reviews tell about it, I just got really disappointed that I got the platinum casing that has very cheap look. If I knew that beforehand I would have bought a used copy with a much nicer casing.

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  70+ Hours and going

| | See all Python909's reviews (2)

When I started to play this it was a bit slow getting into things and it was a bit repetitive but when you get further on you can't leave it and you get drawn in.

The graphics and plot are amazing as well as the battle system, I have never played any of the other Final Fantasy games and I won't stop after this one, a must buy for any RPG fan with a bit of patience.

  Great game which will reward those with patience.

| | See all Shadrad's reviews (8)

I will begin with one qualm I personally found during my FFXIII playing experience and by saying so I am sure this gripe has been echoed time and time again, which is the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is extremely linaer for the first 20 hours or so.

However, if you're a fan of RPGs and the Final Fantasy series in particular, the single track approach will not deter you from investing in the thirteenth instalment of the 'Final' Fantasy series.

The visuals are incredible, the characters (for the most part) are engaging and the frequent battle sequences are rapid, intuitive and a whole lot of fun - if you like that sort of thing.

While Final Fantasy XIII is a grand effort, it is a long way away from being the best in the series. The pristine presentation is a welcome distraction from a somewhat complicated plot and for large portions of the experience there are a lot of boudaries that prevent players from exploring the glorious world in which the game takes place.

A word of advice though - keep your volume controls close at hand for the segments where a character called Vanelle takes centre stage, as the fun loving companion has both dialogue and moments of glee that will grate.

Final Fantasy XIII will tick most of the right boxes with most RPG goers, but doesn't do quite enough in terms of story and in its level design it restricts players far too much to be considered truly remarkable.

For less than 15 pounds, FFXIII is an absolute steel - I should add.

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  Good, but lacking SOMETHING.

| | See all DanBreakell's reviews (1)

After waiting YEARS from seeing the first trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, i thought it was a sure winner, what i look for in a game is more story than action, and this really does provide that.
However saying this it just lacks SOMETHING. The characters are likable but sometimes it feels too linar.

Overall a good game, but not alot of replay value to be honest.

  Good Final Fantasy but could be better

| | See all Frasier86's reviews (12)

So far I have seen 1 star and 5 star ratings... this Final Fantasy is in between that somewhere at 3 stars! Previous reviews I have taken the time to read have been from one extreme to the other so here is a balanced argument...

The graphics are incredible - the 3D modelling is really good and everything is in sync. Gameplay is easy to get used to and is enjoyable once you get into the game more. The battle system has been, so far, a good mixture of previous Square Enix games which include FFX-2 (Worst FF I know) as it is a very free moving style, and Last Remnant which is noticed by the replenishment of health after each battle. It uses something called the 'Paradigm' system which is to do with battle roles that each character has, and you can experiment with different combinations to create different battle strategies - Very Good!

The levelling up system is kind of non-existent but Square Enix have adapted the successful FFX sphere grid into something called 'Crystarium', which is laid out the same way as the sphere grid and much easier to use. As you go through the game you pick up items which are components and they can be exchanged for exp points to level up weapons and accessories - much better than the badly designed FF8 weapon upgrade system!!!

Now to the storyline... I have seen others say it is bad and boring, but this reviewer believes that 10 hours of gameplay is not enough to base a review on. The storyline is very confusing and you have to get so far into the game before everything clicks into place. If you buy the collector's edition then the hardback artwork book gives you a brief explanation of things. The story itself is very Final Fantasy - complex and interesting.

The eidolon system is the best part of the game! It is a cross-breed of FFX and FFXII... you summon the eidolon and they fight alongside you in battle with an array of incredible moves! Only one summon per character unfortunately and you cannot choose which character has which but it is no let down. You can go into 'Gestalt' mode which makes your eidolon transform into a different form. E.G. Odin goes from being his humanoid form into his horse. The character then rides the transformed eidolon and you can choose which moves to employ - Brilliant!

The downsides to the game include - only being able to control the party leader in a battle, not being able to choose your party members (so far I cannot anyway), and not being able to free-roam around the world (which you do not know how it is set out!)

3 out of 5 for this game due to the downsides. It is not the best Final Fantasy I have played but it is not the worst by far. Out of 10 this deserves a 5 or 6! However it is well worth the money and if you are a Final Fantasy fan then this definately should be part of your collection.

  Just like cocoon, beautiful on the outside but hollow withn.

| | See all marctay's reviews (5)

I absolutely love final fantasy from the first time I stumbled on number 7 and thought it was unreal but this final fantasy just doesn't seem to fit well with the rest of the series. The music for starters is poor, there is no underlying final fantasy theme that gives you the chill's when you hear it....No deep emotional bond comes from the game, live a love story and no villian well the fal cie are not hardly villians what about sephiroth, kuja, ultimecia. The game is soooooo empty there is nothing to do but get in a battle and mash the x button, whats the point of the shops, you dont need nothing in them anyway or until after you beat the last chapter...Not enough interaction with the environment, it looks like wallpaper and thats all, no NPC'S mini games, emotional envolvment, the story is just ok seems dull and the mention of l'cie and falcie all the time is ludicrious this game is absolutely stunning, purely remarkable graphics and cut scenes but once again like most games nowadays on the PS3 there is no substance, no hidden depth, or longing to play, usually with final fantasy you get the urge never to put the control down once in cocoon it is so linear that I didn't play it for about 2 weeks, there is so much wrong with this game and the ideas of SE, they are destroying what made final fantasy the most epic RPG of all time now it is more of an adventure game with no substance or originality.


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  FF has lost it way :(

| | See all scaine's reviews (1)

iv been a massive fan of the FF games for years now , i think i started playing them around the 7th instalment. Every time they have released a game since then i have never been anything other that delighted with it. however with FF 13 they have changed or taken away the very aspects which made all their other games as successful as what they were. Things like the option to explore the game and progress to the next mission in your own time or whenever you feel you have your charecter up to a reasonable level. This freedom is not available until long into the game and even then there is a level cap so its really pointless. overall i think square should take all the copies of this game back, refund every singal person the money they wasted on it and design a game like they used to. WHY CHANGE A WINNING FORMULA. very disapointed guys. poor show :(

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  Love it, but you're going to need a lot of hours spare

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

As other people have said, this game has a few niggles...
1) The ridiculous ATB gague, whilst that thing is charging in latter stages of the game, you can (and will) be one hit KO'd.
2) There is very little opportunity to explore until you get to about chapter 8/9 on gran pulse
3) You only control one character, if they get knocked out, you're out
4) 3 of the Eidolons are MASSIVELY underpowered, whilst the other 3 are capable of inflicting well over 500K damage

It sound like I'm having a downer on this game, but honestly, I'm not
Graphically, this is amongst the best I've ever seen, the sound quality is superb, the story (although a little confusing at times) is brilliant, the Eidolons are awesomely cool (even the underpowered ones), and some of the enemies you fight are just plain evil.

Its also pretty addictive, I spent 7 hours straight against one of the latter bosses, trying to beat him (another 6 hours the next day and I finally got him =D).

It's really all about that ATB gague though, if you think you'll miss the conventional turn based system, avoid this game because the ATB gague can be massively frustrating (haste does kind of sort this out), but if you like the concept, you will not be dissapointed.

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  final fantasy rules

| | See all edward2010's reviews (8)

i find that this serie abit of out of place for me on different magic and types to defected enemies. but graphic and soundtrack are 100% great design. just stop playing for months. now the value cost around 14.99 on secondhand. there a no 14 coming out next year soon.

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