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Final Fantasy XIII

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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| | See all elgreenmachine18's reviews (14)

I know many people who got very fed up of having to read about the certain events and characters in the game menu even the information on the big bad fal cie is cryptic and ill-wrote out. In final fantasy 10 you were told almost immediately what Sin was. Fair enough there were a few surprises abut the beasts nature and were it originated form but throughout the game you had an idea of what it was. That helps the storyline because it motivates you to find and kill the great monster killing your world. In FF 13 you have no real idea who the bad guy is, is it the fal cie? Is it yourself? Is it cocoons armies? Who is the major evil in the story? Anima the fal cie who cursed you? Or is it the generals or fal cie of cocoon? You truly never know until right at the end of the game, plus none of them have the same kind of fear inspiring awe Sin and Sephiroth had. Further more the constant cuts scenes with emotional infused arguments about things the player has no real understanding of are boring and annoying. You watch the first half of the game more then you play it. Secondly, the inability of characters to have to chance to talk to NPCs is very limited, and always pointless. This does make the game lonely, also all of the characters dont really know each other, yet they are all stuck with each other making the most important decisions of there lives. This makes for the overall group dynamic to be very weak. Not to mention the annoying boy with the white hair who never shuts up crying. FF characters and ment to be tough but also very human, that dude is just a wimp!! You never really understand or care for the characters the way you did in other FF games. Thirdly, I was devastated to find out FF 13 was a linear game. If I want a linear action game I will play Dantes inferno! Now I just to clarify, I know FF13 was not ment to be an action game, but lefts be honest It was like sticking Devil may cry with FF 7. Final fantasy games were and never should be linear. End of! Fourthly the fighting system while refreshing and a bit easy then previous final fantasy games got very boring very quick. Why should it be game over if the main characters die? Kinda nullifies the effectiveness of Phoenix downs, plus its illogical. Why should it be game over if my other characters are safe and well. Its just stupid! Also I though that the inability to use the other characters made them far less effective. This also contrast with the character development, depending on you personal preference you would have certain characters in you main party in the other FF titles and they would all reflect you as a gamer. You dont really get to do this until the later stages of the game and when you do get the chance you are not really bothered who is in your party.

Graphically the game is beautiful, but storylines and game play make games good, graphics are just a bonus. Final Fantasy 13 is no were near as good as any of the other FF games. I effectively through away 40 pounds. Such potential wasted. True fans of the old Final Fantasy should look on this game with scorn! Forget Final Fantasy 13, for me the series stopped at 12 and will start again at 14.

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  Amazing Game that makes use of the PS3 1080p output!

| | See all WingCommander's reviews (48)

With over 50 hours gameplay to compete, this game is visually jaw dropping must have, makes full use of the PS3's Blu-ray disc capacity with over 40gb storage used and requires no patching as it plays straight from disc. Unfortunately the Xbox has had to upscale 600i and has compressed the games visuals onto 3 seperate DVD disc's which only have 8gb capacity each.


| | See all Nacho09's reviews (9)

Its a great game in most senses, the graphics are amazing, the storyline is epic and it has a lot to offer. I have only played the game for less than 30 hours which I can understand this doesn't do the game justice as the game is massive, but I have already left the game for a couple of weeks and I'm not sure if I wan't to go back to it.The sheer size of the game and the amount of hours needed to finish it may prove too much for most gamers - thats the only reason I give it 3 stars.

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  great but....

| | See all bobcat666's reviews (1)

story great , graphics great (not important) , characters great ,BUT the only problem is its very ''straight path'' . but atlease after many many hours the game opens up with exploration , hidden cutscenes , missions , :)))))))))

  Beautiful Game! thats about it though...

| | See all OneTwothreeABC's reviews (4)

This may be the most...subtly bad of the series. Its the best looking game i have ever seen in my life. Graphics are absolutely perfect. However the gameplay is not that great. its not bad in design terms like maybe Final Fantasy 2 was, or bad in plot and voice acting like Maybe Final Fantasy X-2. Theres no choices. At all. The entire game is running down a hall way, followed by a cutscene and maybe a boss fight. You'd think when you get to the woods outside u could explore a little but nope, there are pathways weaving through the forest like its Lothlorien or something. The battles themselves are extremely dull, u only control one character and if that character dies, its game over. i Do like the Paradigm system, it makes it interesting, where ur players can change their roles, but the battle system in general is a bit boring where u hardly do any damage to enemies until u have filled the "Stagger" bar which will then be very easy to kill once they are weakened. The auto Battle command gets very boring quickly. Even fans of the series hated FF12, but say what u want about 12 u actually had stuff to do, u cud explore the world, do stuff etc...
The weapon system is also extremely head scratching, what was wrong with the old Final Fantasy style where u find a new weapon and its better, and then u equip it? in 13 you get about 6 or 7 weapons for each character, and u can choose which to level up by using resources. What Sword do you level up? My problem is once u commit to a certain weapon (prob the core one), your not gonna start leveling up another one once you got the core weapon to level 19, why would you? Especially since you probrably drained all ur resources into that one.
There are 6 characters, only 3 of them are Final Fantasy like, that is Lightning, Snow and Fang. The Other 3 are very dull and do not offer much as a FF character as previous games, but maybe thats just my opinion.
The music has some good tracks but a lot of is Japanese Techno rubbish with soft vocals on random songs. Nothing like the previous games and Nobuo Uematsu is much missed the legend :(.
Was kinda digging the game for a while cos it was doing something new, but then i realised i was just pretending to myself that i liked it cos i spent 40 pounds on it. Overall its worth a play but its not amazing like other FFs were, so dont be surprised when your disappointed. For me, i stopped caring After FFX, i think its the "Enix" part that ruined the series :( . Square SOFT were amazing!

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  Just why?

| | See all acespag's reviews (9)

I love Final Fantasy games so I was excited to get hold of this and once playing I just find myself being bored senseless. The game is so linear and boring that its almost an offence to think that this is a final fantasy game, if thats what you call it its more of a film with a few button presses here and there to progress it.

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  Exceptionally Poor

| | See all Ketxxx's reviews (1)

I've played Final Fantasy games for a long time, 7 through 13 now, and FF13 by FAR is the worst FF I have ever played, and heres why;

- No more exploration. Forget all about the times when you lost hours just exploring the FF world. Theres none of that in FF13. Nothing to discover, no shops to discover new weapons or armours, no inns, no towns to explore and marvel at, etc.

- In FF13 the levels are designed like long winding tunnels, extremely laborious and just plain poor. In other words, the game is tediously linear.

- FF13 weapon / armour upgrade system is near useless as to push on with any upgrades you need GIL which is almost non-existent until the latter stages of the game when enemies drop items actually worth something in order to buy parts to give your weapons and armours experience. Takes all the enjoyment of customising weapons and armour out the game. A poor implementation of the upgrade system FF10 offered. Theres no New Game + option either once you beat the game, if you were thinking it could be the upgrade systems saving grace.

- Battles are often a drawn out yawn-fest. In FF13 you can only control ONE character in the party unlike previous FF games when you could choose the commands for every character in the party. Instead the 2 "CPU controlled" party members will just tend to do things willy-nilly. Very frustrating when your on a 5 on 3 situation and your trying to get your party to focus their attacks on one enemy - usually they won't. Or, when you want to cast status effects but aren't controlling the right character, the CPU will more often than not cast the same status effect spell over and over and over and over and over and over again....

- Compared to other FF games, the story is also pretty weak.

In summary, if this game had anything other than a Final Fantasy name on it reviewers everywhere would be calling it a big hot steaming pile of dung. My advice is go and buy God Of War 3, Dantes Inferno, Heavy Rain, or just about any other game instead of FF13, you will enjoy them more.

Poor show Square, poor show.

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  An Excellent Addition to the Final Fantasy Collection

| | See all TheScop's reviews (1)

Got a 250gb ps3 slim with this and God Of War III with it. Long story short, I'm really enjoying the game, I'll admit I haven't played all the Final Fantasy games, what I played of the pre-FF7 titles I thought was boring. Final Fantasy 7 changed the Final Fantasy games for the better, they truely have been best with Sony. I played 7,8,9, watched some 10 and obviously playing 13. I think Final Fantasy 13 is a great game, following the Final Fantasy tradition there are unique, different characters and the world in which it's set is different and unique to previous titles. So much has changed; the graphics are amazing on the ps3 version, using an hdmi cable, only way to really get the most out of it if you ask me. The battle and levelling systems are completely different, although this may be because I never played Final Fantasy 10, 11 or 12, apparently the system isn't very different from some other one used in another Final Fantasy. I like the new battle system though, its a welcome change, it keeps the pace moving, and add a more realististic approach to the game, well as realistic as Final Fantasys can be, lol. But as I say long story short, its a great game and well worth getting if you're a Final Fantasy veteran or someone looking for a different kind of role-playing/adventure game.

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  Final Fantasy - Not so Fantastical anymore

| | See all Suush9's reviews (25)

I was really looking forward to this having followed and brought all the games in the series from the nes days to now -

I loved the graphics but the gameplay has taken a unique twist from the previous final fantasy games in the series. Its very linear now - forget the exploration of the previous games in the series this one is like a souped up arcade battle game with continuous battles and running on rails type thing -

I honestly think if this didnt have the final fantasy label on it - it would have got average reviews in a lot of places. Even though I feel the Final Fantasy series lost its charm somewhat after Final Fantasy 9 onwards, I felt the games at least stuck to the old final fantasy formula - ie towns, inns, shops and places to visit and buy things, side missions and quests as part of a massive adventure etc But this has none of those elements -

In Final Fantasy 13 the shops and inns and hotels you once visited in an exciting Final Fantasy game have now been turned into a holographic gadget - a square type thing that appears from time to time but looks exactly the same - where you can save and buy and sell stuff - It just doesn't have that sense of epic scale and excitement anymore - it dont feel like a Final Fantasy.

One good thing is the battle and customization aspect and thats about it - the game soon becomes boring after you realise there are only battles, battle after battle.

And the graphics and animation are fantastic - but even then the gameplay doesnt live up to its looks and its previous series games.

I am hoping Squaresoft will come back on track with the next Final Fantasy game.

This one is only for strict Final Fantasy enthusiasts - once I complete it - Im not sure if I would come back to it like I do with my other Final Fantasy games.

  An Utterly Pointless Game

| | See all lanham192's reviews (1)

its an JRPG on rails.... everything seems to be done for you from the fighting right down to equipping your party members. the does have very nice graphics and a somewhat intresting storyline if you give it the time, even with the often cringe worthy dialog. it just doesn't justify its existence as a game.

the word 'game' would incline me to believe there is something for the player to do other then sit back and watch cut scenes but honestly, i think an elastic band round the analog stick and someone pressing the X button every few seconds would be enough to complete the game.

run down corridor, fight battle, rinse and repeat...

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