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Driver: San Francisco

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Great driving game.

| | See all TomSlade's reviews (1)

Normally I'm not a big fan of driving games, however after play this I was amazed about the features, for example Shift: the capability to move into any car you wanted to. The film director is an extremely fun feature, it allows you to reenact famous movie car chase scenes however you will need to collect film tokens that are scattered around the city.
A lot of people were complaining about the fact that you cannot get out of the car and walk around, for me this wasn't an issue because the game is called Driver not Walker, so I knew what to expect.
I was very impressed with the graphics as well.
All in all it's a very amusing game which will give you a thrill ride, it's also a great game to play with friends.

  Driver cult !

| | See all FBF2271's reviews (2)

Picked this game up cheap over Xmas and just got around to unwrapping the packaging - first thing to note is the graphics and the actual detail on the faces of the characters - top notch.

The gameplay starts slow as they build the story but after the prologue the game comes alive. I was surprised by the amount of missions that become available, let alone the story itself.

For a casual driving (arcade) game there is tons to do and it reminds me of Spiderman 2 where you can go to numerous places on the map to complete sub-missions, the point of these missions is to keep building on the WP meter so you can buy bigger and better cars as well as buying whole garages !!!!!

I have only been playing for about an hour and I am hooked, it is so easy just to pick up and play and it doesn't matter if you only have a short time window as you can complete short missions whenever you like.

Not sure why the price bombed so quickly after release as it is a solid game, I know the critics hit it hard for the 'shift' function but once you get over that and realise it is an arcade experience you will find the 'shift' feature very useful.

Lets be clear and as already stated in previous reviews this is NOT a driving sim but if you want a quick feel good arcade driver this is the game for you.

  Pretty Awesome Game!

| | See all mirza241287's reviews (1)

If you played the original...then this game is a big must! My friend was hooked on it because of the licensed cars to aquire, good old film director & the amount of fun you can have. No more felony which was in the old series which meant that you can literally have so much fun.

It's highy recommended - Welcome back Driver!

  Not as the old drivers were

| | See all sharky1996's reviews (1)

this game is a good driving game which concentrates on the driving a lot more than the old drivers did, no guns are aloud which is abit of a letdown but i would reccomend buying this game.

  Driver - back on form

| | See all HXPHXP's reviews (1)

If you enjoyed the original Driver then you will enjoy this. The game is back to a driving game and is good for a 15 min stint or you can work through the stories for longer sessions.The handling is on the arcade side but with power slides, jumps and handbrake turns it is fun and there is a certain skill in cotrolling the car, The missions are all variations on the ' chase ' escape ' & get somewhere by a certain time but a few novel ones as well - defuse bombs by driving under trucks is a laugh.There are missions recreating the famous Bullet cahse, Dukes of Hazard , The French connection and many other famous movie chases.The shift works far better than I thought. Plenty to keep you busy - inside car or bonnet cam seems best. Summary : A lot of fun don't take it too seriously it is not a driving sim - but it is entertaining and like the original huge fun. A definate buy it game and will be big fun at xmas as everyone can have a go.


| | See all gazzamj's reviews (4)

great graphics and a pretty large game and thats without the online capabilitys really enjoyd this game and the way people react when you jump to there cars even interact is brilliant

  A fresh experience

| | See all CheapSeller's reviews (24)

This is game is like something which has never been done before, I say this because of the features and the story it includes e.g. the feature which has you picking up random cars from the sky may seem stupid at first, but once you get the game, you'll realise how it all falls into place. The story is unique and fresh, having Tanner put into a Coma by arch enemy Jericho, with Tanner looking for revenge and fast! You don't have to have played older Driver games to get adjusted to this story, it holds no comparison to its PS1-PS2 counterparts because it is just a completely new story. Online is also entertaining, with a variety of game modes and unlockables. Ranging from picture crests to levelling up and such. If you were a fan of the old Driver games or just a racing game fanatic in general, this is for you. If you're looking for an actual racing game, such as Forza and Grand Turismo, you may want to look elsewhere!

  An Amazing game what a twist

| | See all mrwilde's reviews (3)

during gameplay on this title you can fly above any car and become the driver insdie another vechile listeniing to the drivers wife when you pick up speed saying that she didnt know that you had it in you, because of the great driving you are doing keeps you going forever. Missions are well thought out and there are many other challenges to let your money build up to buy that supercar youve got your eyes on. Not only this you can upgrade all the cars hence needing more money and wanting to get as far as you can in this longetivity game play. ***** stars enjoy.

  The sequel we've all been waiting for

| | See all bennyduncan's reviews (4)

It is due to this game that I can confidently say that Driver SF has rekindled my love for cars. As a child, I was obsessed with the bloody things. I knew all the models, had all they toys and I had my bedroom plastered with all things automobile. It is therefore not surprising that the first Playstation game I ever got was Driver. The first game was not only brilliant but revolutionary, setting the bench mark for driving games for many years too come. For years, very few games managed to match its simplistic, blistering high speed chases and mayhem; if any games came close it certainly wasn't the sequels. More than a decade later, we finally have a worthy succesor to the first game.
Driver SF is the one game you need for your racing fix. With the surprisingly well implemented Shift function, you can become the racer, the chaser or the casual Sunday driver. Right from the start, you can drive a crappy Dodge Neon or even a Ford GT! The function is not a gimmick, and becomes essential in the more harder chases, when you shift into oncoming traffic and head into your opponents.
Did I mention that this game is for car fanatics? Over 120 models are included, and about 80% come from the movies. You can drive Bullit's Mustang, the A-Team's GMC or even Marty McFly's DeLorean! (And yes, when you hit 88 mph in the DeLorean for the first time, something glorious happens!)
The game constantly pays homage to the movie and it's predecessors, with famous movie chases as a playable bonus and some surprises that where included in the first game.
If anything, the Shift function becomes a hindrance in the story, which becomes more and more ludricous as the story progresses. One reviewer called it a, "Carry On film directed by Christopher Nolan."
Well I wouldn't personally got that far, but I won't deny it's still great bloody fun!