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Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (209 reviews)"

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  Resident EVIL 5 move ed

| | See all KTMKID's reviews (8)

I read the reviews and took the plunge and bought it. WOW what a game with a true story line to it, which is so compelling, it draws you in. Its so good I bought another game for my brother-in-law to play.
graghics are very good but it take time to master the guns if playing with the move. not played it on line yet as still at beginging.
A must have! at this price.

  Great game and a possible Platy.

| | See all TomsPlay's reviews (1)

I enjoyed this game, Only took me about a week to get the platinum, But for a Tenner ur gona have loads of fun doin it.

  Best Game On The PS3!!!

| | See all Yonzinho17's reviews (27)

This is by far the best game out in terms of graphics and overall game play on the PS3 in my opinion and is a must buy for anyone out there who enjoy playing first person shooters! The story is excellent, the graphics as mentioned are unbelievable and the array of weapons makes this game so enjoyable. This is one of the only games you can play over and over again without getting bored - 5 stars!!

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| | See all hartspiros's reviews (9)

Great graphics, but a disappointment considering I loved Res Evil 4.

The delays in release were quite annoying and then when it was eventually released I was disappointed.

The puzzle element found in past titles has all but gone and this is just a zombie shoot fest with a very Arcadey feel at times.

Not for me and wish I'd hired or bought this second hand instead of paying full price at release.

  great game but it has its issues.

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

iv been a life long resident evil fan since day one and have played them all from playstation one days to now and the latest game is a good action game but not a survival horror like they used to be.
still,it plays good enough,co op online is cool addition,mercs online is gr8 fun and the highlight id say as the campaign for me was hit and miss,some levels really good and some pretty boring.
also with games like gears of war around the controls are a little clunky now and i hope capcom overhaul the game engine if they decide to make a 6th game.

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  Worth buying!

| | See all MyVampireLust19's reviews (10)

I admit when i very first played RE5 i was a bit dissheartened cause of how much the series has taken a complete U-Turn and is nothing of what it was all about in the beginning.
BUT, once you get over that and play it for its gameplay, you realise that this is the start of something amazing.
I recommend this game to anyone!
Also, its alot more fun to play partnered up with a friend as the computer AI can be a little bit....rubbish. But Sheva cant be worse than Ashely from RE4!!
So this game is a beautiful installment in this series and is a MUST BUY!

  fan of resident evil games and movies

| | See all edward2010's reviews (8)

this resident evil series take me to a whole new level on the storys characters changes on this game. but is not zombie no more it just all shoot em up action. just need to be quick similar then resident evil afterlife the movie like paul ws anderson own a resident evil 5 copy and a ps3 too.

  good game but

| | See all reddevil3's reviews (6)

this is a very good bang bang shoot them up , BUT ITS NOTHING LIKE THE REAL RESIDENT EVIL .. the makers have lost there way on making number 5 its totally wrong everything is just wrong , very disappointed as i am a very much loved resident evil fan and as the name resident evil well its not they shud of jus named it summet like bug kill because its nothing like resident evil 1,2,3 and even 4 was propa the stroyline was brilliant and with number 5 havin wesker init and u kill him they shud of made it more like the others , the monster bug things jus too overdone totally not good ... IF YOUR A MEGA RESIDENT EVIL fan DONT BUY THIS 1 .. but if u jus love to shoot n kill games then buy this.

  Not as good as Resident Evil 4

| | See all kiedistidus's reviews (4)

Okay its the same as RE4 in principle which is good but unfortunately it fails to elaborate on its predescessor.Your looking at a shorter,easier and slighty more linear game than RE4.On the upside its visually impressive and now theres dowloadabl content available.All in all I cant recommend paying full price for this title but nonetheless its probably one of the best of its genre available on the ps3.