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Heavenly Sword (PS3)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (163 reviews)"

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  Pretty good

| | See all GJSalvidant's reviews (11)

It's a PS3 original - one of the first games out for the PS3, bare that in mind... In today's world it is nothing revolutionary and isn't as good as some of the more recent hack n slash games (e.g. God of War 3) BUT this game is a cracker.
If you look around you can find it very cheap and tbh for anything under 8pounds it's a steal. The game won't take you an age to complete the story (on easier difficulties,) but if you up the difficulty or want to meet and fulfill all the challenges then there is some depth to this game.
It's definately worth a purchase and play through atleast once.

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  Very good game

| | See all Spyrout's reviews (9)

I finished this game a long time ago. It's a very good hack 'n' slash game, with extremely good graphic design, and perfect enviroment. Difficulty varies from time to time, and YES, it's a sort game. Nevertheless, it's a good addition to my collection, and I'm happy I played it, at least one time.

  Divine Beauty!

| | See all GunsOfLiberty's reviews (17)

Heavenly Sword is an awesome looking title with excellent voice acting and great fighting system. The only downside is that it's short :( It's such a beautiful piece of art that's over too soon! Still a must play!!!


| | See all SordidAngel's reviews (2)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The graphics are fantastic, the story line gripping and the controls easy but with varied styles of attack.
Also, being able to play two different characters gives the gamer two different styles of movement and fighting adding to a great gaming experience. Every PS3 owner should own this game, it is well worth the money.

  Looks good and starts well, but...........

| | See all fuzzyuzzy's reviews (5)

...........it is all a bit too much like you have to do what it tells you to. There does not seem to be much freedom to do your own thing and go where you want to. The enemies just keep coming, so at least you have something to do. Moves are good, though in some of the bigger battles I found that just bashing all the buttons in no particular order whatsoever did the job just right. Originally enjoyed the game alot, but never got round to finishing it as I found the gameplay never really got much better.

  Female Kratos or Not?

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Graphics very well even if this is one of the very first ps3 games(unreal 3 graphic engine).Music and sound effects very nice.Control is easy and quite good battle system although you can kill most enemies with 2-3 combos.Story is very nice and i can say voice acting is one of the best in my opinion.6-8 hour game.The last boss fight could indeed be less difficult but bosses must be a bit hard.Well for this price you get an excellent appetizer for God of War 3 but in sexy outfit.

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  A nice distraction

| | See all Xtreme1565's reviews (18)

After finishing it, and boy it made me sweat! I can easily recommend this game to others who are searching for a good distraction from boredom. Graphics, gameplay and storyline are top-notch and the crew behind-the-scenes made a charming work that really makes them proud.

So why 4 stars? I admit that some stages are a real pain in the ass, especially when there is Kai and her aftertouch. The final battle with Bohan will frustate you to the point you will want to quit the game once and for all. I was going to do that but then I learned a trick or two (which of course I'm not going to reveal!) and the villian crept under my feet.

Don't let me put you down. If you're ready for a challenge, this game belongs to you.

  Decent but could've been better than decent!

| | See all TheNomadSoul07's reviews (76)

I find this game to be avenge at best imo. The graphics is good and has alright gameplay but I think this type of game which is make it like FF & all that has been done hundred times. Some succeed, some don't and I think this is 50:50 on both. At times this can be good but at times it could get boring in places. So yeah I only recommend this for rental.

  beatiful in every aspect except longevity

| | See all cristianocr7's reviews (9)

graphics are simply splendid so is gameplay and everything else. but longevity is a big downside. i started playing it yesterday and finished it today. the longevity still doesnt stop me from giving 5 stars though its superb in all it does. definitely worth a rent at the very least

  Very short and very sweet.

| | See all Hardizzle's reviews (9)

Ok so it may be one of the shortest games I've ever played, but its still really great fun. Graphically beautiful, top-notch voice acting and hugely enjoyable combat.
I cannot however give 5 stars to a game as short as this.