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Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (146 reviews)"

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  brill game

| | See all T0mere08's reviews (9)

Best R+C game to date good graphics and gameplay kool too
last level easy if you use Alpha gun thing favourite weapon has to be the groovitron its funny

Question you will ask at the end is What has happened to Clank?

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  must have !

| | See all mistab52's reviews (1)

fantastic game. Superb grafics & gameplay and very funny new weapons. A must have for a fan of the genre!!

  Fun game, plain and simple

| | See all proogey's reviews (2)

I wasn't really a fan of the R&C series when I got this game, but it got great reviews, and now I see why. No matter if you're 10 or 30, this game will be very fun. And it's now platinum (dirt cheap), so there's no excuse.

  Worthy of a 5 Star

| | See all Nemezous's reviews (7)

Wasnt to happy when i got this free with my PS3 when they run out of the other game, but when i started playing it i couldnt stop, so addictive beyond belief, one of the better games for PS3 so far, well done guys you showed that there are still some games out there worthy of a 5 Star rating.


| | See all Snakehead's reviews (6)

I think this game is just Awesome! Amazing graphics and gameplay. Weapons and gadgets both incredible and funny. The Groovatron get me everytime lol i love it!


| | See all MurderdollX's reviews (7)

This, by far, is my favorite PS3 game to date.
I've had the PS3 for a long time, and after loving the demo, i thought it was time i actually went and got the game.

And - wow, i was blown away.
For a start, it was longer than most current single player games, and better yet, each level has extra bits to explore and things to collect!

Also, there is SO many weapons and gadgets you gain along the way. And they are all so fun to use - and can all be upgraded - and leveled through use (which at level 5 unlocks a special feature).

Gadgets include an orb which makes all the enemies dance - leech bombs to regain health - a robot which helps kill enemies, and many more!

You can go back to each planet, for what ever reason - fun - exploration - collecting gold bolts - collecting a holo plan.

Once completed you get to complete the game again on a harder level, with more options to buy and upgrade weapons further - which i haven't stopped playing.

So i really recommend this game - LOTS and LOTS of enjoyment.

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  a Fun, beautiful game for all ages

| | See all converted's reviews (32)

To be honest this is the first Ratchet and Clank game I've played this upsets me as I saw what I had been missing all this time. This game is really fun and entertaining and is one of the few games I could be bothered to play through more than once.

The game starts when an alien war lord hunts ratchet down to destroy him for what his race did to the alien's race. From then on your job is to discover ratchets past, find out what happen to your race, and why this guy has it in for you.

The story is simple but effective and very fun with a lot of laughs on the way. As you travel from planet to planet you meet some very interesting and whacky characters some of which can be very helpful in your journey offering you weapons, gadgets or currency ... of course you getting nothing for free so in return you have to do them favours, such as collect monsters souls, complete various tasks, or pay for them etc. All the weapons you can get your hands on are upgradeable, adding extra ammo, distance to your shots, and of course more power. Very useful especially when you see some of the bosses you will be up against. As well as weapons to buy you can also buy new armour that becomes available from time to time again very useful but very expensive.

As well as fun weapons to play with there are also some cool gadgets to play with such as wings that will glide you to otherwise unreachable areas, and of course the bike thingy which is mainly used to get around pipes at high speed... which is always fun. Oh and don't forget your space ship. There are a couple of levels throughout the game where you can fly your ship destroying enemy ships collecting various collectables the levels are rail shooters so you can't control your ship freely but they are still allot of fun.

The graphics in the game are very nice the cartoonish look suits the game beautifully the sceneries are very nice to look at and the graphics on the characters are very detailed.

The game is a load of fun and if you want all weapon upgrades and armour you'll need to play through it twice but you won't get bored in fact the 2nd time through, since you keep all upgrades and weapons from your first time through, you may enjoy it even more, blasting your way through enemies and bosses that gave you a hard time before with ease.

The ending ends on a cliff hanger and I can't wait for the next game. I had a lot of fun with the game... twice the graphics are great the story is fun and there is plenty of humour to keep you entertained and as well as this there are plenty of weapons and gadgets for you to try out. Fun for all ages.

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  Fun with guns

| | See all ChibiJames's reviews (21)

Crazy guns and awesome explosives has always been the core in the Ratchet and Clank franchise, and that's also the situation with the newest installment in the series.

R&C:ToD simply has the most awesome and amusing guns ever created in a game, and besides that it has mind-blowing animation, no loading screens, a good sense of humor and an amusing story. R&C has succesfully entered the next generation of video games.


| | See all smedved11's reviews (1)

i downloaded the demo off playstation store and figured it would be a fake like version of crash bandicoot (the legend game on playstation), but its an amazing game with lots of fun packed levels and a must buy for anyone looking to see what the ps3 can do...this game has great graphics and use of the ps3's features like motion sensor and works really well with them all

  Ratchet and Clank

| | See all dan1805's reviews (19)

Its okay but its a bit babyish, the new fearures it has are rubbish really expecially the dancing enimies i mean whats that all about:S

If not worht the money as well i would sell this to you for £15 because it rubbish.

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