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The Eye Of Judgment (includes PlayStation Eye Camera) (PS3)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Need to spend more to play online !

| | See all RajaMedare's reviews (9)

this game is as close as you could possibly get to yu-gi-oh as any other game can by putting your cards on screen and they pop up on screen. However this game has no story mode just a battle mode which is basically you vs the computer that has diffrent levels of difficulity and then theres an online mode which is good but everyone always buys cards online so there is no point as you dont stand a chance ever. SO in my opinion it sucks that you have to buy cards to play against people. Although a good idea for a game they need to expand as in make cards available in game maybe through a story mode where you have to find rare ones and defeat opponents for powerful ones. just an idea

  The Eye of Judgement

| | See all Bugs46's reviews (1)

I am an over 60's ardent player of this game in the earlier hours of the morning.....collecting many trophies against the computer. It is also excellent for playing online against my sons (4 off) all have PS3's and all play Eye of Judgement...the best game released todate for PS3 in my opinion.

  Very Good Turn Based Game

| | See all Keward's reviews (9)

Since Lords of Chaos in my old Speccy days, I have loved playing turn based strategy games.

EOJ is very good turn based game (rules take a few games to used too).
With the added touch of physical board game and game cards makes this very interesting idea.

Like converted said below it would of been good if it had a story mode of even better a conquer the world mode like Dawn of War games.

Some people have had the cards not being read by the camera due to poor lighting, which I have had too; what I did was install four white LED lights under the camera which did the trick. I can now play the game with no problems; check out "Eye of Judgment Light" on youtube.com

If you like turn based games or just want something different to play, then this game will not disappoint. The game would of had 5/5, but because no story mode it has lost one star.

  October 15th???

| | See all Niminator's reviews (21)

What's happening october 15th???
TROPHIES that's what!!!
First was the set 2 expansion and now comes the set 3 expansion PLUS trophy support. Just another reason to go and buy this game now. Set 3 is supposed to add an all new depth of strategy (more than set 2) and a must buy for all those strategy enthusiasts out there.

  Great game for me and my kids

| | See all biggadgetfreak's reviews (1)

I wont repeat what the other interviews say except this game is highly original for a p3 game. my two sons aged 7 and 9 and my self play EOJ almost every weekend and they totaly love it. You will need another deck but some theme decks on play are well under a fiver the off you go. Also there is alot of web sites about collecting the cards and the game it's self if you want more info and get into it alot more (like we have). Great game.

  The eye has you

| | See all converted's reviews (32)

Hmmm where to start with eye of judgement? Well it's certainly not for everyone. It's a very interesting idea and if you can pick a copy up cheap as I did (£25) you getting a hell of a bargain since the camera is worth about 20 on its own.

The idea of the game is to capture 5 of the 9 squares on the board using skill, magic, and brute force. It's not as easy as it sounds either. The computer can be quite tough especially if you haven't bought any booster packs as the cards you get with the game are only basic. You get a 3 by 3 cloth matt with the game, this is where all the action takes place, and the matt is really detailed and looks the part on the matt there are 4 markings that indicate where the camera can go so it can get a full view of battle area. Once set up and in a match there are also marking to show where your deck goes and places for all you discarded cards (the grave yard). When you place a card on the mat the camera scans is then displays the monster of that card on screen, if you facing an enemy then you will attack. Each card has special abilities and attributes so you have to think a head. Also on screen you will notice you board has changed to different elements, Fire, water, earth etc each card has its own prefer field so if you can try and place on that field to raise your characters stats. If you place say a water card on a fire field, if the card is automatically destroyed it will be weaker.

Sound good so far. Just like Yu Gi Oh ... Yes I'd love to see Yu Gi Oh made into a game like this. The problems start with light. If you're not in a very well lit room then the camera can have trouble picking up cards and you have to keep re placing the cards, or waving your hand in front of the camera ... Which helps... to re register the card. This can get really frustrating.

Another problem there is no story mode to it meaning once you get bored of beating the computer you have to get friends or go online to get a challenge. The game would have kept me interested for a lot longer if it had a story mode to it. Hopefully they will realise one other wise unless I have friends round (I don't have online access) it's just going to gather dust on my shelf.

The graphics of the game are really nice and the beasts look fantastic. You can sort of pet them to an extent as you scan then into the computer.

At the end of the day though it really does depend if your into this sort of thing the graphics are great and it really is a good and original idea but I wish it had a story mode without one I can only give this a average score as once your finished beating the computer unless you have online access or a friend to play it with you may find youll get bored quick.

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  decent collectible

| | See all SurferSam's reviews (33)

A decent collectible card game that can be picked up by players of all stripes in a relatively short amount of time. The game's mechanics as they relate to the eye itself can be clunky at times but the overall experience is a lot of fun online, against the game's AI and especially against friends who want to have a traditional sit down battle.

  Great strategy game!

| | See all alannik's reviews (6)

I stumbled across this game by accident, took a chance (it's not cheap!), and was greatly rewarded. It's thoroughly rewarding, is reminiscent of Magic The Gathering, and suitable for everyone - the rest of the family play this, too. The cam can struggle in the evening with artificial lighting unfortunately but, that aside, it's easy to set up (just plug and play, effectively), really simple to learn although the manual is a little sparse and the tutorials long-winded so some knowledge of this kind of game does help. Definitely recommend getting additional cards to sustain interest and add more strategy to it. All in all, a great strategy game with strong visuals and rewarding effects. Recommended.

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  Good concept, but a few downsides.

| | See all oreoman's reviews (16)

First of all the concept of bringing these carded monsters alive on the screen is a pretty good idea. Here are a few disadvantages and advatages for you.
- Good image reproduction onto screen
- The 'EYE' can be used for other things aswell
- Can read the cards fairly well
- Endless playability, so you can never get bored
- Requires very bright area in order to make it work
- Takes a while to understand and get used to how to play (therefore quick games with mates round is hard to do)
- Mat needs to be alligned well with camera
- Multiple packs need to be bought for more than 1 player.

Overall it is a decent game, but not the greatest. Needs improvements.
My Advice: If you are an easy learner, and enjoy card games such as Yu-gi-oh ect. = Go for it. But if you are one to just turn on the game and begin playing without a bit of hassle, then this is not the game for you.

  well i dunno................

| | See all GamingGod's reviews (2)

i first looked at this game and didn't think much of it, but when prices dropped i got more interested. I thought the whole card thing was silly and it wouldn't work, i was wrong. I finally decided to get the game and i am certainly pleased with my choice because this is a great, fun game. this game is at it's best when played with friends, but to play with those friends you will need more cards and that is a slight downside in my opinion because you need to find somewhere to buy them and then u may end up getting the same cards as you had before(But you may end up with rare powerful ones)
This is a great game to buy and real good fun with friends and family, me and my brothers are having a great time playing it and with all the cards and combinations it is endlessly re-playable!!!