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Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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| | See all Musbird's reviews (89)

I have had so many hours of play from this game...Tekken and street fighter were my favourite fighter games till I played this...
So many features which help improve your fighting styles and for the ladies that want to play - you can fight to win new costumes and accesories which I have to admit is kinda fun.

  The Mother of all Fighting Games

| | See all Gnug315's reviews (1)

Simply put, VF5 is the one of the deepest, most challenging fighting games ever made. Simple to learn, neigh impossible to master, it'll provide great entertainment and a serious challenge to anyone with a thing for fighting games.

In fact, it's deep level of gameplay proves a problem, for in order to play it properly, to be able to input the complex moves and control your character exactly as you'd like, you'll need a proper arcade fighting stick controller. Without it, you simply won't be able to play VF5 as intended. Sure, you can mash some buttons, and the game is as pretty as they come so the eye-candy is fine, but it's just not the same. I can personally highly recommend the Virtua Stick High Grade! (google it)

If you're just a casual gamer, there's not much reason to get VF5 more than any other game - you'll just be mashing some buttons, laughing at some of the moves, then moving on to something else. But if you're looking for one the most rewarding games - of any type - and have the time to really delve into (plus, very importantly, atleast one sparring partner!) VF5 is definately it.


| | See all Geggs212's reviews (10)

not the worst fighting game ever just very hard to get good at, probably the most realistic fighting game ever and any one who says it is rubbish is probably just rubbish at it, just dont expect to be able to pick it up easily because you probably wont, gets boring easily though. Havent played on soul caliber 4 but apart from that the best fighter on ps3 not that theres much to choose from 6/10

  Avoid like the plague!!!

| | See all Jay12345678's reviews (2)

Its just awful , boring ,repetitive poor graphics no online which is unbelievable haven't played Soul Calibur 4 but it must be better than this , no character creation NO REPLAY VALUE! DO NOT BUY IT!

  worst fighting game ever

| | See all Caruso's reviews (1)

this game lacks everything
Terrible graphics & the worst gameplay ever
DONT even rent it


| | See all auntakenname's reviews (6)

whoever says this game is good is wrong the controls lack that wholesome feel that you get from other games, there is no online capability that may have saved this from the depths of mediocrisy (excuse my spelling)
none of the characters have any likability and as usual you get your asked kicked by the girls, are these things made by girls !!! why are they always the best !!

  A solid game, but lacking in a few areas.

| | See all MattDark's reviews (62)

Virtua Fighter, the fighting game of fighting games it has been called by fans. The most complex fighter out there, and probably the most rewarding, but it is unfortunatly flawed in some areas.

First of all, I must say that this is one of the most gorgeous looking games around. All of the characters have been made so well and look amazing, and the enviroments are pretty spectacular too, this game definately makes the most of the technology its using.

Now, the gameplay. VF5 is a complex, but rewarding game. Each character is very unique, and while its easy for people to mash away at buttons, this game rewards you for patience, and if you can master a single character, you can easily decimate your opponents.
But for alot of people, its hard to get used to many of the moves, as sometimes there is a very small or extremely precise gap in time to use certain combos, making alot of characters difficult to fully appreciate.

The game has plenty of modes to keep you busy, the main story mode and versus aside. The main feature of the game is probably the 'arcade' mode, which acts like an online mode.
You travel to various arcades around japan, using the character of your choise to 'challenge' other people to fights. As you do better, your rank increases and you can enter tournaments to win cash or extra prizes to buy items for your charcter, like new clothes and accessories.

Unfortunatly, the game lacks any real online mode, and unless you have friends that you see often enough to play versus mode constantly, theres little else you can do.
Its surprising when you look at other fighter (Dead or Alive and Tekken 5 - Dark Ressurection) which have included an on-line mode to increase the playability of the game.
Its also a problem when you look at the 360 version of this game, which has been given an on-line mode, making this version somewhat inferior.

Personally, i'd only pick this up if you have plenty of friends you can play with.


| | See all Rowan08's reviews (5)

Probably fun for people who like things lik etekken etc... but Pretty boring in my oppinion! got free with my ps3 so Im not to bothered! Rent first!

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  The real truth about this game... Everyone please read.

| | See all TrojanX's reviews (1)

Ok, here is my view on this game. Please note that this is the first time i've played Virtua Fighter and my background is Tekken and Dead or Alive...

This game is truly the best 3D beat'em up game today. The graphics are definitely really impressive and this is strongly apparent on a HD screen! There is no other fighting game that features characters looking this detail (fact) and the sound effects & music is top notch. In fact, if you want something that looks "next-gen" on your PS3 other than Gran Turismo HD then this is 100% it!

I was really hesistant to try this game the first time round so to be safe, I decided to read a lot of comments and reviews. After the reading, I've discovered that some of the most recognisable comment were people saying they found it difficult to get into. The truth is this... If anyone say that then do not listen to them. If you're looking for a fighting game that performs really cool looking without much thought applied into it, or if you're looking for something with Street Fighter related move executions then you're barking up the wrong tree. Many people grew up with Street Fighter in mind so, naturally, that's the only game they would know and would expect many other fighting game to follow a similar route. The absolutely truth is this game is very easy to get into (it only uses 3 button!! 3 BUTTONS!!!), especially once you've accepted that it is different from the rest and you're willing to figure out why. Also, it is very easy to notice how far you can go into this game in regards to depth (take a look at VFTV or some of the video plays on Youtube) and that puts people off which is a major shame. Truth is, many people are very lazy when it comes to beat'em up which is why they're into game like Dead or Alive and Tekken as it doesn't require that much thought and they're also cover with plenty of bells and whistle but containing little substance.

Simply put, if those games are the Checkers/Draughts of fighting game then Virtua Fighter 5 is definitely the Chess. It will provide you hours upon hours of entertainment which will escalate if you have some good friends to play against. The fighting makes sense, the game feels very balance and you will get so much out from it. Get this game for sure if you have got some good friends - Otherwise get the Xbox 360 version which will allow you to play online - and definitely get it if you're a person that appreciate martial arts as this is one of the most realistic ones out there.

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