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Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  an average game well worth the money

| | See all thetomster454's reviews (12)

this game is so far from 5 stars yet it isn't even 4, its just an average game, i bought this so time would pass quick before xmas but i got more than what i asked for. the graphics are reasnoble the gameplay is good with a poor storyline but is the perfect touch for the game, the online could be good if there was anyone online and the mutiplayer is amazing. all in all this is worth not trading in, sure it won't ever be your best game but with a freind its fornomanal and if your ever having a bad day on call of duty you can always come back to this with confidence. finaly, its an average 3 stars but for £10 its well worth the money and thats why its 4 stars a great safe buy for just £10

  There are better games to spend your money on

| | See all JJTFFF's reviews (10)

The multiplayer is actually quite fun, race about and shoot your friends car. Though to enjoy the mutiplayer you need to unlock cars and weapons, which you have to play the repetitive career mode to get.

Online is awful, there's never anyone online.

There are much better racing games, even ones with bette weapons than this game.

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  Far More Better games out now

| | See all Kingjed's reviews (22)

Graphics are more like PS2 and not the best game idea around

this belongs on the PS2 or PSP

spend you money on something else or you will end up doing what i did = spent £40 on this traded it in 2 weeks later for £15

and that hurts

  good for the first hour

| | See all WHallam's reviews (11)

when i first got this game it was very thrilling for the first hour or so. but then it got boring, not a lot of stuff to do on it, sure it was fast paced and you could shoot but it just got boring, i tried to make myself like this game because i didnt want this to be a waste of £25 but eventually i had to trade it in and get motorstorm back


| | See all petrosc's reviews (11)

This game has several different game modes, along with a decent storyline and multiplayer. The graphics aren't the worst, despite what some reviews might say. Overall, a solid game with some good tweaks. There isn't much of a market for this kind of games, but this is a fine effort.

  Incredibly dated game

| | See all diamondeyes's reviews (7)

This game has to have one of the shortest lifespans of any game I have played on any console! I can usually see the positives in most games but it's just not here. Firstly for a PS3 game the graphics have to be some of the worst I have encountered. The driving controls are like being on rails. The game is poorly rendered and simply seems unfinished. If you're looking for about an hour of fun, this game is for you. If you're looking for a PS3 standard game, trust me look elsewhere.

  bit blah really

| | See all plugged1n's reviews (1)

not a terrible game by any means but i was hoping for the next generation burnout, this does not come close, kinda fun but lets just say it came with my ps3 and was exchanged the very next day - bit of a laugh, but the flaws in the gameplay become more frustrating over time - Bring on Burnout !

  Good for a laugh

| | See all KingCarlos's reviews (16)

Full auto 2: Battlelines is one of those games that you will play for an hour, then come back to it later on for reasons you cant quite understand. It has great ideas but has problems making them work. For example, the rewind feature is excellent but is flawed. You can hit a wall and explode but when you rewind you can hit that same wall at the same speed and angle but your car doesnt sustain any damage. a bit confusing? The game can also be a bit too fast so it can be hard to drive and aim at the same time. The story is absolutely useless and unoriginal as well. But there are many positives. The frame rate seems to be fine even though some say it can be slow and the amount of destruction you can create is immense! It is like being in your own hollywood movie, blowing things up and shooting anything you feel like. Its a great game if you like speed, carnage and trying many things at once but if you like Gran Turismo or slower and less arcadey driving games then you may not like this. My score is 4 stars as I think the speed and carnage is awesome but some who like the professional driving game may completely disagree with me.

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| | See all britton's reviews (2)

wat i good game this is it is so wicked i would reccomend you to buy this as this is really good game okay!!!

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  Pretty poor

| | See all Peg2patch's reviews (78)

I shouldn't of bought this game but I had money burning a hole my pocket. Thats the only way I'd reccomend it. The graphics are ok but the gameplay is poor and moves too fast. The career mode is pretty poor too and offers little to sustain your interest. It was a waste of money and time really and by rights should be banned

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