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Sega Rally (PS3)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (60 reviews)"

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  A quick pick up and play

| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

When I was younger I loved to play this game on the Saturn so I couldn't wait to play this. It was one of those games that I have been meaning to get since the day of release but never got around to it. Finally, I have managed to grab a copy for next to nothing and I must say that I am gutted I didn't get this earlier.

Considering this game is now over 3 years old, the graphics still hold their own against any other recent racer. The track deformation physics are superb so no lap is the same. The car modelling is spot on and the sound quality is very good. Where this game excels though is in its simplicity. The menus are stright forward and you can quite simply pick this game up, load it and play within 3 minutes. You can jump stright into a championship, building up points to unlock more cars, livery and tracks. There is also time trial, quick race and online play modes. I have not played online yet so I am not sure if people will still be playing this mode due to the gae of the game.

I will admit that this is not a game you will be playing for hours at a time but if you only have a short while to spare this is the perfect filler!

I really enjoy this game and if you want a change from the simulation type reacers, then this is the game for you.

  Not great

| | See all Playseller14's reviews (5)

I bought this as I remember playing the original at the arcades when I was younger and loved it.

After switching it on, I switched it off after ten minutes. Yes you might say this this isn't enough time to give it a fair chance, but in my opinion a game should grab you straight away.

The graphics are okay, what you expect from sega, but the handling is terrible.

Luckily i got this for about 8 pound brand new so I have rated it 3 stars. Had I paid more it would have got less.

  Classic Sega racing...

| | See all GreenhillZone's reviews (8)

This is a really great game for some frantic arcade action. Yes the cars don't damage but does anyone really care when the racing action is this hectic. Plus it's an ARCADE game not a simulation!

The main thing Sega Rally has going for it that alot of other driving games lack is that it's FAST. With the camera angle slung down low at the front of the car, the speed is especially immense and it's thrilling stuff especially when you're jostling for position with the other cars on the track. The graphics in my opinion are lovely with beautifully drawn cars, lush environments and typical bold Sega colours. The only negatives are some occasional screen tearing when the camera viewpoint is from behind the car but it doesn't ruin the experience too much and other viewpoints virtually eradicate this problem anyway. Also you can't tweak the suspension, gearing etc like you could on the Sega Dreamcast version which is a bit of a backwards step considering this is the most powerful generation of consoles yet. The soundtrack isn't really anything special either but it's still an improvement from the norm nowadays which seems to be to stick on a load of grating rock tracks from obscure bands i.e Motorstorm.

Overall then I'd say this is well worth picking up and I personally always find myself returning to it for a blast as its just great arcade fun. Highly recommended.

  Is this nextgen?

| | See all sikeee's reviews (2)

I have been a wii owner for 2 years now, and decided to buy a PS3 for the next gen graphics... well, if this is what the ps3 nextgen looks like... i'll sell it off again soon lol... bad graphics and an even worse game... carhandling is crap!

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  Great Fun

| | See all Spike48's reviews (45)

This is a great racing game for all racing fans its fast paced and got good graphics 5/5 i recomend.buy now.

  A Must Buy Bargain So Long As........................

| | See all Gormless's reviews (13)

You enjoyed the original Sega Rally arcade machine, this is pure arcade game in much the same way Virtua Tennis 3 is nothing like real tennis this is nothing like real driving, do not make the mistake of thinking you are going to get a true to life rally game or you will feel like you have lost a tenner and found a quid.

  Only because it's cheap

| | See all jourii's reviews (1)

I bought it because it's £11.99. Played it for half an hour and got bored. You see the problem is, even though it is arcade and I was not hoping for extreme realism, it is incredibly difficult to win a race, even at the very beginning. Other games introduce you to fast driving gradually. E.g. Ridge Racer gets more and more difficult as you get along. In Sega rally you have to be good from first race, and there is no way I'll be racing first 3 championships for days before I get any good. And I'm reasonably good at driving games. I'm not praising RR, it has its own flows, but even RR is a better alternative. I think Sega Rally will be a present for one my mates cos I'm definitely not keeping it. One star for being relatively cheap. And I think now I know why.


| | See all DizzyDan's reviews (15)

To enjoy this game u have to understand that the sega rally series is a classic arcade game and that the physics etc aren't supposed to be overally realistic although they are quite good. If ur looking for a racing game with realistic physics and high quality graphics then u may not like this game although the graphics aren't bad. It's a great classic game just with a few additional features.