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Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3)

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Customer Reviews

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  No online multiplayer

| | See all Ronster316's reviews (2)

theres no denying that virtua tennis 3 is a good tennis game... but playing against computer controlled opponents will get boring fast on the ps3 version.... if you own both consoles get this for the xbox 360 because the 360 version has online multiplayer and the ps3 version doesn't... virtua tennis 3 gets 3 stars for me on ps3 and 5 stars on 360... then again if online multiplayer doesn't matter to you get this version

  Alot of fun

| | See all BazzaPP's reviews (6)

The game is alot of fun, there is no question about it. World Tour is challenging as you get further into it and 2 player is a blast, especially with 2 people who actually know how to fully direct the ball (at the expensive of getting a sore thumb in the process!). The only quarrel i have with the game is no online multiplayer, which the Xbox 360 has. So obviously if you own a 360 get it on there instead. I bought this for £50 near enough a year ago a few days after PS3 Launch day so £18 is definitely worth it!

  Virtua Tennis!

| | See all reddevil93's reviews (25)

Very good game, with fantastic graphics and gameplay. Only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the repitition after a short while begins to get boring, Great game for people buying PS3!


| | See all crocodiletears's reviews (41)

As above...decent game this. Graphics are very impressive but as said by a few, the game is fairly basic and not a great challenge. I do enjoy some of the mini games though for 2 players, particularly the curling :-)

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  Got this free with PS3

| | See all gowayoutofit's reviews (7)

Its good for a very short time. its so easy its incredible and you get sick of 2 player very quickley. I wouldn't waste my money on it if I were you.

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| | See all bobbobbobbob's reviews (1)

good game best tennis game i've played but don't you love that the movie clip is of an xbox 360 not a ps3 just thought i wud mention it

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  Virtua Tennis 3

| | See all rosscow's reviews (1)

Terrible tennis game! Never liked the Virtua Tennis series. The shot accuracy is appalling and the rallies are impossible to end!! As for the ace count when playing as roddick - zero! A one set match lasted 28 mins!! Ridiculous. For any series tennis game enthusiasts, i suggest they wait for the more realisitic and satisfying SMASH COURT to be released (28/02/08)!!!

  Good but not great

| | See all toxina90's reviews (162)

I love tennis, love the games especially Smash Court Tennis 2 and Top Spin.
This is very good with realistic player movement, gameplay (if not some shots are farfetched) and truly brilliant graphics.
There is a decent range of players, but with 13 male pros and only 7 female pros the balance seems a bit off.
Great mini-games to make training fun, and my favourite part of tennis games, create a player is very good, however there isn't a HUGE range of serve and playing styles (about 4 each based on the pro players), frustratingly short space for your character name (can probably only fit surname), lovely range of tournaments and choice of doubles and mixed doubles for a change. Interesting interaction with other players on tour you can encounter in practicing and become closer them through partnership in doubles, but it would have been even better with more depth to the player relationships. Again the graphics and likeness for real players are superb, also the crowds and tournament graphics are great.
The difficulty is very hard towards the latter stages of your career, and there is a very fine line for improvement, you will have to get lots of max stats to cope in the Grand Slams and especially the King of Players.
For the game I give 3, but the graphic 4 out of 5 stars.
The sound is definetly too arcadey and annoying after a while, you might have to end up making the matches silent so all you can hear is the sound of the ball and the players.
I would also have liked to have seen a mode where you can just play a tournament and the computer decides the results (in proper set format) so have a realistic list of results. Also the only players you encounter are the top 10, which is boring as in the likes of Smash Court Tennis, there is a huge range of 250 players to encounter, and its just so unrealistic, completely stuffing Sharapova or Federer one week in an easier tournament, but getting destroyed by them the next in a tougher tournament. The range of difficulty in this is quite strange.
The career mode is just a bit of a let down, more realistic draws and match lengths would have been better, and some kind of career/draw history and player head to head record would have been great, that is why I think Smash Court Tennis 2 for PS2 had better career mode, I think Virtua Tennis is for a more casual tennis fan, too arcadey. Nevertheless it is a satisfying tennis game overall, but I expect much more depth and satisfaction from the next generation Smash Court Tennis out soon. For the new games especially in the Smash Court series I would like to see an improved career mode (like Smash Court Tennis 2) with lots of players (like 250) to encounter, not just 7 or 13. A range of playing styles and looks (haven't seen double-handed both sides style in a tennis game yet) and a much more interactive, player development with reference to player rivalries and relationships in the form of some kind of interactive press conference. Also a tournament history of results and head to heads etc to make it more realistic. Yes thats alot, but its the next generation, I have high standards! If Smash Court Tennis 2 for PS2 can almost nail it, I'm sure the PS3 version should. Rant over.

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  Best Tennis Game on PS3

| | See all LeedsJim82's reviews (1)

I love EA sports, they never seem to produce rubbish games! This offering is the best tennis game I've ever played, the graphics are brilliant, the sound is great, and the playability is superb, there are hours of fun to be had. The exhibition games don't get boring, and the world tour allows you to create a player and gain experience points to better your players attributes through short tennis type games. The only down sides are no online play, which would have been excellent, and maybe next time more than 20 players would be an improvement, but considering all this, it's well worth buying!