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Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War (PS3)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Excelent game for RTS and RPG game fans

| | See all FERRANTEGUYS's reviews (10)

In this game oyu have the oppertunity to re-live some of the great battles fought between England and france in a real time battle environment which is full of excitement and chalanges. The ammount of improvements that can be made to your avatar is impressive along with the ammount of in battle options.

The graphics are superb although you do get soe minor slowing of the game when large numbers of fighters are on screen. However this does not affect the game play to much and is a price worth paying for the graphics.


| | See all SurferSam's reviews (33)

A very, very good videogame: another brilliant evolution of Koei's unique interpretation of the real-time strategy genre, and every bit as satisfying as previous efforts. What it lacks in terms of the speed and immediacy of, say, Gundam Musou, it makes up for with strategic range, design ingenuity, and conceptual novelty.

  I no longer have any spare time

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

This game, for me at least, is amazing, probably the most addictive game I have played for years. It starts off as charachters from the hundred years war, but as you go on you unlock the wierdest troops to command, including Roman Phalanx troops. The gameplay can be linear if you just follow the story, however lots of scope to do other challenges and to build up your army and increase their skill points. Dont buy if you dont have much spare time though!

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| | See all petrosc's reviews (11)

This is a great concept, but it didn't quite work out for me, as it seems that it is impossible to die. The novelty of running around a battlefield, controlling different units, and repeatedly capturing points around the map soon wears off, and the game becomes tiresome and uneventful. Don't bother buying.

  A Positive Surprise!

| | See all TheGreyOne's reviews (1)

For those who think that because Bladestorm is made by Koei, and therfore is just a copy of Dynasty Warriors, think again. This is something new.
The biggest difference is that you are NOT a supreme human-killing machine like in DW. Try and take the field alone in BStorm, and you WILL end up dead, alone and shamed. Teamwork is the key here - you can take control of the squads around you; the more progress you make, the more squads you can control. Easy!
Another big difference is the map. Some DW levels were big, but every BStorm map is HUGE, like San Andreas size. And there's about 8 different areas.
One thing it shares with DW, is the principle of taking bases/castles to control the map. However, there is roughly 22-28 bases for each map, so don't expect to be finishing this game quickly.

A.I? Very good in places.
Historical accuracy? Well done in some areas (Battle of Crecy), but takes second place to entertainment in others - (elephants!?).
Another squiffy subject is that the levels tend to look samey. But hey, it's France! Perhaps it did look like that in the 14th century.

Summing up, Bladestorm may not be for everyone, but there's nothing else like it on the PS3 at this time and I urge you to give it a try. Also, kudos for Koei for keeping it out of DW country.
This was much better than I was expecting.

Tip? Cavalry are a NIGHTMARE to kill. Use archers against them.

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  Good strategy game

| | See all MayhemGoods's reviews (2)

This game is the best strategy game there is on ps3. The graphics are mind blowing not mentioning some of the combos you can do whilst playing the game. But and its a big but the game is to repetive as it gets boring after a few days as everything is the same get control of one base blah blah keep on doing that all thre out the game. Also the game is very very easy to master. But the game is a good one so im not saying dont buy it.

  Good Strategic Game

| | See all Gromite's reviews (7)

This is a very Good game which lots of people would be fooled into thinking it is like Dyansty Warriors, but it isn't. Yes some of the fighting is like Dyansty Warriors but the game involves a lot more skill than just running in and killing lots of people. The game goes into a lot more depth than any Dyansty Warriors game and in total is a lot more interesting game. Don't be fooled by the makers and look of the game, this is a good game.

  An interesting strategy game, but hit-and-miss for some.

| | See all MattDark's reviews (62)

Bladestorm is a good game that could be overlooked as its made by the same people who made the Dynasty Warriors series.

Sure, it shares some similar features, like the huge armies fighting and large battlefields where you kill 100's of foes in a single battle, but this game is something very differant.

First of all, there are no real characters to choose from. While you may fight alongside the likes of the Black Prince or Joan de Arc, you will have to create you own character who works as a mercenary, fighting for whichever side you choose.

Secondly, you are not a one-man killing machine, here you have a range of differant units you can control from archers and cavelry to swords and spearmen.
Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses against other types, forcing you to change the unit you are controlling in order to defeat certain forces.

Bladestorm is largely a strategy-based game, as you switch units to keep an advantage against your opponenets, you must also capture various bases to help reduce the enemies numbers and add more units to your own forces.

As it isnt a simple 'run around and kill everything' game like dynasty warriors is, it takes alot of time and patience to go through, its not something for the more casual party or those that prefere less complex action.

Still, it is a fun game, and worth picking up if you have ever enjoyed the kessen series or other strategy games.

  mixed feelings

| | See all thewolf55's reviews (12)

i bought this game at the start with mixed feelings
and i still have them

it started great but soon got boring it has lots of good units to command like magicians and elephants but after 3 hours i got bored.

however as a koei lover i would reccomend this game to any other koei fans