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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Good old sam is back... but conviction may be better...

| | See all alexanderkeene's reviews (12)

Sam is back from the old chaos theory, you may hear the option thing.. Weather u kil a guy or not by getting nsa or jba trust (good guy and bad guy trust), good game awful online play, only thing is that the game is not very replayable. This is because that when you have done all the possible ways or options, you get bored very quickly, worth getting if you want it but dont expect to love it forever, youll may get bored of it with in half a year, but when i did kinda like it i only had phases of liking it. Good game but too short way too short!

  Great Game, Great Price

| | See all Spareman's reviews (1)

Ive given this game a 5 star rating, Its the one game I keep coming back too, I thought the story mode was excellent and the online play even better, pity there are not many online players at the moment due to recent game releases but mark my words they will be back, Great competivness in online play with global leaderboard for ranked matches, and at €13.99 you cant go wrong.

  A Tom Clancy game under a tenner what a bargain!

| | See all androgregoriou's reviews (24)

I ordered this a few weeks ago and i must admit its the most funnest & fully action packed game for such a low price. Amazing story line and graphics! Strongly recommend this game! 10/10

  Great game

| | See all gameseller5's reviews (1)

This game is great. I bought this game for 15 pound and never regretted it. Awsome graphics, good gameplay but no one on the online play, but thats not the games fault i just bought it too long after it came out. Would reccommend to a friend!

  Best Game

| | See all TerryGittens's reviews (2)

Ive had this game for about 3 days now i took a big risk when i did order it 15pounds aint a lot off money but 2 me wit 15pounds i cud have order a diff game but when i got this game wow it did blow, me away this game is now in my top 10, i have looked at some ppl comments on here n some off them said they have complieted this game in 24hours if this is true i really think they shud get a life cos ive have this for 3days and still playin it, i allso had metal gear 4 and i didnt think to much of it wasnt really a game for me but this game right here beats it by miles

  bad reviews???

| | See all rossisapprentice's reviews (3)

This was one of the first games i bought 4 my ps3 about a year ago and i was totally blown away by it. I neva been a splinter cell fan but this game is great. The graphics are brilliant the levels r good 2. Sum of the bad guy levels where a bit boring or uninspiring but apart from that its a great game. Alot worse games have come out since especially conflict; denied ops. Avoid like the plague. I bought this at full price and still thought it was worth it. At this price u should buy it no matter what, its a steal!
Jus felt this game needed 2 be defended cos it really is a good game.

  what are they goin on about

| | See all masterG's reviews (3)

how come everyone is sayin this about splinter cell this is a good game the graphics are amazin the online is top notch! espicially the sneekin side thts amaizin jumpin and climbin bout b4 enemy get there well good highly recomend !!


| | See all Twizze's reviews (10)

i was going to come on and give this 2 stars, i had this for the 360 when it 1st came out, it was fantastic. I recentley got it for my ps3 because i have always been a fan of splinter cell over metal gear solid and i wanted to enjoy the game again. It is now awful to play, it seems to take forever to load on ps3 and the graphics already look a bit dated compared to what 360 and ps3 can now push out. i am still giving it 3 stars because for 14.99 it is a must play if you havnt yet, and if you wana play this online it works really well on playstation network and as you all know playstation network is free.

i am actually going to get Metal Gear 4 because i want my ps3 to impress me for a change, although i still dont think metal gear online will be as good as splinter cell is online.

  Very annoying and has gone in the wrong direction!

| | See all Alby1990's reviews (83)

I remember the first time I ever played Splinter Cell on my PS2, and I was blown away by the graphics and gripping gameplay. It was absolutely superb!

Whilst the others may have been a bit too similar, they consistently moved the series forwards and improved it.

Sadly, Double Agent is quite poor. For a start the light meter has gone, so you can't tell how well you can be seen. The inbetween missions bits in the mercenary base are complete tosh and very UNenjoyable, especially as they all have stupid time limits! The whole idea that a man like Sam Fisher would even contemplate switching sides is hard to believe (especially for those who have played all the previous Splinter Cell games).

In summary, I would only recommend this game if it were between £15 and £20, it is NOT worth £50! If you have a 60GB PS3, get the older PS2 versions, they are a lot better! Or if you have a PSP, I would recommend that version, it is top notch!

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  need patience

| | See all guitarmad123's reviews (4)

a very entertaining game...but to enjoy this game you require patience and need to be observant...if you are not them things, dont buy. you'll probably end up throwing it against the wall