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Crysis 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Suits You!

| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

I haven't tried the online yet but I'm just finishing the story.
It took a while to get going & after a couple of hours I really started to enjoy this game & can't put it down now.
I bought this for the stealth game, being a huge fan of the splinter cell & MGS genre, there are very few stealth games on the market at the moment.
I soon realized though that this game is probably more of a FPS & the stealth just comes in handy to aid you past some enemies & therefore doesn't stand up to either Splinter or MGS.
However this is still a good game, a lot has been said about the graphics & yea they are very good but there is better out there, they don't have the crispness of KZ3 or dead space 2 for example.

  be strong be invisible be the weapon

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

This is an exellent game. The graphics are so far the best ive seen all year. The campaign is pro the online is pro, everything about this game is pro. I love the nano suit, it just makes this game the best. Seeing my favourite city brought to destruction it actually great. I love the idea of this game being in new york. EA, Crytek, Cryengine3 amazing job. BE THE WEAPON!!!

  King Of 3D, Here We Come....

| | See all drakehunter46's reviews (8)

This game is one of my most favourite games in the whole of the gaming world. I believe that this has the graphical technology to make peoples minds explode with it's amazing quality and brilliant dynamics, with original game being good and all it didn't really take off to be honest and if this doesn't shoot the franchise into world history, I don't know what will. The story sees you as a normal marine soildier who turns into a technical masterpiece along with the help of the Nanosuit 2.0. Even though it has a 12 hour campaign they could've compiled the middle section slightly more, that's were it all kind of fell apart. THe multiplayer cam with twelve maps, but i didn't really see the point in the limited edtion stuff, cause you unlocked it all eventually. The multiplayer played well but the odd connection error didn't stop me enjoying the experience. The perk system for the suit worked well as an addition to the experience but the weapon range could've been expanded more. Overall as a game, worth the money.

  A solid enough shooter with impressive graphics

| | See all tbrookey09's reviews (74)

First off the game looks impressive, with New York backdrops and an excellent game engine. You are an unknown marine referred to as 'Alcatraz' that wears a revolutionary suit, that is basically an evolving bio-weapon. This suit allows you to either cloak (go invisible) or to activate an armour shield. This uses a power source bar and aids your fighting skills in what is a tough FPS combat game.

The combat includes stealth kills, tactical scans with your visor, upgrading your suits powers and several weapons and options. The game uses all of the pads buttons and so becomes confusing and over complicate at times, by arguably more rewarding over time. You can also run, slide and use numerous grenades.

The game's main boast is it's graphics. It looks superb, with many great New York in devastation backdrops, amidst an Alien Takeover. There are some great scenes capturing the infection, isolation and chaos as the huge alien robots and giant 'squid' eat up, destroy and overtake the Big Apple (New York). There are some great effects here, with rain, explosions, army vehicles and the alien robots themselves.

The levels feature areas of New York which include Wall Street, Battery Park, Bryant Park, Central Park and Station, and Times Square.

The Alien Hive is present throughout with crash sites being explored and fought off by the US Army Marines and the Crysis Cell, which are like super special, secret army like underground research teams.

The single player campaign is quite long and repetitive, being challenging and tough, but the excellent story, cut-scenes and epic feel pull you through. Yes it is another FPS but it does boast some great visuals, level designs and a feeling of accomplishment. Players can collect dog tags, emails, souvenirs and vehicle keys.

Overall a competent shooter worth a try.

  Fun but Dull....Find out why.......

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

As a recomendation from a friend I bought this game limited edition. This review is split up inito two parts equalling 5 stars.

Campaign; The campaign in my opinion is very dull and hard to follow. I haven't completed the campaign yet and it is very easy. I like earning trophies as I am level 8 on them but it doesn't really require a challenge to earn them on Crysis. If you want a good story buy Killzone 3 (personally one of my favourite ever story lines.)
Overall 1 star for the campaign.

Multiplayer;This game is very fun online. I've been playing for hours on it and it is very enjoyable. As a fan of the Call of Duty series I have got to say this game is equally as good online. This game online provides hours of enjoyment.
Overall 4 stars for online.

If you want a good campaign buy Killzone 3 if you want good online buy Crysis 2.

  Boring and over-hyped

| | See all GayKane's reviews (8)

I had been looking forward to playing this game since I heard that the Crysis series was coming to consoles (my PC is used for surfing the net and can't handle games very well). I'd played Crysis 1 on my friends computer and liked the 20 mins or so I'd played, and this was very much the same. The game grows boring very quickly and while it says you need to use stealth, this isnt really the truth. It's very much just a "go in all guns blazing" game as stealth maybe gets you one or two unsatisfying kills at the most. The guns are awful too, realism isnt on the menu for this game. The enemies are boring and repetitive and the missions are linear and again, repetitive. If you are itching to play this game, I'd rent it, that way you wont be out of pocket and you'll have it for long enough to experience the games full potential. Multiplayer doesnt add any longevity as this too is boring. COD still rules the roost.

  Quality from start to finish

| | See all ScottyDog1's reviews (21)

This game has to be a contender for game of the year. A Quality FPS title in a genre full of poor, over-hyped rubbish. The graphics and musical score are top notch and really do set the scene. Elements of stealth and tactical thought bring together this game with more conventional run and gun style play. It simply is a joy to play and I enjoyed it immensely. No one should think twice about buying this game! :)

  outstanding game!

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

this game is outstanding got it on launch day and i was amazed by the game play and the graphics even the online is brill but before this game came out i would of said killzone 3 was the beast fps out but amazed when i got it over all a great game easy to follow story over a great fps to my collection of game simply a 10/10 game

  Good but let down if you have played Crysis1 in all it glory

| | See all Kingnic's reviews (1)

This is a very good shooter, the controls are responsive the graphics are good but that is not really that important. But the game play offers more with what you can do with you character than other shooters. Online is also very good, unique in its own little way but not the best but not bad either. But if you have never played crysis 1 you will love it im sure.