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Crysis 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Simply Outstanding!

| | See all Orthanc's reviews (3)

Not much to say to be honest other than it is simply incredible! Shooting games have started to become something of a tired genre with one repetition after another but the advent of the Nanosuit changes the perspective of how to approach each situation in this game. Refreshing, brilliant and massively addictive! Visually stunning, superb musical score and immersive , intense environments and situations encourage you to take a more considered 'Metal Gear' approach to situations as opposed to running in blazing away. Simply beautiful!

  One of the best Shooters out there

| | See all Yemster's reviews (2)

I sold all my COD games cause I finally got annoyed of them. When I saw this I just had to play it, and this game does not disappoint. It looks amazing and the nanosuit is just freaking cool. The campaign is brilliant and the AI are actually challenging. The multiplayer is just good fun and teamwork is sort of encouraged but not like games such as Battlefield and the upcoming Brink. Sure there are a few minor issues here and there but when you see this game for your own eyes, you cant blame them.

  Top 5 PS3 Games

| | See all AstonMartinDB9's reviews (4)

This really is an amazing game, I cant understand the comments about the AI. The AI is stand out amazing. To the point where I actually stepped back and thought how clever it was during playing the game.
The graphics are superb and the gameplay brilliant. Campaign is unbelievable. Its up with uncharted, on my favourite games list.

  Different but Brilliant

| | See all ArchangelSaske's reviews (2)

The graphics, sound and gameplay are all smooth and enjoyable.
I buy FPS games for the online multiplayer and this has impressed me the most. It takes a more strategic approach than all guns blazing. Using the different armour and stealth modes to gain the best advantage of the situation provide a different but brilliant aspect to mulitplayer FPS. It does take a while to get used to the controls but if you complete the campain first you'll learn all you need to know.
Good amount of unlocks from dog tags to weapons and modes.
Only downside for me was the limit of the online maps was 6 v 6 players but that is compensated by the size and detail of the maps.

  a big let down

| | See all gbow1968's reviews (1)

this game is a massive letdown after some of the great shooters weve been treated to at the end of last year and beginning of this on the PS3. The graphics in general are superb but the enemies and vehicles leave a lot to be desired with bland and derivative design.The AI is also some of the worst ive seen for along time.
If you havent played many shooters lately you may well enjoy this game alot but then again f you havent played many shooters lately ii would recommend Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 way ahead of this very disappointing game

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  very good

| | See all davebigdave84's reviews (1)

Ive had this game for about a week now and im still in two mids weather i actually like it or not. The graphics are brilliant but game play leaves me feeling a bit disappointed and frustrated. The main point that annoys me more than anything is the short life of the suits power, it just dosnt last long enough i just hope it gets better as the game goes on. Other than that i think its a big improvement on COD.

  Looks amazing Plays Amazing Buy It Now

| | See all churchy21's reviews (26)

This game is brilliant, the story is a little slow but gets really good,
Im using a 40" samsung 3d tv and can say that the 3d in crysis 2 is top notch, maybe even better than the 3d in killzone 3 and that looks pretty damm good.
Multiplayer is very addictive, not at all like cod far from it.
You need to think in this game online.
This is a more mature fps, so hopefully all the silly little boys on cod will stay on cod.
If you like fps shooters like killzone you will love this game buy it.

  Do Not But If You Are A COD Fan.

| | See all maurice45's reviews (17)

This game is the most enjoyable game I have experienced since Killzone 2. Brilliant Campaign and Ultra Amazing On-Line. So lets not have it ruined by the cheaters who have plaugued COD.

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| | See all centurion's reviews (54)

This is not the game every one is making out.The way it looks is fantastic the detail is outstanding but the single player game play is a bit slow to me.The multi player is not COD as some people are making out but more AvP to me.I know the saying "Every one to there own" but this is a mid table game to me.You can play this in 3D if you have the TV to play it on, so maybe another star would be added if i played it in 3D cause the detail looks like it would be fantastic.

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