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Crysis 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Awesome!!!!! best game yet

| | See all crowboy1000's reviews (10)

well the title says it all really. amazing graphics brings out the ps3 true power game play will beat any FPS shooter out there and multiplayer will be the future for online play. you would be a fool to miss out on this game. just buy it you wont be dissapointed just look at the other reviews

  CRYSIS 2 Eats COD and KIllzone for breakfast

| | See all Subliminal2k's reviews (8)

best game of 2011 no joke!!!! cod is done :) next generation of fps. worth every penny!!!

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| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

Something fresh for the FPS.
The fact this game can be played in 3D if you have a 3D TV is a step forward for gaming.
Even without 3D the game visually is incredible. The sound and music themes are awesome and the game play is next to none.
Multiplayer is great with lots of different game modes as you rank up.
Very pleased with this purchase.

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  Average at best

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I tried the multiplayer demo when it came out - wasnt impressed with that - gameplay felt sluggish, graphics were substandard and it all just seemed like a very overhyped, average (at best) run and gun affair - I hoped the final game would be better - I was wrong. This game might be good on a high-spec ninja pc, but the ps3 version struggles with it. The enemy animation is very poor, graphics seem very rough, sound is glitchy and the gameplay is (despite the games claims that it promotes the use of stealth) little more than a 'run in, guns blazing' type of affair. Needless to say I am NOT impressed with this game. My advice is try the multiplayer demo first - if you like that you will like the final game - if (like me) you didnt then avoid this - you'll just be (like me) massively dissapointed. Oh - I forgot to mention the installation which seems to take forever (sorry - didn't time it. I went for a cuppa, it was still installing when I came back - nice)

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  Highly addictive!

| | See all WHITEyy118's reviews (4)

I never got the chance to play the demo so I was unsure about the game, but that didn't stop me buying it. Not yet played SP so I will only be describing the MP aspect.

At first it is hard to get used to with a slightly weird controller layout. Because of the suit abilities using the triggers things like change weapons and throwing a grenade take some getting used to. Now the abilities, I thought that they'd be hard to get used to, but suprisingly there not. Simply stealth to creep up to someone or to run away, and armour when you are facing a shootout.

Now the maps and guns. I've played most maps and so far all are enjoyable. Each feels different and balanced while also providing decent gameplay. However as for the guns there doesn't look like there is that many. That's not a big problem because you have the variety of attachments but when starting out, until level 20 or so, your choice is minimal.

All in all I'd say by this game if you enjoy your FPS. Ok there are some minor flaws but IMO I rate this game highly with a mix of Black Ops, Killzone and Halo.

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  single player is good online play rubbish

| | See all plumz72's reviews (3)

single play game is just brill, but online multiplayer rubbish if you want this game to play online wait till the price drops and it will just like medal of honor did, I wiil stick with call of duty online


| | See all DONIlPadrinoPaulie's reviews (5)

I have the ps3 and with the VERY short time i had with the demo i thought the game was top drawer. I managed to play 2 online multiplayer matches and the movement was fluid, graphics were on par with any big name FPS.

The motion on each player was smooth and calculated. I loved the super jump and slide aditions.

I can not wait for this game to arrive tomorow so i can sell Black ops. Was good to begin with but with so many campers and what i beleive hackers and lag switchers i can wait to get on to a new type of game. Hopefully they will stick to call of duty and decent gamers will play crysis.

I will complete the single player missions before trying the multi player online due to the connection problems reported 5 days before the launch. I have no doubt that the staff at crytek will have this issue sorted by launch day.

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  Based on PS3 review copy

| | See all demonear's reviews (6)

This is the best FPS game i've played in ages. The Campaign mode is very special & the suit lets you approach each scenario in different ways which is so refreshing compared to COD etc.

The graphics have to be seen to be believed (better than Killzone 2 in many ways) & the multiplayer seems very good as well but I only played it for 1 night so far. All the things you can do in the game you can do online as well & it has a good progression system. It was made by Crytek UK who did Timesplitters & Goldeneye years ago so they know their eggs.

If anything the dialogue can be a little cheesy but it's 'so what' material in the bigger picture of what's on offer here.

Buy this for any machine you have you won't be dissapointed.

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  PC Beta

| | See all Crazyposse's reviews (6)

I've only played the PC beta, some things may be different but not too sure. The reason I'm writing this review here is because my main gaming console is a PS3 and I've now pre-ordered it for the PS3 (it can't be much different)

If you're a MW2 fan like myself, and still can't get into Black Ops and Killzone 2 - this is highly recommended.

Black Ops' graphics and sound effects were absolutely atrocious, grenades sound like paper bombs and the hit detection rate is ridiculous. Killzone 2 is a good game but feels too sluggish for my liking, especially after playing MW2.

So if you're going from MW2 to Crysis 2, you'll have no problems, the gameplay is smooth and fast paced, gun effects are pretty much identical to MW2, the grenades could be more effective and the hit detection rate is very slightly off but nothing major. Remember, this is beta.

For those who are currently thinking "the whole armour thing is overpowered" you couldn't be more wrong, the power sets and classes are all balanced out nicely. You can't be invisible for long nor can you sprint forever. You have to play a little more tactically.

I just recently got a 7 Killstreak, so I had the Orbital Strike and Ceph Gunship, the strike is a cross between a Predator Missile and an Airstrike (both MW2), the AoE is pretty good, too. I've had 2 Strikes and each one got me 4-5 kills (more than you'll ever get from an airstrike unless you're lucky) Unfortunately, the match ended as my Gunship got on the screen....

Best of all - no camping! You can't camp for killstreaks, after a kill you have to collect the enemies Dog Tag, so technically, the Dog Tags are the killstreaks not the actual enemy.

Only 2 game modes on the beta, Team Deathmatch and Crash Site (which is exactly like HQ from Call of Duty - but made much more fun with the Nano Suit or whatever it's called.

Overall, awesome game, highly addictive MP to match MW2.

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