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White Knight Chronicles

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Looks awesome but no step by step tutorial, so rubbish

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My tiotle says it all as just wrote another review where i mentioned this game and thought i would do a review here.

I bought this as it looks so totally awesome .... Went to play it and after about 5 mins in i am stood in the town wandering around without a clue what to do or where to go............. There is no step by step tutorial as you play and for someone like me who need that it meant that i was unable to play the game any further.

No idea why game creators cannot add in an option for a tutorial for those of us who need it.

Games i love to play are oblivion, dark kingdom, dragon age, dragons dogma ... To give you an idea of my background. All these have tutorials :-)

Anyway i sold my game that same week :-(

  Great fun

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When I bought this game I was a bit hesitant but after playing a while I found it to be a damn good game. The combat system is very good, it allows you to make your own custom combos for huge damage. The storyline is great, it makes you care about the characters and take interest in their stories.

The online play is what makes this game brilliant for me, a friend and myself bought a copy each, i play a healer/buffer type and he plays a melee tank/dps guy and we work together to do quests and kill boss mobs. You can build your own town and populate it with civilians, join peoples guilds and form up friendships. There is so much more to this game than just a regular RPG.

The only downside for me is that the main game is very easy and doesn't offer much of a challenge to experienced RGP players, but all in all. Definately worth a buy! its only cheap :)

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  Much better than expected

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I bought this game even though reviews suggested it should be left alone. I'm glad I overlooked the overly critical reviewers.

The initial hours passed and if I'm honest, I felt disappointed with WKC. The game is sloooooow to get going and after playing Demons Souls, I wanted to give it a kick. Once I settled into the pace, I began to enjoy WKC.

This is not the best RPG out there, but on the PS3, it's as good as the best on offer. I'm 35 hours in and still have a bit to go (solo). I've not touched on the online aspect!

NOTE ... the manual for this game is worthless. I found myself scratching my head on many occasions. My advice is to read up via online gaming walkthroughs to get an idea where to start.

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  good game but to easy

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I class myself as a big rpg fan i spend days on them but this is to short to be classed a hardcore rpg it seems to have been made for a wider audience as it is never hard enough but it is still a good game and i think it will appeal to a lot of casual gamers because not alot of has to be put in to get alot of fun from it so if u normaly avoid rpg,s like final fantasy and oblivion give this a try

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  Great Game for the RPG fan.

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This game is great if you like your RPG's. IGN's rating of 5.1 is harsh. I wont say its a perfect game it has a few downsides. The story is very gripping but also very short I cleared it in less than 24 hours. The game offers a new game+ mode with the option to obtain unique equipment to new game+ so it offers re-playability. The graphics are smooth with little or no frame rate issues.The online aspect of the game called GeoNet is very fun its very MMO like, you can get into a party with your custom created "avatar" and engage in 50 online quests. Though some of these are repetitive because there are up to 3 versions of the same quest but with stronger monsters. You also get to create your own town complete with its own residents and shops. This in itself is quite addicting. My only other gripe with the game is that there isn't much variation when it comes to enemies, they're pretty much the same in every area, the only exceptions seem to be the larger mobs. All in all this is a very good game with a lot of replay value, I'm looking forward to the sequel to find out what happens to Leonard and his companions!

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