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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Customer Reviews

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  dont listen to these guys!!

| | See all THEGURU82's reviews (3)

these two guys have not even played the full game, just the demo which is stupid to rate on just the demo alone.
its based in the metal gear universe and is only similar to metal gear solid series in that respect but thats not a bad thing.
also it is not just a button masher, it does take skill to play.
if it looks interesting to you, buy it!!
the previous 2 reviews are no way to base a decision.


| | See all spriggan's reviews (3)

First off leaving ratings for games b4 they are even out isnt my thing and irritates me as alot of people raved that colonial marines would be ace as apposed to the little bit of a let down it turned out to be premature reviews only lead to disapointment in some cases and the damaging of good games b4 release in others. but reading some of the reviews on here and other places i felt it was necessary.
When i first played the demo like the first 5 mins of it yes like many others i thought "whats this its just a hack and slash" but i was wrong it does have the element of hack and slash but thats only part of it which is a nice add to the mg franchise. The game is stealth like FULL stealth but it isnt aparent to begin with, you stalk your prey you move fast not slow "however you can move slow if you wish", then you perform tenchu like kills on the enemy with the sword from behind, the side or even above it made me giggle like the first time i played tenchu 1 and 2 when a guy looked up just to see me drop a sword and metrosexual soldier on him. you have 2 ways to spot enemies and sneak around or surprise them first is the good old tried and tested soloton radar. second is a nano augmented vision which allows him to see enemies behind obsticles.
Despite what others think there are other weapons in game but the demo doesnt utlise them. the demo is merely to show what raiden can do with the sword olga gave him at the end of mgs2 showing you how you can do the moves shown in the cut scenes of mgs 4. If you press left or right on the directional pad it brings up your item slots much like the right and left triggers did in other games, there are 4 slots, health items, secondary weapons i.e grenades etc, there is also a slot called custom which i can only speculate is for other cyborg capabilities and stealth camo and then there is primary weapon, which to begin with raiden only has the sword. Graphically its a nice looking game much like msg 4.
Metal gear rising has a level up system and uprgade system explained by raiden being mostly cyborg having lost most of his body throughout the other games and the time between them "this made him a little emo but hell i can get past it since he kills as apposed to sitting in a dark corner crying." but having lost body parts and having them make him a cyborg comes in handy, he can jump higher and is more flexible than he was in mgs2, he is faster and can be upgraded and leveled up to become the ultimate weapon. He uses nano data he retreives from other cyborg enemies left hands then sends it to a freaky frankenstien like doctor who uses the info to upgrade raidens body.
Story line seems good and characters seem animated and have there own back story as to life and how they met raiden. raiden works for a pmc group which seem to be good guys seen as if done correctly he can save civies from executions and general bullying or he can leave them to rot but that depends on the player. pmc btw is a term for mercs. so far the demo is good and i do plan to buy on launch.
What id suggest is buy now play with an open mind and if you arent happy then trade in for something else, its not going to put you to much out of pocket maybe a pound or 2 with brand new trade in prices. Remeber you cant know what a game is truly like unless you try it yourself. this is only the demo review and demo's are unfinished products, where as after the demo is launched the main game is often added to and updated much b4 games are released.


| | See all Snickyhumbug's reviews (3)

I could go on about how amazing and slick the fighting elements of this title are, but the blade mode of this game is what adds something you just can't find anywhere else, and the use of the metal gear franchise only adds to the coolness of it all.

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  It's not even out yet

| | See all Burgess88's reviews (3)

People are already giving this low ratings when it's not out yet(?!). I've given it 5stars to bring up the overall! The demo was great and looks like Metal Gear has still retained the much love feel of a Metal Gear games whilst giving it a new slant on the series. I preordered this in the confidence it will be an exceptional game and I'm sure I wont be disappointed...

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  get it in bargain bin

| | See all GHOSTDAWG's reviews (6)

its not worth full price get it when it goes cheap its just hack and slash no snake i suggest renting this or getting it from bargain bin outlets

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  Not impressed, it's a renter

| | See all Crabbers1984's reviews (5)

Was really looking forward to this when I heard about this but finally played the demo and I was very let down, it's just a hack and slash, it's no metal gear, bring back snake. To be honest the fighting is just crazy. Think am gonna wait till the new metal gear solid ground zeroes, that looks awesome. Basically I just think its a button basher, probably rent it or buy it cheap.

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