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ModNation Racers

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  not a classic

| | See all mari01's reviews (3)

i can not help but compare this to mario kart wii if you played that you will be disappointed thats if you want to find some people to play online theres a few but be warned it took me 20min to find a game when compared to mario kart 10000s and takes sec's


| | See all GameFreaks1's reviews (16)

Modnation racers is one of the best D.I.Y games on the market, like little big planet you get to design your own levels and creations, you also get to design your own character's and cars. The reason this title is much more applicable to kids and adult's alike is because the creation process is much easier to get to grips with it isn't at all frustrating. The single player part of the game is very exciting and fun, there are some hard tracks, but you can beat them by using the weapons that are scattered across the track to claw your way back to the top and so much more, this is a must buy for if you want lots to do and lots to create. When you buy this title you will be glad you have got a" PLAYSTATION 3".

  Apart from the loading times this is a fairly good game

| | See all lyall93's reviews (3)

The loading time does take quite a bit of the fun out of this but thanks to almost limitless customization of your character and your kart as well as some tasteful online racing this game is worth a buy

  Better then i thought

| | See all dodo12's reviews (19)

I got this game with my playstation and at first i thought it was a baby game. At first glance it does look like a children's game but after playin you'll think differently. its alot like the mario kart games so if youve enjoyed those you'll defiantly enjoy this!


| | See all nooneuknow's reviews (2)

I dislike this game.Long load times solid if unspetacular racing and repetitive campain mode,it's not for me.However if you do like this game,take consolidation in the fact my 4-year old cousin adores this game.(although he spent 20 minutes 'herding cows' by driving into them.)

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  Easy to pick up and play.. look gorgeous..great gameplay.

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Before saying anything else, yes.. as a lot of people will have mentioned, the loading times in this game can be lengthy at times. But not long enough or frequent enough to damage gameplay.

Now for the actual game. Aside from loading times, there really is VERY little to criticise here.This game looks beautiful when racing or moving around your pit-stop area. The ingame videos can look a bit off, but those are videos.

The controls are near spot-on, not perfect, but close to it. It can be a bit painful on your thumb to be making so many slides around corners, but you get used to it and you don't notice while playing due to the fun you have.

The main system for racing is to slide around corners, build up your boost and then use it. You can slide at any point, not just at corners. But the key is to slide when you can and boost away.

There are weapons to use too, or you can choose to use it as a sheild instead. It not quite as precise as shooting in (for example) WipeOut, but you can still hit people.

It has to be said, the AI can be tough, even on casual and you will find that you might be 1st in a race, get hit by a weapon and suddenly drop down to 5th really fast. But if you stick at it, you can win the races in at least 3rd.

There is an entire storyline, of a type, to play through here with the career mode and its done pretty well, teaching you the mechanics of the game as you go decently. You unlock and win extra items to use when modifying your car or player when doing the career mode.

There are challenges to complete during the career racers, which you get items for doing.

But I found the most fun is during online play, against real people, where you can either do a casual race or earn XP. You earn XP depending on your winning position, how many damage you do during the race, stunts and so forth.

Its easy to level up. Im not sure what you get for leveling up, as I havent gone far yet though.

Playing online racers is great and works fine. You pick an online race, you wait for players to join you and then its away. No issues at all during races.

The race tracks and locations are wide and varied, with speed boosts, weapons, hazards, bends, hills and so forth to see and experience.

Then we have the mod (or little big planet style) aspect!

You can basically customise your car, player and create a track from scratch in any way you wish. You can upload your creations to the PSN and let others share them, and download others too.

There are hundreds of car, player and track designs to download!

My only gripe is that they have obviously released. and no doubt plan, to release a lot of exclusive DLC packs which you MUST buy to access certain items in the customise area. But those packs are all that expensive, but its still a bit frustrating and an obvious way to make money from us.

All in all, if you ever wanted a Mario Kart for the PS3 this is spot on. Only a few small gripes, but nothing major enough to damage the gameplay. And ontop of that you get to build cars, players and tracks.

  Fantastic Game

| | See all Mitchb2692's reviews (1)

This game is brilliantly put together, combining the mayhem from Crash Team Racing and the creativity from Little Big Planet how could they fail. The racing is seamless and so far i have not come across any bugs. The single Player is challenging and will have you coming back for more to ensure you collect every item. The multi-player is also a brilliant addition with no lag whilst racing and maintains the fluidity of the single-player. One flaw is the loading screens but that is a very minor flaw.

  Fantastic Fun, and Very challenging. Great Game

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

This is the sort of game that will stick an enormous smile on your face in about 5 minutes, think of it as Crash Team Racing for people who actually want a difficult game to play.
The Customization in this game really is enormous, You will certainally lose a fair few hours just designing yourself a kart (The Dodge Challenger Lookalike at the start is bit meh).
Just one word of warning: It's massively addictive

  Finally a exclusive kart game for the ps3

| | See all Wilki69's reviews (8)

Simply put this game is awesome. Simple controls and even simpler create tools makes this a must have for kart racers or people who want to create the ultimate kart, racer and track. Of the few creation games out there this has the easiest creation tools I have used to date. Seriously after I had the game for 10 minutes I had already created 3 racers a kart and a track it's so easy even your gran could create something. The only hard part of the game is the career mode which sometimes can be a little on the unfair side at times but persist with it and you have yourselves a stunning little kart game. And yes you can create Mario.

  Personlly, love this game.

| | See all Tim111's reviews (1)

Lot of fun and fast paced the whole way through. Starts off very easy but dont worry it gets very hard in the end. Has sort of a kiddy feel and takes forever to load but eventually worth it especially when making your own level but normally more fun to create than race on.