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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all jamesw966's reviews (3)

the smooth movement and graphics are good but the actual gameplay is short lived and is nothing in comparison to the C.O.D games. would not recommend this to any hard core shoot em up gamers.
it is a messy game when it comes to action and the re-spawning of enemies soon become irritating.probably the worst game i have played for ps3


| | See all boo1o8's reviews (2)

Amongst one of the worst games I've ever played. It has pretty much no story and every mission is divided up into boring objectives that are long and repetitive. At the start of every mission there is a pointless cut scene where brink has tried to put a story in but all the cut scenes just consist of a few characters that you care nothing for talk about wherever their on the right side or not? Then it jumps into a long predictable game of just shooting stuff... Seriously this game is bad. There is also this button called smart where if you hold it down you can climb obstacles and free run, I completed the game and wouldn't say I did a single bit of freerunning. All the things you can vault over and climb are completely pointless its faster to just run around them and all it is is just climbing things anyway, hardly freerunning. DON'T BUY THIS GAME. Also no one plays it online anymore either. Trophies are easy though for you guys.

  enjoyable game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

heard some mixed reveiws on this game but thought id take a gamble and it payed off this is an areana game with two differnt sides and storys where you have missions to do in one area your in a team you can sort of control your team and death is on a respawn systerm so it doesnt really matter its fun and works pretty well with some nice levels the down side is its a little short and your team a.i isnt always the best but all in all its a fun game with good replay ablity

  BRINK is a good shooter

| | See all Razor1's reviews (4)

BRINK is an inovative game, the SMART movement system is good once you master it, sliding into a gunfight is usefull (and fun) as you can knee cap people before they can react to shoot at you. A good mix of play style depending on how you choose to set your character up, light body types can access all the higher paths but get killed quite easily as oposed to the heavy body which lets you use the 'best' weapons and take more damage but you have limited movement regards climbing and you move considerably slower. Good choice of weapons, good choice for character visual customisation. Overall its a fun game, the only thing that does let it down : number of people playing online, hopefully at this price more people will get it and start playing because when you do get an 8 on 8 match of all human players it is a good experience.

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  quality multiplayer game

| | See all KAMILS's reviews (1)

in my opinion this game is absolutly fantastic. the character and weapons customisation is smashing, best multiplayer, parkour is great. VERY RECCOMENDED

  enjoyable and fun game

| | See all nikki1316's reviews (5)

i thought that this would be a terrible game because of all the bad reviews i had seen but thought id give it a go for myself and im glad i have the customisation is awesome and the game itself is really good fun and im enjoying it a lot its not the greatest game you will ever play but i think that you should try it out you may be surprised.

  Worth the money

| | See all StevenJDevon's reviews (5)

Could be 5 star if it wasn't for repetition. However the gameplay is good and entertaining for as long as it lasts. Online play makes it more interesting.

  Could have been five star

| | See all gunbonumber9's reviews (1)

I couldn't wait for this game to come out. After watching all the trailers and hearing all the hype it seemed so promising to take online FPS games to the next level. If it had lived up to the idea behind it I'm sure it would be perfect, but its just not quite there.

Visually I think the game is fantastic. The art style is new and refreshing and the customisation is a lot of fun, even if it isn't as in depth as you would be lead to believe.

The gameplay is fun and any casual gamer should enjoy it, but the idea of merging online multiplayer and campaign based singleplayer in to a new "Mingleplayer" genre just hasn't worked for me. The idea is good but the execution leaves the games repetitive for single player but sometimes impossible to play as multiplayer. The story line is hard to follow and the missions become very samey, with the player either capturing, destroying or escorting an objective, which with the clumsy AI can lead to the game being fairly dull if played on your own for more than 2 missions in a row.
Its redeeming feature should have been the fact that you can drop into an online version of the missions with no bots, which would make the objective based missions more exciting, however with no pre-game lobbies and the matchmaking system apparently drawing primarily from your friends list, if, like me, you are the first of your friends to buy this game, it seems nigh on impossible to get into a 8v8 multiplayer game with more than 3 of those people being actual human players.

Overall it is a fun shooter, and with a few things different could have been brilliant. Its easy enough to pick up and with the classes balanced there was so much potential for tactical online gaming, but it seems like Splash Damage and Bethesda spent so long trying to merge multiplayer and singleplayer together, that they forgot about what made each of those components great individually. Still, its early days and some tweaks in the online could make a difference.

Worth trying, but maybe convince your friends to buy as well!


| | See all chicco0's reviews (115)

very dissapointed with this game,gameplay is almost like playing a ps2 game.
customizing is very good but thats about all.