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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  its ok

| | See all bestoffilmngame's reviews (49)

well thats all i can say its ok
all it is really is a capture the flag game
gaurd this door or escort and so on
as much as i play it i think mag and quake wars pull it of much more than this

  Very Good

| | See all Dallboy27's reviews (3)

This game is very good, the customisation is sooooo good. :) The missions are good and enjoyable.
However the enemy are quite hard to kill even on easy. There are a few little things which i guess could be fixed and improved by a simple update.
Overall this game is very good on and offline but is so close to being perfect. Brink is an enjoyable game which you should at least rent for a week to get the feel for it. :)

  Hopefully more to come

| | See all MikeyL83's reviews (2)

Had Brink for just over a week completed all the resistance missions (on normal) including the What-if missions and half of the Security ones.
It is a terribly short game and I hope SD and Bethesda have a whole host of DL packs to go with this, they hint as much with the intriguingly names trophy, The story has just begun, for finishing all missions.

The game it's self can be immensely enjoyable and frustrating at the same time, the AI is poor to average at best and SMART movement is unfortunately not as amazing as claims, simply because you can only effectively wall run, pull yourself up a ledge or slide under something, I was hoping more along the line of Mirrors Edge, there are pipes and girders all over the place in some levels but you can't run across them.

The game play is great though and it is so easy to pick up and be right in the thick of it, feels a little rushed on the whole hence the 4 stars

  Great on and off line

| | See all Stooom's reviews (11)

The option to play all the levels on or off line is a great idea, plus the challenges and being able to change the player class keeps the game interesting.


| | See all ChancellorFlush's reviews (3)

I'm addicted to Brink already, the missions are easily re-playable and the customisation is fantastic, If you guys have done your research as well you would notice that Spash Damage usually make DLC packs instead of full games.
The gameplay is fast and shooty, and the classes are balanced and fun to play with. The fact that SD made their name in extra content packs and maps is a good sign for the lifespan of Brink.

  Yes and No - Worth the rental

| | See all Woodhams93's reviews (2)

its quite hard for me to make my mind up on this game, its good, addictive and different in its unique way. with parkour its fun to run and jump over pretty much any obstacle.
Ive completed it but for some reason i just go back to it and play again.

however its very short; 16 levels which you can either play online just co-op, or versus (No one plays though) or just solo.

This game isnt worth the purchase but a rental instead, for those who want trophys this game has a number of them (Mainly silver) and aren't exactly hard to acheive.

  Its hit and miss

| | See all planescape's reviews (4)

First off, I couldn't have been more excited about this title coming out, the SMART movement (Parkour) is a really great feature although there are a few things I'd love to add (i.e. if you slide into cover you crouch behind it) but on the whole it adds a real level of depth to the environment. Which brings me to my second plus, the environments are beautiful. I have seen a few comments about the maps being boring etc. but I tend to disagree, while there aren't so many advantages to being a light body character that can "get to otherwise unreachable places" the increase in speed is definitely noticable, as is the heavy bulk of the large body. The art style of this game is also incredibly unique and the character customisations, although not as numerous as the hype suggested, make for a compelling aspect all the same.

Where I start to have problems is with the way the game actually runs. The story is pretty poor, and the objective wheel is all but useless, I found I could get just as much experience running around killing people as I did for hacking open a door... if not more so. So the gameplay isn't that deep. It also has the same tasks over and over again so the game play is very much a case of either attacking or defending an object/person/item. So if you are after an intense experience this will not be it.

However, Brink is still definitely worth buying, much like Call of Duty, the appeal lies in just running around shooting people. It's capture the flag after capture the flag, and for a casual gamer it's perfect.

If you tl;dr'd this review basically, its worth a buy if you're a casual gamer who likes to pick up and jump in without caring about story. If you're more into narrative and tactical gameplay, this one might be worth just renting, or give it a miss.

  Not bad

| | See all GJSalvidant's reviews (11)

Ok, Im not sure what I expected, but it combines the free-running style of Mirrors Edge and takes aspects of Borderlands in that you customise your character style and attributes... HOWEVER, neither are done as well as the games they come from.

For me the game tries hard to be special, unique and something different etc etc and it partly achieves this, but ultimately it task based deathmatch online or offline. Offline you have a time to do certain tasks and the AI are fairly useless, Online is the same affair but instead of AI you have people (who you will often consider useless too lol)

Perhaps #2 or their next game will be something special and worth a purchase, but this game isn't. Definately a rental, but little more.


  Another Average Shooter

| | See all Johnboy84's reviews (35)

They promised all this advanced customization, SMART movement system, original new shooter blah blah blah. The customization is all very well but it's far too easy to unlock everything and you can add all the usual attachments to your gun and you can change your characters clothing and body size. Nothing out of the ordinary there. The much boasted SMART movement system isn't exactly ground breaking either. Basically you run at stuff and it jumps over the object for you or pull yourself up onto a ledge, nothing more to explain there.
The ideas there for something pretty good but it seems a bit cut short to me with no real lastability as i've put it down after finishing the campaign and about an hour or two of online play.
I like what they've done with the visuals and control system but thats not enough to challenge the likes of COD, MAG and Battlefield. The genre of the online shooter is in need of something new, this still isn't it.

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  Must say, very impressed so far.

| | See all Jackoo2's reviews (15)

After having the disappointment this week when I bought Flashpoint 2 this was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence back into the ability of what a ps3 can actually do.

To to be honest my first impressions of this game are that there is something really different about it and this comes with a price learning the controls/setup of the hud, being a cod player playing something new like this does require a litttle more concentration than normal but soon enough your brain kicks in and it all becomes normal. Graphics wise so far I'm really impressed the world of the 'Ark' it looks sharp on hdmi and the attention to detail is high however having played other titles on the ps3 earlier in the year I know this could have been better. On the other hand the creative side to the game is phenomenal so phenomenal that you can personally change the voiceover of your character. Everything you do in every game mode has an impact on your characters looks, weapons, attributes, skills and movements this is what makes Brink so addictive! This creativeness also links up with the fact you can play across every game mode with the same character increasing your xp making the game less repetitve and much more playable. There are tons of maps and challenges to complete which all add to your collection of unlocking more characteristics for your player, both offline and online.... and either way it doesnt matter which mode you prefer because you'll always be improving therefore the game improves along side with that as do you attributes either Medic, Soldier, Engineer or obrative all offering you a different experiance of the game and new unlockables. I've yet to play online but I believe its going to be another enjoyable experiance, I would highly recommend this to every Ps3 owner. To finish off cross between Assassins creed, Cod and Gears backed with a great storyline.