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WWE: Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Great game!!

| | See all Mads248's reviews (17)

Contrary to my earlier thoughts, i've since played this a lot more and it's a quality title. The gameplay gives this an authentic feel and you really have to work for a pin or submission in any match. The best part of the game though has to be the "create a wrestler" mode and the fact that there is now a wrestlemania storyline for a created wrestler has further enhanced the franchise.
One minor flaw, if you see it that way? is the ommission of the general manager mode. Worth the money though.

  Definitely upgraded from the last few years.

| | See all RyzGlidz's reviews (20)

This is the best SvR since Here Comes the Pain from 2004. I got the game a few days after release, and I didn't expect anything like it. Not only updated superstars, but other things. Here are some positives and negatives:
1. You can create different attires for different superstars e.g. Rey Mysterio in a second mask.
2.WWE Create-A-Storyline, create rivalrys 'n' stuff. Make Cena get run over 15 times in the same show ;).
3. Updated Road to Wrestlemanias.
4. Create-a-Diving Finisher.
5. You can use a superstars finishing move as your created superstar's regular move.
I could go on all day.
1. No updated career mode.
2. Graphics look the same as '09.
3. Backstage Brawls are poor.

All in all a very good game, Highly recommended.

  Better Than I Expected.

| | See all wwekevin's reviews (54)

After seeing the first images of the game i expected the same as last year but when i played it it turned out to be pretty good with better improvments this time. the royal rumble is the best so far defently more realistic. Also to go along with the game are superstars like mike knox are finally in the game now. Graphics are defently up to scratch this year. There is alot of improvments to the game obviously there is not enough time to go through them all. Overall smackdown vs raw 2010 is probably the best wrestling game on the market and i got proved wrong by it. Any wwe fan should have this in their collection especially when its the best one Yukes and THQ have done yet.

  Best in the series

| | See all DigitalNutter's reviews (7)

Highly entertaining, little tweaks here and there from 09, but they make a huge difference!


  smack down vs raw 2010 GREAT

| | See all tobyandmolly's reviews (11)

at first i did not want this game mugh but my little brother got it and it looked great now i have and it is boss i created yoshi tatsu and you can unlock cowboy bob ortan the rock and many more the game is great BUY

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  Finally SVR has come back....

| | See all Marksy7's reviews (4)

This is the best wrestling game to be developed in a long time and so many improvements have been made since last years edition, the roster is great, although some wrestler's have been released but that cant be helped, and with the added DLC hopefully to follow it can be updated even more the rumble is a lot more fun now, create-a-wrestler has been updated to include clothes that actually move and look good, also the edition of 'Superstar Threads' is great because now you can actually keep up to date with Rey Mysterio changing all the time or just have fun with The Undertaker etc. also Story mode creator and the addition of Diving Create a finisher gives this game a lot more depth and makes you want to keep playing.
This is a must buy for all WWE fans 5*.

  Best Smackdown game since Here Comes The Pain!

| | See all ShadzE16's reviews (13)

Just got to say that this game is actually brilliant. Reversal system is actually improved because it is now about timing instead of pressing R2 or L2 in a timed aspect of a move like the old games.

The create - a - superstar mode has improved vastly. You can now have 3 extra attires for your superstar which is excellent.

All in all it is a very fun game which is worth the money because you will have endless amounts of fun from this.


| | See all GJSalvidant's reviews (11)

Smackdown vs Raw 2010... is... awesome...

Ok, so Smackdown vs Raw 2009 was widely viewed as a let down, it had a lot of promise and made lots of bold statements in the build up to it's release, but when it came to the final product it just didn't deliver. 2009 did how ever start a few things - such as Creat Your Own finisher, but in 2009 they were just baby steps...

Smackdown vs Raw 2010 rectifies all the mistakes 2009 made and improves on every Smackdown there has ever been. This game does EVERYTHING right. It's no longer so easy to reverse every move, the AI is vastly improved, matches feel both better and more realistic, characters look much better, the game looks much better and the presentation is second to none.

I genuinly feel that this is the best wrestling game of all time... No Mercy, Here Comes The Pain and other such great games have finally been surpassed. This is a must have for any wrestling fan - the game won't disappoint you this year.

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  not bad but not great.

| | See all 1984kingofkings's reviews (23)

its a gd game pretty much the same as 2009 game but with alot of new stuff! scramble match and new rumble controls story making is all gd and will keep u playing this game for a long time. little things will annoy u in this game like it did in the last game. online is still the same with people taking it to serously by doing the same move over and over again. in all a must buy for any wwe fan.


| | See all hotshotpiper1190's reviews (7)

WOW!!! What a game, Smackdown vs Raw 2010 definetely beats all the other games combined! You can expect anything more, every superstar, diva, and the new creation styles are SUBERB. I was so excited to get the game, and as soon as I got it, I was on my PS3 with hours and hours! Absolutley fantastic game! 10/10