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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console Bundle With 60GB HDD + MotorStorm + Genji + Resistance: Fall of Man + HDMI Cable + Click (Blu-Ray)

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Customer Reviews

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  Better than X-Box - Period

| | See all NintendoFreak25's reviews (19)

Dont have to pay to go online, Its in HD, and 3D !!! Games are better (GoW3) and its cheap for what your getting. Do it. . .


| | See all tellytubyking's reviews (1)

It is amazing . It has amazing picture on the screen, if you have a hd tv get a hd cable for it and the graphics are really good.
this console is the best console you can get. if you are a gamer you should get this.

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  The original

| | See all DISSECTUM's reviews (3)

This is by far the best PS3 available for several reasons: Firstly it is the original sexy PS3 with no cut corners - the spiderman font (no longer on the slim stream) is in crome silver, it has 4 usb ports and the memory card readers for cameras, etc. The rims are also plated in crome. The cheaper 80 gb has dull grey writing and rims. This original PS3 also plays PS1 and PS2 games allowing you to see them upscaled and smoother. Need I go on! Do an internet search to discover more but basically I have had my PS3 for ever 2 years and I think it's so much better value for money than the XBOX! Will the XBOX ever be able to process BLU RAY discs? Could be expensive but can't be as power as a PS3! XBOX has problems - Rings of death and the old fashioned slide tray which was updated in the slim line PS2 (years ago) because it alsways scratched the discs as it does on the XBOX! PS3 free wireless too! Everyone I know who has an XBOX don't really play microsoft games, they stick to ACTIVISION, EA, CAPCOM, etc. SONY games such as Killzone, Drakes Fortune, Metal Gear solid, GT, Little Big Planet and Motostorm are some of the best games on the market - unbelieveably good! So the XBOX has a larger catologue, , , but lets be honest! Who actually buys games 2 years old? We all want what new and top of the charts! As a games console the PS3 is easily as good as the XBOX - Killzone 2 possibly provesit to be better, but the PS3 is also so much more: Blu ray, media player, free view, playstation home, free playstation network and wireless and offers internet explorer! It's the dogs Bol.....

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  Beatiful console

| | See all SpiderBoy17's reviews (63)

i love the ps3 the console itself is great and the games for the ps3 are really good and fun to play. Buy a ps3 you will not be disapointed!


| | See all BENJAMIN20's reviews (1)

The PlayStation 3 offers more than just a gaming console. It offers Blu-Ray which is fantastic. I can't go back to watching standard DVDs anymore. Aside from this, the Wi-Fi features comes in pretty handy. I find myself streaming videos over the internet on my HD TV and it is just so convenient.

VidZone is great. There is just so much choice and more videos are added each day so the music database keeps on expanding. It's phenomenal.

The free online aspect is also very rewarding.

The exclusive games are mind blowing and this year is set to be just incredible in terms of exclusive games for the PlayStation 3.

I get so much use out of this console, it's just great. I would recommend this to anyone.

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  love it

| | See all wowfood's reviews (2)

just want to get this out of the way first. I have all three of the current gen consoles, and I am somewhat a sony fanboy.

I love this console to pieces of the three choices given. Personally i much prefer the games on the ps3, and i personally prefer the third party titles which are multiconsole on my ps3 (but that may just be fanboyism talking)

It's not that i'm not fond of my 360 but well it just doesn't have the games i like and thats what it comes down to right now, which first party titles you want the most, like halo get a 360, like killzone get ps3 its that simple.

Blu Ray is awesome, providing you have a good enough TV, anything below 32" your not going to see a whole lot of difference in quality but at the higher sizes the difference is notable.

And a final note about the pricepoint, yes it is more expensive than other consoles but think of it this way, you have a blueray player, you have wireless as standard and a hard-drive you can upgrade with ANY laptop harddrive (well not any but y'know) So although you are paying a bit more, your getting a lot more for your money, blue ray alone would set you back a couple hundered.

I still have yet to install linux on my ps3 but it is on my todo list but overall i am extremely happy with my playstation three, just wish that they would have more playback things on the media server.

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  Good Console, but not for me

| | See all jazzonik's reviews (3)

Great concept form Sony, an all in one media console?

However, I use my XBOX 360 for gaming, purely because its much better online.

Playing music/streaming music, I use my dedicated CD Player for CD's and stream MP3 via a laptop. The reason why I do this is down to the fan noise that comes from the PS3. The fan noise from my CD Player is "0" my laptop is much less audible.

Playing BluRay has the same issue with the fan, but I will have to say the picture quality is stunning. I will be looking into a dedicated BluRay player in the near future, as the fan noise is too much.

So, my overall feelings are, if you are fussy with your sound, don't buy the PS3

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| | See all jackjordan's reviews (7)

I got one of these last christmas, and I must say it wasn't very good. Blu Ray is not worth getting, you can hardly see the difference in quality, between it and HD. I didn't really like the exclusive games, some might, Killzone, and Restance I found poor, In gameplay, and plot. Erm, but others may lik them, and see the advantages, but for me no.

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  The bEst Games Console so far

| | See all LeViZ042's reviews (2)

I can't explain how much I love this console , I love my games and buy almost every console , I have a Wii which was fun for a few months and a Xbox 360 as well as last gen consoles , PS2 , Xbox. but this console (PS3) is wiothout doubt in my opinion the best of the lot so far , Blu ray is awesome especially with the surround sound and a good TV, the media centre is great and printing is easy , Linux can also be installed so that other applications can be used as a second OS, its all wireless as standard and you don't need to buy wireless extras like the Xbox, very low failure rate unlike both my xbox and the ps2, the 360 I've given up on until I get my hands on the newer versions, but saying that I don't need to now. the PS3 eye is also good fun for the kids my little girl love it as much as the Wii as she can see her self on TV and talk to her nephews over video chat for free. theres too much , and as a complete package would possibly be cheaper than the others apart from the Wii

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  Better than xbox360.

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

Fun i got this on one of my birthdays and it's the best electronic on the market. I love my p.s.3 my brother and i shared an xbox360 but it cant beet the p.s.3 Elvisjnr's review dosen't make sense.But I consider the p.s.3 more than the x.b.360. Online is great and easy to get on if you read the instruction manuel.

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