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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  The Lord Of Adventure Games

| | See all GiantHogweed's reviews (1)

With this game now finished, I can say that without a doubt, this is an easy game of the year contender.

In an age where single player games are being whittled down to a four hour run about, that this was an easy 20 hours of pure epic. Sure it slows down a bit for the final level or two, but I never felt as I was having to grind my way forward. It was tough, and indeed some of the bosses could have gone down quicker, but it always played a fair hand.

The combat is regularly enhanced with fresh combos and enemy types, and the puzzles were a good blend of the traditional and the modern. Likewise, the environments never stuck around for long. There was a real sense of progression throughout the game and they've clearly taken a look at how Santa Monica Studio made God of War look as breathtaking as it did.

The titan boss fights were excellent too, and whilst they're never on the same scale as the aforementioned GoW3, they're certainly bigger and more entertaining than most modern bosses.

All in all, whilst the opening and final levels missed a beat or two, and the difficulty ramps up a little too quickly (before you get the combos needed to make a good fight of it) this is easily one of the most finely crafted adventure games of it's generation, never leaving the player without a new task ahead of them, or a new environment to do it in. Wrap all that up in a suitably fantastical story and give it production values to rival the biggest names in the business, and you've got a game that anyone with a taste for adventure should stump up for.

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  Looks aint everything

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I played the demo and thought 'meh' - I decided I would take a punt on the full game - absolutely hate it. Graphically it's brilliant, but it's the frustrating combat that spolis it - a lot of the time the action is so fast and the camera pulls back to such a degree that it's very hard to make out your character let alone block attacks. The whole game is just a poor GOW wannabe - a shame, because with just a tiny tweaking it could have been exceptional.
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 8/10
Gameplay - 4/10

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| | See all marctay's reviews (5)

This game is the best I have ever played on the ps3, and its about time it is brilliant. There are 12 chapters that each are split into sub sections, there is so much to do and the most replay value from a game I have ever seen the graphics ar ejust as good as final fantasy 13 except there are no cinematic cut scenes. The music is outstanding, euphoric, gives you the feeling you want to play more. I didn't want this game to end, but you can only unlock paladin mode after completing it once, so you then have to play through the whole game again on super hard. This game will always remain a part of my collection, I cannot wait for additional castlevania titles.


  this game is ..........wicked

| | See all ionlysellgames's reviews (10)

everythink about this game is wicked ....... camra problems?? its not that bad . yes it would have been better with a full 360 but it is what it is ...........buy it now and get ready for the ride ... on .... spiders...egales....and much more ..... lol ......enjoy .

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| | See all TR3VOR's reviews (2)

Brought it, played it, enjoyed it. Worth the money. Good gameplay, good graphics and a good storyline which keeps you interested. Only fault is lack of control over camera angles.

  not many like this

| | See all spennner's reviews (3)

great graphics and gameplay and the story blows most games out of the water!! would make an excellent movie !!!! LOVE IT !!!!!

  A must buy game!

| | See all kostakh's reviews (1)

One of the best games i have ever play!The combat is similar to GOW and maybe better.A must buy game!

  Hmmm....good but not great

| | See all chumpy101's reviews (4)

First of all, this game is not as good as God of War nor is it as polished as Uncharted 2 and in my opinion doesn't stand up to Darksiders in terms of gameplay. Don't get me wrong, very worthwhile purchase and plenty to upgrade/collect and the graphics in places are excellent. The thing that spoilt it for me were the at times, ridiculous camera angles which mean you often take hits from enemies that are off camera that you didn't even know were there. Expected more given the Kojima connection. Played through and won't pick it up again. Not exactly memorable...


| | See all ManThatYouFear's reviews (6)

Great game but is suffering from a game breaking bug, you cant save and exit and if you use the guide button to exit it has a high chance of corrupting the save file, and you can only have 1 save file at a time.

Konami have just announced a fix for it, wait a month before you buy, it will be cheaper, and it will work.

I find it disgusting they released a game with such a game breaking bug.

  An Absolute Must Buy

| | See all PinkDoggy's reviews (3)

I bought this game because i had a few quid spare and it was the best game i've played for a while. The combat is an absolute joy to play. The graphics are MINT. While the game is not hard it is challenging, the balance is just right. There is loads to do collectable,levels,challenges. If you liked GOW then you are going to love this. Don't wait for this game to drop, you don't know what your missing. Briliant Game. BUY NOW.