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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (77 reviews)"

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  Give it a chance!

| | See all rocky2603's reviews (14)

Not bad at all, I got this game preowned from Game for 5.99. The graphics are more realistic than COD simply because COD games have started to look cartoonish. Campaign is great and multiplayer is a very good, not up to what people have come to expect but I would buy this game over COD any day. Can't wait for the sequel.

  Fun game although its age is showing

| | See all knightdannster's reviews (22)

I bought this very late after all the hype had died down and many people moved onto other games. The graphics is very good for its time although I'm sure it could be better. Limitations of consoles I assume. As for the gameplay, it's very similar to most other shooter genre games and includes everything you come to expect. The story of the single player campaign definitely gets your imagination to run. Set in the near future the world has definitely taken a turn for the worst. The story is compelling enough to keep you wanting more. However it won't last long, 5-8 hours depending on how fast you are. Beware on higher difficulty, the game uses the age old infinite spawns of enemies so you will get frustrated. The multiplayer is the games best feature. You can drive a variety of vehicles, destroy them and fight against many enemies. The multiplayer is still very much alive even today. It's a cheap game and fun. If you have the spare cash and fancy a few days of fun, get this. If not, you may want to look at more modern games as this one definitely shows its age.

  Good game but repetitive

| | See all SeanBarre's reviews (4)

This game was great and i will buy the next instalment.
However i found most o the levels the same, COD i think is slightly better but not by much and its only due to the kind of maps you have.

In all an 8/10

  Waste of money!

| | See all Weaselchops's reviews (19)

Big fan of FPS games including COD and BF2 and BF3, bought this as a throw in deal with 2 other games out of curiosity. Wasnt expecting much but this game is totallly inferior to the "Big 2" mentioned above. Rubbish graphics which look out of date and gameplay was aweful. The Zx Spectrum's 'Jet set Willy' has the edge on this 25 years ago!! - lol.
Seriously dont waste your money. Mines going in the bin unless anyone wants if for a fiver :)

  Short but sweet

| | See all whoaoooo's reviews (9)

The game has only seven levels which took me 3 hours roughly to complete. the gameplay is good and the idea is great.

  really under rated game

| | See all JensonButton09's reviews (9)

just finished this game for the third time its so easy to pick up and play with great flow and enjoyable levels not really sure about the bad reveiws can only think its the brain dead COD lovers who have never played a good game before the only down side would be its not the longest but its great to play over and again which more than makes up for it

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  an enjoyable game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this was a really good with a good mix of levels and weapons good graphics and plays well online too with everything from the sounds to the way the guns handle eg re coil after a more real feel to it the story is good and well told if a bit far fetched with korea taking over the world but north korea are the worlds bad boy so guess it has to be some one on a personal note i`m sick of everyone comparing every shooter to cod i wouldn`t mind if it was the best but its not even close this is a good game and well worth playing yes its a little short and if was longer i would of give 5 stars

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  Nothing Special

| | See all laur1989's reviews (5)

Bad single player storyline, good it was very short(take a few hours to complete). multiplayer has some good ideas(vehicles & drones) but something not quite right so gets boring very quickly. nothing special about this game.

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  not quite cod but still a decent game!!

| | See all simo009's reviews (4)

had this game delivered today and ive spent a good couple of hours on it so far and im impressed, ive heard of the bad graphics and short story but im sure cod is only 4-5hours story mode. its something different to play!! some of the cut scenes are amazing where u see people gettin battered in the streets and your just watching on. all in all a good buy for 14.99!!!