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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  This game is great with a couple of SERIOUS glitches

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This game is amazing and will last at least 20 hours. It is fun for everyone and will entertain the whole family. The graphics are a leap from the others and the game play has been improved. It actually makes you believe you are in Hogwarts.

The only problem is that there are a number of glitches. Some have been fixed like some that have been mentioned in other reviews here, such as the dungeon glitch. However, there are still some that exist which will actually make it impossible to complete the game. This happens as well as the game freezing at times.

  I love this game, even despite the glitches..

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This is a fantastic game, I really enjoyed playing it. The glitch does let it down slightly but thankfully after reading online I found a way around it so all good in the end :)

I will definitely be buying the next one!

  Boodle21 is wrong!!

| | See all B3NJAM1NR1CHARD50N's reviews (1)

There is a way out of the room underneath flitwicks classroom. Walk up to the dragon and fix it together then it will throw you up and out of the room! simples, and this is a kids game lol, ITS AWSOME. Totally worth buying! :)

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Excuse the cheesy title, but this game is amazing...I haven't experienced any problems with glitches or bugs in the game and I've completed it to a 100%, must buy game if you love the lego series....can't wait till years 5-7 comes out!!

  Fantastic fun !

| | See all tinkerbell1's reviews (4)

Bought this for my 8 year old as he has all the other lego games. It's great fun which even I love playing with him on!
The levels are consistant with the story lines in the movies and my son loved getting the different spells. He's completed it but is loving going back over the levels and gaining more items etc.

Don't know about the last review as my 8 year old didn't get stuck under the classroom- pehaps there is an issue with his game?

A real must buy item.

  This Game has a serious bug in it

| | See all Boodle73's reviews (1)

Yes this is a 5 star great game as reviewers here have said, BUT there is a serious bug in it. You will at some point get stuck in a room under Flitwick's classroom, there is no way out as the there is a bug in it that will mean you are trapped forever in the room. Google "Harry Potter Years 1-4 stuck in room with Dragon" and read for yourself about this serious issue which renders the game useless. The manufactures are doing nothing to fix the problem, so you will be paying good money for half a game. Please investigate the bug before you purchase and don't waste your money

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  Great Fun

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Well I'm not ashamed to admit it but I am an adult fan of the lego games, having a little brother I enjoyed playing the Lego Star Wars game and have been collecting them ever since.
I missed out on Lego Indy 2 so this is the first time I've got to see a more 'free roaming' aspect of the game and I am liking the improvement, 2 player can split off and exploring hogwarts is very exciting, it took my over 4 hours to look go through Hogwarts destroying and levitating everything in sight.
The actual levels are fun (although there are significantly a lot less bad guys to break to pieces) and the games not as repititive as the others as you experiment with all sorts of spells throughout.
Even when my brother goes to bed I'm still playing the game with all my friends saying Lego Harry Potter, I thought you were a serious gamer? I very much am and while most people are still playing Mw2 (come on, get your wallet out it's time for a change) I'm having great fun with the wizarding world of Harry Potter, worth the money if you fancy a 'relaxed time' playing games and with achievable trophies, this is the best Lego game yet!

  We love Lego games

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We have all the Lego games from Lego Star Wars to Lego Harry Potter and love them all. I have had to resort to playing this game once the kids (5+7) have gone to bed just to get a look in. The occasional camera-angle niggle apart, this is Travellers Tales back on form after the slight dip that was Lego Indy #2.
I have tried to play other Harry Potter games but they're usually frustrating and you have to schlep miles around the castle and grounds to accomplish tasks.
If you had to pick one Harry Potter game from them all, in my book this is the one to go for. It's funny with good cut scenes, it's got most of the key moments, it's got spells (and not great complicated button mashing ones either), and you can play it through as the bad guy too. I'm looking forward to my Voldemort moments.

  Truly Magical!

| | See all djharry's reviews (14)

Got this game on Thursday 1 day before its release. Thank you Play.com! this game is posible the best lego game ever created! the map is huge and with a large variety of characters and spells. Graphics look sharper and cleaner and fit well withing the harry potter story. And as always the comedy is topnoch there were parts in this game that really made me laugh out loud.
Overall 10/10 INCREDIBLE!

  Lego Harry Potter

| | See all Coolbananas's reviews (1)

Very impressed with this, it arrived yesterday and my two sons aged 4 & 7 havent put it down since it arrived. We already own the other Lego games such as star wars and indiana jones and batman and this next Lego installment is equally as fun and spellbinding especially in this instance.