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EyePet (includes PlayStation Eye Camera & Magic Card)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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Does this
"PS3 Games

EyePet (includes PlayStation Eye Camera & Magic Card)"

Include Game, Card and Camera?

Ive had bundles that have screwed with me before :P

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  Great concept, this version is too buggy.

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This game really is a great concept, and it starts off really fun to play, but after a while it becomes so buggy that it really detracts from the overall experience. If you are looking to buy it, I really suggest the Playstation move version, as the 'magic card' isnt that magic at all.

  eye popping

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This is a stroke of genius! I bought this for my kids for Christmas and have to say I play it when they've long gone to bed!!

The concept is basically a Tamogotchi for the next generation. The twist is that the magic card is basic augmented reality meaning the camera recognises the simple pattern on the card and replaces it with an opject on screen. It's very cool and will definately wow your friends and family.

The game has good depth, a reasonable level of difficulty (allowing daddy to help when needed - yay!) and plenty of replay value. The kids just spent an hour playing with the aquarium.

Top notch and I'm sue w'll be seing more of this... also a bargain with the camera bundled in.

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i bought this for my boyfriend for xmas, was getting the camera then saw this for an extra couple of quid so i got the bundle thinking my little girl could use it with him, they both absolutly love it, my boyfriend plays with it on his own and we took it to the family do for xmas day, i had a go the other night and it was really addictive i could have played it all day. its a bit harder to use at night if the lighting isnt too good but thats the only bad thing about it.

  Great fun!

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I bought this game for my children (13 and 11) for Christmas and we all think it's the cutest thing ever! It's great for the whole family and provides hours of fun for all. There are simple tasks to perform (such as feeding and cleaning), fun activities (drawing, singing, gardening etc.) and some challenges that are not so simple which make the game even more interesting. The great thing is that the challenges are spread over a number of days so there is no chance of the children getting bored quickly. We all think that eyepet is a fantastic game and it's very easy for us all to forget that this is actually a virtual pet we're looking after and not a real one! Highly recommended. Great fun for all the family!

  Eye eye.

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Bought this for my 13 year old daughter & she loves it.
I must admit its a very clever game, there's loads to do with your pet & you can download extra content (most for free) from the PSN store.
It can be tricky at first to set up the camera & get the game going but after about 30 mins of play we had got used to it.
Have read the comments about the camera not working in poor light & have to say i havn't had any problems, yes you do need to make sure your room is fairly well lit though.
If your still thinking about it have a look at some of the footage on Youtube!

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This is not my usual type of game, im more into action and adventure, but I also have an 8 year old daugther. Ive been playing with our EyePet all over Christmas, and it really is a Wow game. It works perfectly and is both easy and a challege at the same time. All the challenges award a bronze silver and gold on completion, so the difficulty ramps up, if you want it too. For all you Trophy hunters this is going to be a real challenge to get a platinum!!! It really does show what the PS3 can achieve, and dares to be different, go on give it a go, it really is a wonderfull game. Drawing a car on paper and having it pop onto your floor whilst using the controller to remote drive it is fantastic to watch. You do need reasonable lighting, but I have been playing at night under artificail lighting without any problems, do not let this put you off, you would be missing out on a truly unique experiance.


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EyePet is the funnest game i've played in along time. Me and my girlfriend Sarah both enjoy playing with our pets (Fudgecake and Lil Fudgecake). Everyone should get EyePet, its fun, cute and you dont have to clean up its poop :) 5 STARS *****


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I think this is a great game for the famliy having control of feeding , washing and lookin after your own little eye pet its cute its fun

clo-z :D

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