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Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Lots of fun.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

This game has lots of variety with shooting, platforming, puzzles and space ship fighting. It has great visuals and lots of cool inventive weapons. The level design for the puzzles and platforming can be average and the shooting is pretty shallow but it's all so much fun you'll hardly notice.

  brilliant rip roaring excitement

| | See all mikeroxas's reviews (1)

I have completed this game on casual medium and hard.I found that the graphics are cartoonified but still great fun for everyone. why people have given less than 5 stars. but I agree that the RYNO 5 is the worst version of the RYNO. the RY3NO is the best version

  A Crack-ing Great Game!

| | See all kevstar27's reviews (14)

I have recently completed this game and have to say that it was thoroughly enjoyable, hard to put down stuff. The creativity and imagination put into this game is astounding and I would recommend this to anyone. The weapons are unique and fun to use on an array of enemies, the levels are vast also and there is lots to explore. Great if you like to zoom around smashing up stuff too. Good storyline and addictive gameplay, definitely worth every penny. Classic!


| | See all siyatola's reviews (9)

this game is just excellent,from 1st starting it i could'nt leave it alone.apart from the graphics which are truly amazing the whole game in it's self is just brilliant.the fact that you get new weapons and can keep upgrading them is a big plus for me.well worth the money

  The future of ratchet and clank

| | See all Ripoltmean's reviews (10)

My first ever game was ratchet and clank 1 and i got it the first day it was out from then there were my favourite games but when u come to this game yeh it may be different but the graphics and gameplay are so good u can go over it forever and ever and not get bored plus it can be quite funny at times dont think its a kids game because i would rate it all audience

  good game....but

| | See all Gamer7809's reviews (2)

the graphics and gameplay are very good but the story line was poor, unlike the 4 masterpieces we already have. Also the R.Y.A.N.O gun is cheap, a gimic. not what you would call the most powerful gun in the galaxy. However i was still very happy to play the game with the other weapons and the brill space battles.

  A Very Good Game

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

The story for this picks up where tools of destruction finsihed with the two seperated, this leads to some very well fleshed out levels for clank with a nice new feature of ability to make duplicate recordings making the puzzling side genuinely challenging but not impossible. The weapons are as always brilliant in design and function with some new additions and some old favourites returning. The cut scenes especially with Qwark are funny evoking real laughter emotion, the story telling is strong wothout ever taking itself too seriously as a result.
Another new feature is some free roaming space missions which prolong the game but borders on repetition despite some decent level design but ultimately does prove rewarding.
Once you have played the game through well worth a re-visit to collect all the collectibles as well as challenge mode.
Played the game on Normal level which proved quite challenging this game is good for young and old recommend easy for young.

  Highly recommended

| | See all samad5's reviews (21)

Highly acclaimed by most reviewers in 09 I can now see why it was generally revered as the best console platformer last year ahead of the likes of New Super Mario Bros Wii, which really hasn't changed much in from terms of raw 2d gameplay. Great, bright, cartoony graphics, decent sound, outstanding puzzles (especially for clank) and a whole lot of varied gameplay make this a true next gen platformer. Taking side missions into account it should last you a good 20-25 hours and never has space travel been more fun!

I would have given it a full 5 marks but for the fact that there were some truly outstanding PS3 offerings in 09. Ratchet deserves a 4.5.

  Great Game

| | See all Diablo11633's reviews (1)

Can play for ages and even after completing it you can carry on collecting things or sid missions. graphics are very good and is even funny in some parts of it.
Kids or adults will like this and is a great game to spend your time on.


| | See all Monkeydave's reviews (46)

It's like previous Ratchet and Clanks, just perfected to, like, perfection. It's so much fun - beat levels, collect gold bolts and zoni, fight in the arena, explore in your spaceship. And, because it's a R&C game, unlock and upgrade loads and loads of unbelievably cool weapons.

The graphics are great, the story's fun and the tone of the whole thing is really lighthearted and funny, so it will appeal to all age groups. An absolute gem!